… Appointed by Az Gov Jan Brewer … KYLE BRYSON was handpicked as he believes as does our Governor … the law and rules are what they say they are in the moment …

Arizona Election Fraud: Pima County Superior Court Judge Kyle Bryson Affirms His Own Ruling and Push

08-27-2012   The Intercept

"The day we see truth and do not speak is the day we begin to die" – Martin Luther King Well the status quo in Pima County wants this case – and the truth – to die. The case in question is “We the People” attempt at court-ordered reforms seeking “prospective relief” so they cannot cheat in the future. Facts are, Pima County election process – a process involving election software the county has already admitted and situated in early cases (we won) as “fatally flawed” in a county that produced one of the most visibly hacked elections the country has ever seen. As more evidence continues to surface demonstrating with the highest degree of statistical probability that the 2006 RTA election was rigged, Judge Kyle Bryson upheld his previous decision to grant Pima County’s motion to dismiss. "This is groundhog day moving us once again" as Bill Risner stated to Judge Kyle Bryson in the hearing that occurred on August 13th of this year. This is an accurate statement as the Libe 

clip_image002… And we call this FREEDOM …

Prisoner Training: Austin Kids To Be Tracked With GPS Device

08-27-2012   http://www.prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

clip_image003Children in nine Austin high schools are to be given GPS tracking devices and assigned “mentors” in a program designed to prevent truancy yet one that also illustrates how kids are being treated like prison inmates.


“With parent permission, up to 1,700 students across eight high schools will be equipped with a GPS device that looks a lot like a cell phone. They will also be teamed up with a mentor who they have to check-in with using the device several times a day,” reports KXAN.

The program is being overseen by Dallas-based AIM Truancy Solutions. The company boasts that the system has boosted attendance figures at other high schools by around 12 per cent.

Nine Austin schools are currently part of the program as well as other schools in San Antonio, Dallas and La Joya.

The idea of tracking kids with GPS devices and forcing them to check in with a “mentor” is not far removed from prisoners being made to wear GPS ankle bracelets and being assigned parole officers.

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 … If elected there is no doubt Romney will only pick cabinet members who will respond precisely as a corporation board of directors or they will not be picked …

Romney’s Nonsensical Idea To Treat the Cabinet Like a Corporate Board of Directors
Eliot Spitzer


Why are you surprised … the Mormon Church was the leading contributor to defeat “same-sex” marriage election in California …


A Utah Station Is Refusing To Air NBC’s New Gay-Friendly Show

08-28-2012   http://www.businessinsider.com, Kirsten Acuna …   
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 NBC isn’t feeling the love for one of its big fall premieres from one of its affiliate stations.

Local Salt Lake City station KSL-TV (which is owned by the Mormon church) has decided against airing NBC’s "The New Normal."

The show, which features a gay couple looking for a surrogate mother to start a family, hopes to compete directly with ABC’s reigning comedy king, "Modern Family."

CEO of KSL parent company Bonneville International, Jeff Simpson defended the network’s decision to keep "The New Normal" off the airwaves to the local Dessert News.

"After viewing the pilot episode of ‘The New Normal,’ we have made the decision to keep it off our fall schedule … For our brand, this program simply feels inappropriate on several dimensions, especially during family viewing time.”

The latest protest for the show adds fuel to anti-gay conservative group, One Million Moms, which targeted the show for cancellation last month.

…The story below may not be surprising if you have read … Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto …


 This story may surprise you: A "genius" female chimpanzee has been found to demonstrate remarkable skills of reasoning and planning that are far beyond those of a typical U.S. high school student.

It’s true. The chimpanzee’s name is Natasha, and she can out-wit a typical teen:


clip_image002…The essence of this article is to suggest any form utilized by man suggesting “water-energy” cannot be science …

…It must then escape the author of this article that man is comprised of approx. 70% … WATER…

…Is it really that difficult to get one’s head around the notion man has an affinity for water and that energetically we can pick-up on water…

…To believe otherwise is to live in a box…

… The COUNTERFEIT privately owned federal re$erve $ystem and their bully-boy-gestapo IR$ will be history when the American public truly becomes aware …

clip_image001Flash: Santelli Uses The "C" Word!

08-28-2012   http://market-ticker.org, 


Now I like it!     I have long called the emission of unbacked credit — like QE – counterfeiting.

I just heard Rick Santelli use it on CNBC.

People are waking up!!!


Kill Student Curiosity


clip_image001How to Kill Student Curiosity in 12 Easy Steps



August 27, 2012  …  http://www.alternet.org/how-kill-student-curiosity-12-easy-steps?akid=9283.23062.cAk8_a&rd=1&src=newsletter700218&t=18&paging=off



Killing a learner’s natural curiosity doesn’t happen overnight. It can take as long as twelve years, and in rare cases even that isn’t long enough.

Public school learning environments focused on standards, assessment, and compliance allow for the implementation of research-based teaching strategies in pursuit of streams of data to prove that learning is happening.

Curiosity is nice, but it’s a monumental challenge to measure.

And who has ever been accepted to college or qualified for a job by demonstrating how strong their curiosity is, anyway?

Below are twelve tips to help stifle learner curiosity and keep the learning nice and tidy in the classroom this school year.

1. Dictate the learning domains. …Whether physical or digital, individual or group, you’re the teacher (or “district curriculum coordinator”). You decide what is to be learned when and how, and on whose grounds. Make the schedule, the curriculum, the tests, the grading system, the feedback loops–all of it. That’s what you’re paid to do.

2. Limit learner choice. …Voice and choice sound great in theory, but who knows better what a learner needs than the teacher? They’ll appreciate you when they get older and can read and write.

3. Think in black and white. …Right is right. And if they’re wrong, it does no good to coddle them. Binary thinking is how we got to Mars.

4. Focus on answers, not questions.  ….Again, see #3. No matter how they perform in your open-ended, hippie-style project-based learning that seeks out personalization and community, the Common Core standards-based exams, university expectations, and “real world” aren’t like that. The process of arriving at an “answer”–thinking–pales in priority to accuracy.

5. Only use technology when it’s tidy. …Learning simulations, Prezis, iPads, Android Nexus tablets, and blogging are great when they don’t cross lines, invite rule-breaking, or make assessment a challenge. Just make sure you check state, district, and school policy before you send a student to YouTube to “learn.”

6. Force awkward collaboration.  …Collaboration is the stuff of legend. Whenever you can cram a partner or group-activity in where individual thought and reflection used to be, do it. Collaboration makes miracles even if the learning objective doesn’t seem to suggest it.

7. Use very little music, art, or physical movement.  …The real world might be filled with color, sound, and physical movement, but in the classroom it’s messy, distracting, and difficult to manage. Nip it in the bud.

There is color on the walls, sound coming from the teacher, and physical movement on the way to the cafeteria. (And in neat lines, too.)

8. Reject inquiry-based, project-based, or place-based learning as not “research-based.”  …Research and data are the real engines to education reform. Give a test. Chart the data. Refine the teaching based on the data, and bask in the glow of your success.

After all, Socrates, Shakespeare, Kant, Newton, and Einstein were all educated with researched-based, data-driven pedagogy. If there’s no data showing it works, reject it. (And whatever you do, don’t build better data collection tools to attempt to measure the effectiveness of progressive learning tools yourself. Leave that work to education experts like Robert Marzano, John Hattie, and Rick Stiggins.)

9. Keep it academic.   …Learning is in schools, laboratories, and formal field work for a reason. “Authenticity” is an antonym for rigor. Keep it formal, sterile, and academic. Leave the children’s lives, their family traditions, cultural legacy, and individual gifts out of it.

10. Fail to consider the role of play and informal learning.    If it can’t be measured or directed as a learning outcome in a backwards-planning format, it’s dangerous, and could disrupt the learning process entirely. If it’s not planned, it’s play—and if it’s play, it’s not learning.

11. Focus on standards blindly. …Learning standards are the best way to ensure an even learning experience for all students. Work backwards not from habits of mind, evolving learning currencies, or the way students seek out and use information, but rather the standards. And do so with brutal efficiency.

12. Be sure not to model curiosity.  …Spend very little time authentically modeling how to ask great questions, seek out information yourself, or react playfully but swiftly when you realize your own knowledge is insufficient. They need to see a teacher as a model of knowledge and expertise, and most of all, ultimate authority.

For another perspective read … Dumbing Us Down … by John Taylor Gatto …


independent 3rd party proof … zilch


… And the independent 3rd party proof for the “opinion” offered on “pot” use is …?

… Missing … Nada … Zero … Zilch …

… Just trust …. I don’t think so

clip_image002WOW I have read any number of self-serving grandizining declarations … I need  ask how did ASU survive until   “savior” Michael Crow arrived on the scene…

 … a true leader need not blow his own horn…


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