Wonder what the odd$ are in the casinos on Macau

…Wonder what the odd$ are in the casinos on Macau these sites will be down for long … my $$$ says in less than 24 yours they are replaced and the game goes on…

Beijing shuts down thousands of websites in online pornography purge




04-22-2014    http://www.independent.co.uk, 

State media reports that thousands of websites and social media accounts containing obscene material have been shutdown 

WHI$TLEBLOWING is dangerous ask

WHI$TLEBLOWING is dangerous ask Edward Snowden and Julian Assange … in America where theoretically we enjoy
“freedom of speech” our government exact$ a hell of a price if one dares speak out…


The Psychologist Behind The CIA’s Torture Program Desperately Wants To Speak Out




04-22-2014    http://www.businessinsider.com, CONNOR SIMPSON

The psychologist who wrote the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program wants to tell his story to the world, if only non-disclosure agreements with the U.S. government weren’t holding him back.  

come on … they’re Indians, oops,

…What you want “white” America to actually contemplate this … come on … they’re Indians, oops, Native Americans … we defeated them … they have no rights … we gave them the reservations they live on … we owe them nothing…!


Never Mind Cliven Bundy: Here’s the Real David vs. Goliath Story between Ranchers and Feds




By Evelyn Nieves, AlterNet …….Shoshone sisters have battled against the U.S. over land and cattle.



Michael Lewis: ‘Wall Street Has Gone Insane’



04-22-2014    http://www.businessinsider.com, Emma Brockes

Michael Lewis is only getting madder as he promotes Flash Boys, an investigation into high frequency trading and what he calls the "rigged" underbelly of Wall Street. 



Mortgage Standards Are Plunging – It’s Muppet Fleecing Time All Over Again <http://www.FreedomsPhoenix.com/News/154340-2014-04-22-mortgage-standards-are-plunging-its-muppet-fleecing-time-all-over.htm?From=News>


4-22-2014    http://www.zerohedge.com, by Mike Krieger 

…In February, I highlighted the fact that subprime loans were about to make a return in my piece: Subprime Mortgages are Back…This Time Marketed as “Second Chance Purchase Programs.” 

Jury awards $3 million in first fracking case

Jury awards $3 million in first fracking case…


Updated: BREAKING: Jury awards $3 million in first fracking case

ByTXsharonFollow… http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/04/22/1293937/-BREAKING-Jury-awards-3-million-in-first-fracking-case?detail=email

When you present the evidence to six people who know nothing about fracking, they find fracking guilty.


I wrote a diary on Daily Kos when Lisa Parr’s doctor found drilling chemicals in her blood and lungs. That was back in 2010 when I still had hope that fracking could be done right. I’ve learned since then that it can’t.

Today, a jury of their peers awarded Bob and Lisa Parr $3 million dollars in their fracking lawsuit against Aruba Petroleum. The Parr’s attorneys said this was the first fracking case to ever go to trial. I’m trying to verify that.

Bob and Lisa Parr were neighbors to Tim and Christine Ruggiero in Wise County. I was there, in the Ruggiero kitchen, the day Lisa discovered that her timeline of doctor’s visits matched–exactly–Christine’s timeline of releases from the Aruba gas wells on her property.

Like Tim and Christine, Bob and Lisa shared all their information with me and I developed it into a case study for presentation to the EPA at Research Triangle Park and later to Gina McCarthy before she was EPA Administrator. The situation at the Parr’s and Ruggiero’s homes was so horrific, I even took Cynthia Giles, top enforcement officer for the EPA to see for herself. The Parr’s case study was added to others and published by Earthworks in Flowback: How the Texas Natural Gas Boom Affects Health and Safety.

Later the Parrs were highlighted in Gasland Part 2. Today’s decision might take some of the wind out of the fracking windbags who prattle on endlessly about how inaccurate Gasland is. Twelve SIX regular people who knew nothing about fracking were presented with the facts and awarded the victims $3 million dollars. It’s going to be hard to spin that.

I have blogged extensively about the sins of Aruba Petroleum. From my view, they are one of the most irresponsible and reckless companies in a plethora of reckless and irresponsible companies.

Aruba intends to appeal the jury’s decision. That means it will go to the Texas courts where judges are soaked in oil and gas money.


J Edgar certainly kept things interesting

clip_image002J Edgar certainly kept things interesting…

The mentality of J Edgar Hoover’s FBI undergirds today’s surveillance state




04-22-2014    http://www.theguardian.com, Trevor Timm 

People forget that the FBI is the NSA’s primary partner in domestic spying, which allows them to work in secret 


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