Hey… that’s easy

clip_image002…Hey… that’s easy … we’d be rooting for the Police to shoot…!

What if Bundy Ranch Were Owned by a Bunch of Black People?


Read the Article at Slate <http://org2.salsalabs.com/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=VFHPuJZgkhR%2FOb28XWeLkwlVzLEKP1ed>

suggesting that “we” (that’s you & me) are NOT aware of the inordinate degree

Is this article suggesting that “we” (that’s you & me) are NOT aware of the inordinate degree of power & influence the wealth/rich have over the actions of our government on a city, county, state, national level…?

Wealthy Elite Influence Government Policy More Than Average Voters, Study Finds


Read the Article at the Daily Northwestern <http://org2.salsalabs.com/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=PK%2FSzjMNGrSuEMejBDEjrQlVzLEKP1ed>


Once aware it is not possible to become “unaware

clip_image002Once aware it is not possible to become “unaware”

Per Thrive Movement ………..Some good news about what’s happening in the Justice sector, we are not just waking up to the phenomenal abuse of power, but also to questioning the Government’s fundamental power to abuse…….<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001wrfTOrz2FPotr4GUwodlg973xE6QYLIE5lN5eRfGx1yb-hge3R1LJ9uStxjCFWNNZlP4NN2d-wDVLPq1ooWwfy409ENny7vO2T4Hxgm1C4vCuq2AzkexB3k7Y8F-KqMBRAHguZZPbnz6VXJ4gFiULI19xzuHRGHc7_PC07Yuqzw=> 

The “kicker” is they did their “grazing” on our dime and on our time

clip_image002…The “kicker” is they did their “grazing” on our dime and on our time leaving our state’s major issues unresolved … education … health care … jobs … prison reform … child protective services … but they got “press” their moment on TV .. Utube … some even got 30 second sound bites to feed their campaigns …

it’s called public outreach …

clip_image002clip_image004While ADEQ and OWAC

bob,weave, dance, remain utterly positional … “others’ advise homeowners (who include those with onsite “septic” systems) collection and use of rainwater and greywater … it’s called public outreach …

Classic just follow the $$$ enough said

clip_image002Classic just follow the $$$ enough said

Casino and Offshore Gaming Sites Furiously Battle Over Billions in Gambling Revenue



Lindsey Graham, Sheldon Adelson and a colorful cast of characters jockey over regulation.

Las Vegas-based casinos and overseas operators have begun an all-out battle over Internet gambling, which is mostly banned nationwide but carries with it the promise of billions of dollars in additional revenue for casinos and state governments. Three states began licensing online betting last year, and lawmakers are debating online gambling bills in seven others right now. In Washington, meanwhile, Congress is facing increasing pressure to either bar or regulate the fledgling industry federally.


The moves are coming in response to a concerted push orchestrated by a colorful cast of characters, including one of the most prolific political donors of the Super PAC era, an offshore company that only recently settled federal allegations of money laundering and bank fraud and a pair of benignly named groups backed by millions of dollars in casino cash.


In the process, the war over online gambling has created surprising alliances and divisions that are just now surfacing. Some in the industry warn that the practice poses a threat to the casinos’ hold over gambling since customers would no longer need to actually visit a casino. Furthermore, since online gambling has been legal in other countries for years, American casinos face competition from more established online companies based in exotic locales like Costa Rica and Gibraltar.


One casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson, a prominent backer of conservative political causes, has pledged to spend “whatever it takes” to get Congress to  ban Internet gambling outright, while industry giants like Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts have taken the opposite tack, banding together in an effort to legalize and control the growing market. Maneuvering quietly in the background are foreign entities, including the Isle-of-Man-based PokerStars, the world’s biggest online poker operator, which so far has been denied a license to operate in New Jersey because of pending federal money-laundering charges against its founder. Along with the Garden State, Nevada and Delaware have legalized online gambling.


All together, this rich mix of interest groups spent $8.2 million lobbying the federal government on Internet gambling last year, according to the trade publisher GamblingCompliance, and millions more in state capitals from Trenton to Sacramento. The casino industry is also among the most generous in giving to political candidates across the country. According to figures from the Center for Responsive Politics and the National Institute on Money in State Politics, from 2009 to 2012 (state data for 2013 aren’t yet available), the gambling industry contributed $287.6 million to state and federal campaigns, some directly to candidates and state ballot initiative efforts and the rest to groups like the Republican Governors Association, which can send the money to states where casinos are barred by law from making political contributions.


Lost in the cacophony are warnings from gambling industry critics who say politicians are rushing headlong into expansion with little understanding of the potential social and fiscal risks. Problem gambling — which the American Psychiatric Association last year classified as an addictive disorder akin to alcoholism — already afflicts millions of Americans. As for the Internet, “Now instead of having to drive to Atlantic City, I can sit at home,” said  Les Bernal, national director of the Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group Stop Predatory Gambling. “It’s the most extreme and most addictive form of gambling — because there’s no turning it off.”

I spy … you spy … all spy

clip_image001…I spy … you spy … all spy … next question …

Surveillance …..Russian Spy Planes Overfly U.S. Skies……… 04-18-2014 ……. Russian surveillance planes already fly over America, thanks to a long-standing treaty. But a new, ultra-sophisticated spy plane has U.S. military and intelligence bosses spooked. …….<http://www.FreedomsPhoenix.com/News/154124-2014-04-18-russian-spy-planes-overfly-u-s-skies.htm?From=News>



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