discover the degree and power of the “connection” between agriculture lobby and their unreported contribution to the destruction

clip_image001…If you have not as yet viewed …Cowspiracy … this is an invitation to make the time to do as it is currently available on Netflix…

…This is simply an FYI to you suggesting you just find it interesting to discover the degree and power of the “connection” between agriculture lobby and their unreported contribution to the destruction of our single share biosphere…

…But, then again, maybe you really don’t give a damn…

…It’s your call…

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a 2014 documentary film which explores the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, and investigates the policies of environmental organizations on this issue. The film looks at various environmental concerns, including global warming, water use, deforestation, and ocean dead zones, and suggests that animal agriculture is the primary source of environmental destruction.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has disputed the film’s assertion that the majority of greenhouse gases driving climate change are produced by animal agriculture rather than fossil fuel emissions, which runs counter to scientific consensus.

Follow the shocking, yet humorous, journey of an aspiring environmentalist, as he daringly seeks to find the real solution to the most pressing environmental issues and true path to sustainability

What’s your assessment…???

Is this a question that honestly needs to be asked….??? …Do and should WE expect a truthful answer….???

…Is this a question that honestly needs to be asked….???      …Do and should WE expect a truthful answer….???



The Trump compassion version of “let ‘em eat cake”…

clip_image002The Trump compassion version of “let ‘em eat cake”…

Minimum wage workers can’t afford rent anywhere in the U.S., and Trump wants to make it worse


Laura Clawson Daily Kos Staff2018/06/14 ·

Decent housing remains out of reach for many American workers, the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s 2018 Out of Reach report confirms. As you can see on the map below, there’s not one state where a two-bedroom market-rate rental is possible on 40 hours a week of minimum wage work, even in states with a higher minimum wage than the federal rate of $7.25 an hour.

How much would you have to earn to rent a two-bedroom home? The national rate is $22.10, or $17.90 for a one-bedroom. Arkansas is the cheapest state—a worker would need to make $13.84 an hour to afford a two-bedroom rental there. But the Arkansas minimum wage is just $8.50.

Many renters are being paid more than minimum wage, of course. But the report estimates that the average renter’s hourly wage is $16.88—still below what a single adult would need to afford a one-bedroom apartment. People end up spending far more than they can afford on rent and struggling to pay their other basic expenses.

This is the reality nationally as the Trump administration pushes to cut federal affordable housing funding. Things are bad, and Team Trump only wants to make them worse.


without making time to understand its implications

…A valid query… My reply is our unbridled enthusiasm to quickly utilize all forms of emerging technology without making time to understand its implications will lead to troubling circumstances for all mankind…

Rise of the machines: has technology evolved beyond our control?


Technology is starting to behave in intelligent and unpredictable ways that even its creators don’t understand. As machines increasingly shape global events, how can we regain control?The voice-activated gadget in the corner of your bedroom suddenly laughs maniacally, and sends a recording of your pillow talk to a colleague. The clip of Peppa Pig your toddler is watching on YouTube unexpectedly descends into bloodletting and death. The social network you use to keep in touch with old school friends …
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let the games begin to see which

clip_image002In a state with decades of deliberate underfunding of all education … this so the best use of Arizona tax $$$$…

…Now let the games begin to see which university can provide the most lavish home at tax payer expense to their president…???

…Classic waste of taxpayer $$$….!!!


Is there ever enough

clip_image002..Is there no limit to the “greed” of American corporations…???

…Is there ever enough profit $$$$$…???

Not lies … in Trump world it’s “alternative fact”…

Not lies … in Trump world it’s “alternative fact”...

Top Republicans flat-out lie about court case to

explain Trump’s brutal family separation policy


Kerry Eleveld  …….Daily Kos Staff……2018/06/14 · 12:18

As tragic reports of Donald Trump’s barbaric family separation policy get traction in the media, Republicans are trying to figure out how they can feign hints of sympathy without actually fixing the problem. In that vein, they are entirely lying about a 1997 settlement in a case called Flores, which set forth minimum standards for detaining unaccompanied minors.

Just to be crystal clear about this: No other administration has interpreted the Flores settlement to mean that kids of parents seeking asylum in the United States must be separated from them. That is absolutely the new and twisted logic of the Trump administration alone. In fact, what they are doing is prosecuting these parents for crossing the border before their asylum claims can be processed.

Nonetheless, House Speaker Paul Ryan lied about Flores Thursday when asked about Trump’s family separation policy