PUBLISH… I write with the clear understanding that for some on OWAC for anyone to express and question publicly is tantamount to committing heresy and possibly treason …

… Since the facilitated seminar in early February … Dr. Kitt Ferrell-Poe – OWAC
committee member – has genuinely requested OWAC contemplate a philosophical question she consistently poses which when thoroughly flushed out has the potential to significantly alter how any pending residential onsite rule revision is developed …

… Kitt’s query raised its head yesterday on the A316 subcommittee phone conference call and though not thoroughly discussed impacted the tone and resultant discussion …

… Her query and I trust I do reasonable justice to it, essentially asks … are the rules revision we discuss honestly designed to protect our environment and human health or is there other motivation …?

… this strikes me to be at the very heart of ALL discussions on any aspect of rule and therefore begs the question will OWAC leadership make it a priority issue … placing in on the agenda and taking as much time as required to achieve “consensus” …

… failing to thoughtfully contemplate Kitt’s query will have us merely affix more “band-aids” to an already severely damaged rule ….

Respectfully submitted,

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