Does the article below offer what you consider sufficient and appropriate PROOF…??? …For me …far too much conjecture…

…Does the article below offer what you consider sufficient and appropriate PROOF…???

…For me …far too much conjecture…

Proof the U.S. government plans to seize food and medicine from citizens during a collapse


08-26-2016 • …(NaturalNews) The American government has already laid the groundwork for tyranny to step in. Citizens have remained silent as the current administration has systematically created pathways for total government takeover across the board. Say what you will, but we as a nation have given Congress carte blanche, and all three branches of the federal government have gone essentially unchecked by the American people. Our government,which once stood to protect the freedoms and liberties of its people, has gone down a very dark path – one that will lead to the upheaval of the Constitution and the implementation of a tyrannical oligarchy or dictatorship.

One of the first signs of trouble came on March 16, 2012, when President Obama issued an executive order that was entitled, "National Defense Resources Preparedness." While it may sound innocuous, the order actually gives the President alone the authority to take over all resources within the nation (industry, labor and even food) – so long as it is done "to promote the national defense." A select few government agencies have also been given the power to seize and take control over these resources. As reported by Mike Adams:

1) the Secretary of Agriculture with respect to food resources, food resource facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer;

(2) the Secretary of Energy with respect to all forms of energy;

(3) the Secretary of Health and Human Services with respect to health resources;

(4) the Secretary of Transportation with respect to all forms of civil transportation;

(5) the Secretary of Defense with respect to water resources; and

(6) the Secretary of Commerce with respect to all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction materials.Read Full Story

Thank$ to the cover of “dark $$$” we likely will never know…


…Thank$ to the cover of “dark $$$” we likely will never know…

Dear Congress: Have You Received Money From These Pharma Companies


08-25-2016 •, …We have been following the latest melodrama involving a "greedy" Mylan, and numerous "humanistic" US politicians, all the way up to the Democratic presidential candidate, exchange blows over the company’s dramatic price increases of its EpiPen anti-allergy medication, with a healthy dose of amusement for one simple reason: if Congress wants to crack down on someone, it should crack down on itself.

After all, the only reason Mylan has been able to pass the kinds of price increases that Congress is now blasting it for, is because of US laws and regulations; laws which incidentally, have been determined in Washington’s backroom bribe parlor, i.e. the corner offices of thousands of local lobby organizations dispensing with billions of dollars in "client" funds.   Read Full Story

U even know what they are talking about…??? … I am not sure I honestly do…???

…U even know what they are talking about…???

… I am not sure I honestly do…???

Linux Took Over the Web. Now, It’s Taking Over the World

image:×695-582×437.jpg  …Posted By: Aaron Coventry August 25, 2016   ..On August twenty five, 1991, a Finnish personal computer science student named Linus Torvalds introduced a new job. “I’m undertaking a (free) running method,” he wrote on an World wide web messaging method, insisting this would just be a hobby.

But it grew to become something greater. A lot greater. These days, that open source running system—Linux—is a person of the most essential parts of personal computer application in the earth. Likelihood are, you use it each individual working day. Linux runs each individual Android cellular phone and pill on Earth. And even if you’re on an Iphone or a Mac or a Windows equipment, Linux is performing at the rear of the scenes, throughout the World wide web, serving up most of the webpages you view and powering most of the apps you use. Fb, Google, Pinterest, Wikipedia—it’s all managing on Linux.

Plus, Linux is now getting its way on to televisions, thermostats, and even autos. As application creeps into almost each individual aspect of our lives, so does the OS built by Linus Torvalds.

The Plan    But Linus should not get all the credit rating. The roots of this OS extend again significantly additional than twenty five decades, all the way again to the creation of Unix at AT&T’s Bell Labs in 1969. For many years, Unix was the normal running method for business computing, but there was a catch. It was owned by AT&T, and it only ran on large-conclude machines. Geeks wanted something they could tinker with on their particular pcs.

In 1984, Richard Stallman commenced performing on GNU, a Unix-clone that stands, paradoxically, for “GNU’s not Unix.” By 1991, Stallman and enterprise had successfully rewritten most of Unix, but they have been lacking a person critical component: the kernel, which is the basic main of an running system—the aspect that talks to the components and interprets the fundamental input from your keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen into something the application can have an understanding of. So Torvalds determined to make a kernel.

Shortly, other builders have been utilizing the Linux kernel in blend with GNU and a vast wide variety of other applications in cobbling collectively their possess running programs. Several individuals even now insist on calling these running programs “GNU/Linux distributions.” But it is the kernel that powers Android and so many other newer parts of application.

The World-wide-web    The increase of Linux mirrors the increase of the web, which just transpires to have commenced all around the identical time. It’s tricky to pin down particularly how well-liked Linux is on the web, but in accordance to a examine by W3Techs, Unix and Unix-like running programs power about 67 % of all web servers. At minimum half of these operate Linux—and probably the huge vast majority.

Even Microsoft, after the sworn enemy of Linux, has embraced this open source OS. In 2012, the enterprise introduced that it would allow organizations operate Linux on its cloud computing provider, Microsoft Azure. About a person 3rd of Azure scenarios are now managing Linux rather of Windows. And Microsoft itself is utilizing Linux for some of the networking tech at the rear of the scenes of Azure. In fact, Linux is so critical to web development that Microsoft partnered with Linux seller Canonical to make it less difficult for programmers to create Linux purposes on their Windows laptops.

There are a few causes for all this. The most noticeable is that whilst Windows Server licenses cost cash, most variations of Linux are free to down load and use even for business uses. Beyond that, Linux is open source, which implies anybody can freely modify and redistribute its source code, tweaking it to far better serve their possess uses.

As the web grew, builders tweaked Linux to satisfy their needs and produced new Linux-centered running programs that bundles all their preferred web systems collectively. Important systems like the Apache web server, MySQL databases, and the Perl programming language grew to become staples of each individual big Linux distribution.

But Linux also received blessed. It was not the only free running method of the 1990s, but a authorized battle concerning AT&T and a enterprise referred to as Berkeley Program Style slowed the development of some of Linux’s big opponents.

The Terrific Beyond    For decades, Linux remained in the history, quietly powering web servers for the world’s premier organizations, but hardly ever getting significantly achievement on particular units. That changed in 2008, when Google produced Android and it initially found its way on to phones. Android simply cannot operate Linux desktop purposes that haven’t been translated to Google’s system, but Android’s achievement has been a big boon for Linux and the open source community by at last furnishing that open source application could operate in shopper purposes.

Android now dominates the smartphone market. According to marketplace investigate business Gartner, the running method accounted for about eighty four % of the market in the course of the initially quarter of 2016. But Linux’s arrive at now extends so significantly additional than smartphones. You can previously come across Linux in clever TVs from organizations like Samsung and LG, Nest thermostats, Amazon’s Kindle e-viewers, and drones from organizations like 3DR.

All those big shows in Tesla autos are driven by Linux, and many motor vehicle companies—including Toyota, Honda, and Ford—sponsor the Automotive Grade Linux job, which is dedicated to building application for related autos. And when self-driving autos at last hit the street, you can guess they’ll be driven by Linux.

Companies convert to Linux right now when they want to create new engineering for the identical purpose that web builders turned to the running method in the 1990s: they can personalize it to satisfy their needs, and then share (or promote) the success without having to get permission. And it is all simply because a Finnish student determined to share his operate with the earth. Not poor for a hobby job.


It’s politic$ and it’s dirty … na$ty …

…It’s politic$ and it’s dirty … na$ty …

Remember that time the Bush administration lost 5 million emails — and Republicans shrugged?

08-25-2016  • ……..The frenzy and furor over Hillary Clinton’s email habits while at the State Department, now into their 16th month and still going strong, have predictably and effectively chipped away at her reputation, so a sizable majority of Americans (67 perc

…I suspect there is much residual frustration which needs venting…

…I suspect there is much residual frustration which needs venting…

Bernie Sanders Launches New Organization, but Key Staffers Quit in Protest


Thursday, 25 August 2016 00:00By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! | Video Report


Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: Bernie Sanders and his supporters have launched a new political organization called Our Revolution. But reports have emerged of political tumult within the Sanders team. Over the weekend, eight key staffers abruptly resigned in a dispute over the group’s leadership and legal structure. …Watch the Video and Read the Transcript 

Lochte will make the perfect American Corporate $pokesperson…


Lochte will make the perfect American Corporate $pokesperson…

BRAZILIAN POLICE PUSH FOR CHARGES AGAINST RYAN LOCHTE For issuing a false report. In good news for the swimmer, he landed a sponsorship deal for throat lozenges that the company says are "forgiving on your throat." [Reuters]

R U honestly buying this line of crap…???


…R  U    honestly buying this line of crap…???


Will states follow DOJ’s private prison move? Some are ahead of the feds.

If history is a guide, the Justice Department’s decision to phase out private prisons could have an impact well beyond federal Bureau of Prison facilities.


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