clip_image002Shock Doctrine at the Post Office: How the GOP Manufactured a Crisis and Too Many Dems Went Along

Hold one thought in your mind every time you read about the "crisis" the U.S. Postal Service is in: There is a crisis, but it’s a manufactured one.



“magically” produce balanced budgets

… Every day we watch as the members of our US Congre$$ as well as the members of our State Legislatures engage in ENRON type finance and budgeting which “magically” produce balanced budgets….




… It’s only later we learn how they bamboozled us with an update version of the old “shell game” 


…When “we” allow them to rob and steal from Social Security what outcome should we expect…?

decline is self-inflicted

It is reported that part of this decline is self-inflicted…. This just can’t be … America always has someone to BLAME … and that can’t be us …

Noam Chomsky on America’s Declining Empire, Occupy and the Arab Spring

 By Joshua Holland, AlterNet…Posted on April 24, 2012, Printed on April 24, 2012… http://www.alternet.org/story/155116/noam_chomsky_on_america%27s_declining_empire%2C_occupy_and_the_arab_spring

Last year, the Occupy Movement rose up spontaneously in cities and towns across the country, radically shifted the discourse and rattled the economic elite with its defiant populism. It was, according to Noam Chomsky, “the first major public response to thirty years of class war.” In his new book, Occupy, Chomsky looks at the central issues, questions and demands that are driving ordinary people to protest. How did we get to this point? How are the wealthiest 1 percent influencing the lives of the other 99 percent? How can we separate money from politics? What would a genuinely democratic election look like?

Chomsky appeared on this week’s AlterNet Radio Hour. Below is a transcript that’s been lightly edited for clarity. (You can listen to the whole show here)

…YES … the environment can be used as a weapon as well wielded as a scepter of power and domination…

…YES … the environment can be used as a weapon as well wielded as a scepter of power and domination…


Say Hello to Your New Master: Environmental Dictatorship

04-24-2012  •  http://www.prisonplanet.com 

The United Nations plans to use its upcoming UN Conference on “Sustainable Development” (UN CSD or Rio+20) in Rio de Janeiro to amass a vast array of unprecedented new powers and literally re-shape civilization, the global economy, and even peoples’ 

… Are U really asking if I find this surprising …?

… Are U really asking if I find this surprising …?


BP Covered Up Blowout Two Years Prior to Deadly Deepwater Horizon Spill

Greg Palast, EcoWatch: "This week, EcoWatch.org located an eyewitness with devastating new information about the Caspian Sea oil-rig blow-out which BP had concealed from government and the industry. The witness, whose story is backed up by rig workers who were evacuated from BP’s Caspian platform, said that had BP revealed the full story as required by industry practice, the eleven Gulf of Mexico workers ‘could have had a chance’ of survival. But BP’s insistence on using methods proven faulty sealed their fate."

Watch the Video and Read the Article

U S Supreme Court gives all corporations



clip_image002… Rarely can I find anything so say in even a somewhat positive

manner about Walmart …




…Come on the John Roberts corporate owned      U S Supreme Court  gives all corporations including Walmart the right to buy – – which they have – – – our U S Congre$$ as well as the office of the President of the United State$ …

Fudged the Numbers

…OH … WOW … and this is supposed to be a surprise…?

Lehman Brothers

"Fudged the Numbers,"

Says Investigator


By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd | AlterNet


some devices and tactics

…As long as “we” always remember those some devices and tactics can just as easily be aimed and used on you and me…!


Defense Department Plans New Intelligence Gathering Service

04-23-2012  •  New York Times

The Pentagon is revamping its spy operations to focus on high-priority targets like Iran and China in a reorganization that reflects a shift away from the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan that have dominated America’s security landscape for the past

unjustly rewarded for the “hardship” they reputedly endured

Ms. Roberts you make a powerful point … one can only hope and trust Arizona citizens can follow the path you describe


My gue$$ politics prevail and Wilcox and Stapley will be unjustly rewarded for the “hardship” they reputedly endured …

Monsanto Is Bad for the Bees and Bad for Us

Monsanto Is Bad for the Bees and Bad for Us


MARK KARLIN, EDITOR OF BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT …http://blog.buzzflash.com/node/13459

Did you know that the United Sates bee population maybe on the verge of collapse, and this could be an environmental and food supply disaster?

What would cause the deaths of so many bees?  According to Beeologics, a firm that is attempting to restore a healthy and growing bee population, it is due to a syndrome called Colony Collapse Disorder:

Collapse Disorder (CCD) of honey bees is threatening to annihilate US and world agriculture. Indeed, in the recent outbreak of CCD in the US in the winter of 2006-2007, an estimated 25%, or more than 2.4 million, honey bee hives were lost because of CCD. An estimated 23% of beekeeping operations in the US suffered from CCD over the winter of 2006-2007, affecting an average of 45% of beekeepers’ operations.

According to the Beeologics website, a couple of possible sources include "large scale monoculture [that] has resulted in a lack of natural weeds, and all too often pesticide-laden crop forage."

These were similar possible causes cited in a recent informative documentary on the problem called "The Vanishing of the Bees."In fact, on the film’s website there is an appeal: "Help secure funds for a systematic review of the impact of pesticides on our most important pollinators."

Who might be the world’s biggest producer of GMO mono crops and pesticides that reduce organic crop forage? Why, Monsanto, of course.  But rather than risk restrictions on GMO crops and mega-toxic pesticides such as Monsanto’s Roundup, Monsanto purchased the company looking into saving bee colonies. Yes, Monsanto purchased Beeologic without much fanfare late last year.  In short, a company that was independently looking at the collapse of bee colonies and believing that pesticides and GMO development may be a contributory factor is now owned by the primary multi-national company that creates those products likely contributing to the bee die-off.

Maybe, the beekeepers in Poland have the correct reaction to this cynical move to protect the threat Monsanto poses to bees, agriculture and life itself:

On March 15, over 1,500 beekeepers and anti-GMO protesters marched through the streets of Warsaw, depositing thousands of dead bees on the steps of the Ministry of Agriculture in protest of genetically modified foods and their pesticides which are together largely responsible for the killing off of bees, butterflies, moths and other beneficial pollinators in great numbers.

Later that day the Minister of Agriculture, Marek Sawicki, announced plans to ban MON810, which has already produced millions of hectares of pesticide resistant "superweeds" in the US.
The Polish Beekeepers Association organized the protest, joining forces with International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC) and the Coalition for a GMO Free Poland.  Targeting Monsanto’s MON810 GM corn in particular, they also called for a complete ban on all genetically engineered crops as well as the pesticides found to be most damaging to the environment (and particularly to bees).

Too bad, the White House appointed the former Monsanto vice president for publc policy, Michael Taylor, as second in charge at the Food and Drug Admimistration.

Bad for the bees; bad for us.



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