World water shortage fuels investor interest

World water shortage fuels investor interest

By Fiona Harvey in London … FINANCIAL TIMES OF LONDON … site, Jul 04, 2006

When commodities are scarce, it usually signals good times for investors. With droughts currently afflicting much of the world, investors are now seeking to exploit a shortage of that most basic of commodities – water.  Water-related industries are seeing a rising tide of investor interest, driven by strong investment fundamental

The above appeared in the 4 July 06, issue of the Financial Times of London and uncovers the most basic of human conditions – GREED – noting investors are now seeking to EXPLOIT a shortage of that most basic of commodities – water.   

The DVD entitled … THE CORPORATION … follows the effort of Bechtel Corporation of San Francisco, Calif. to “privatize” all of the water in the country of Bolivia.   Only as a result of a sustained public outcry wherein many citizens of Bolivia were summarily slaughtered in the name of protecting Bechtel’s corporate interest were the citizens able to ultimately rest control of their water from the clutches of Bechtel’s hand.    That did not prevent Bechtel from attempting an end run using their Dutch subsidiary to file suit against the country of Bolivia for damages.    Damages Bechtel asserts are due them even though the methods and means of usurping control of Bolivia’s water was propagated primarily by action of the World Bank and money interests largely controlled by government and corporate interests of the USA.  

Can’t happen in your back yard ….?     Think again.    In your back yard, the City of Phoenix Arizona has entered into an agreement with a private contractor – SUEZ – to own and operate the water production facilities at Lake Pleasant.   You might want to look into this or ask your City Counsel man about it…?

It’s happening today and yes in your back yard.   When “we” (you and me) choose to make ourselves aware and choose to take action we can end these greedy exploitive corporate endeavors. 

Free and open access to safe water is a right and should not be permitted to become tied to CORPORATE bottom line profit and greed. 

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