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When you have an electorate (Americans) who are timid or afraid to challenge

…When you have an electorate (Americans) who are timid or afraid to challenge all candidates 30 second sound bite answers you set the stage for dishonesty in elections…

…”WE” have been indoctrinated and educated for the past 50 years to be mindless ostriches…


Paul Krugman Scorches Media for Dishonest Coverage of Election

By Janet Allon / AlterNetSeptember 23, 2016 …Paul Krugman has a sneaking suspicion that Donald Trump will lie in the upcoming presidential debate. Why is that? Oh, just a little thing called history.


"PolitiFact has examined 258 Trump statements and 255 Clinton statements and classified them on a scale ranging from ‘True’ to ‘Pants on Fire,’" Krugman points out in his Friday column. "One might quibble with some of the judgments, but they’re overwhelmingly in the ballpark. And they show two candidates living in different moral universes when it comes to truth-telling. Mr. Trump had 48 Pants on Fire ratings, Mrs. Clinton just six; the G.O.P. nominee had 89 False ratings, the Democrat 27."

Those pulling Az Gov Dug Ducey strings are “dark$$$” owned

…Those pulling Az Gov Dug Ducey  strings are “dark$$$” owned with bona-fide “big-pharma” corporate ties so is there any wonder Ducey would use “Reefer Madness” scare tactics to influence the outcome of the vote on marijuana legalization…???

Ducey Uses ‘Reefer Madness’ Scare Tactics to Fight Marijuana Legalization (video)


Posted: 22 Sep 2016 02:00 PM PDT ..Governor Doug Ducey and a representative from a big-pharma-funded PAC snuck into midtown Tucson this week to give business people a one-sided argument on why they should band together to stop Prop 205, the marijuana legalization initiative that will be … Continue reading

Face it “WE” allow the proliferation of all forms of surveillance

…Blaming Obama for all of America’s believed ills has become SOP … contemplating that “WE” allow on our watch the ever “revolving-door” between government & regulatory agencies is never discussed … why not…???

… Face it “WE” allow the proliferation of all forms of surveillance … “WE” love our cell phone ability to record … to immediately post to U-tube … it is on our watch… .


Obama-era surveillance worse than Stasi, says Oliver Stone

09-22-2016  •  https://www.yahoo.com, AFP ……US film director Oliver Stone on Thursday accused President Barack Obama’s administration of implementing a surveillance system worse than that of the feared Stasi secret police in East Germany.

can’t be Yahoo just flat assed screwed up…

…YUP… saw that one coming, did you not … has to be someone else’s fault … can’t be Yahoo just flat assed screwed up…

…So let’s blame “them”…???

Yahoo Confirms Half A Billion User Accounts Hacked, Blames "State-Sponsored Actor" For Bre

09-22-2016  •  http://www.zerohedge.com, Tyler Durden ……Earlier today we reported that based on a ReCode announcement, some 200 million Yahoo user accounts (yes, apparently Yahoo has that many users) may have been hacked.

I also note “WE” need be damn sure “WE” hold Hillary’s feet to the fire respecting Wall $treet “bank$ters”…

…I  also note “WE” need be damn sure “WE” hold Hillary’s feet to the fire respecting Wall $treet “bank$ters”…

Wells Fargo Scandal Is another Reminder That We Can’t Afford Trump and the GOP

By Amanda Marcotte, Salon  Trump has promised to destroy the agency that uncovered Wells Fargo’s abuses; Clinton has vowed to bolster ……….. it READ MORE»

… it was “WE”…

…Ever wonder WHO created the super-bug … it was “WE”…

Superbugs Are a ‘Major Global Threat’

09-22-2016  •  http://time.com, Alexandra Sifferlin …..World leaders make unprecedented commitment at the U.N. to battle drug-resistant bacteria