our very own Frankenstein



I feel my business education was extremely flawed as I grew up within a family corporate environment where the actions of the sentient beings controlling our – artificial – creation were married to and always part of what that creation did or did not do.

I was not permitted to believe that my actions were separate from those I controlled of our artificial being – corporation. Yes, I was and am aware that from a totally legal perspective there is an undeniable separation one created artificially by action of man. I come not to “kill” the corporation though I do believe it needs to be neutered.

Our Frankenstein creation we have and are allowing to run unrestrained as a … bull in china closet … and it is in dire need to have reasonable restraints imposed.

I want to ask, where, why and how, did “we” allow ourselves to conclude that “we” are NOT accountable and responsible for all the actions of our Frankenstein…?

How are we able to separate from a moral perspective … the actions of our Frankenstein’s we know as: ExxonMobil, Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Chevron, Con-Agra, Georgia Pacific, Phelps Dodge, Suez, Bechtel, Kellogg Brown Root, Halliburton, Blackwater, Archer Daniel Midland, Cargill, Union Carbide, the IRS and the FEDERAL RESERVE. Yes, the Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporate entity which manipulates OUR money, it’s nothing but …”smoke and mirrors” … shrouded in secrecy.

Each reader can assess the actions of each of those Frankenstein’s referenced and conclude their relative immoral action knowingly and premeditatedly perpetrated upon mankind.

Perhaps you are able to conclude on balance the action of these Frankenstein’s is OK and there is no need for any restraints to be imposed…? If you do, I sincerely would enjoy hearing from you and the rationale you utilize to achieve your conclusion. When I look at the referenced Frankenstein’s, I see on balance action resulting in the arbitrary, capricious premeditated fundamental harm to man and our environment solely to achieve or acquire more control or power or more dollar$.

Most likely the argument I will encounter supporting our Frankenstein’s action is … by law we demand these Frankenstein ONLY act in their sole selfish best interest. Yes, I will grant you that. I would on the other hand state these are but mere words on paper which can be altered with a stroke of a pen and in a New York minute. It’s nothing more than more smoke and mirrors part of a game the rules of which can be altered at any time and for the benefit of those currently able to exercise power and control.

In all probability the game will not change until “we” – that’s the majority of us 305 million people – comprising the current population of America stand and in one loud clear, concise and understandable voice say … “we are not going to take this anymore” … and in that moment, this current shell game ends and real power reverts to us, in whose hands it rightly belongs.

Only “fear” of the unknown prevents us from taking this action. And the reality is “we” have absolutely nothing to fear … but fear itself … as expressed not that long ago by FDR.

So I pose the question are “we” honestly satisfied with the action of our Frankenstein’s…?

A link to reality – maybe even truth


Cameras and camcorders … come in all colors, sizes, shapes accompanying accoutrements and stuff … and I feel open to you and me segments of our society which “they” really want to keep hidden from us…?

The legitimacy of their irrefutable power was initially disclosed to me when moments after the botched hanging and unintended beheading of Saddam Hussein appears on U-Tube to the utter surprise of the military-industrial-complex and corporate owned media, not to mention the confusion within in the Bush White House.

Daily these now near ubiquitous devices serve to bring to your attention and mine, events, people, faces, places which those in power would choose never see the light of day. Yes, one needs to know where to look and like all things these too can be manipulated to present and fool us. Like with all things a degree of discretion and discernment is required and therein lays our first challenge.

In the past 30 to 40 years the education “we” choose to provide is that which others have purchased. Education in America is owned by the highest bidder, then packaged and distributed in easily digestible pabulum form.

Our education today does not want you to be discerning nor exercise discretion, troubling that is, when the object of our education is – control – most recently via exercise and manipulation of fear.

In an American economy wherein the military reputedly competes with private industry for employees, what does this say…? In an economy where one often enlists in the military as a means of furthering ones education when they get out, what does this say…? In an economy contracting as its once vaunted industry is fractioned and sent abroad, what does this say…? In an economy where less than 1% of American citizens own nearly all of America what does this say…?

There are a few who choose not to yield to the yoke of fear and who speak in a voice resonating clear, concise and understandably. Often these are presented to us from what they have captured on their cameras and camcorders. To them I stand and I salute your effort and ask that you do not yield, do not give in.

The lesson for us all is we should never be afraid to ask why or why not…?




Why is it “we” allow those we elect … to serve and to protect … you and me to call meetings at times and places solely designed so our voice and participation is excluded…?

I believe I can count on one hand those meetings which are scheduled in a manner so as to actually encourage our participation and our voice.

The most egregious of these are the agency bureaucrats when they “huddle” to propagate new rules and regulations affecting every aspect of our life.

I raise my voice at this hour noting there is movement afoot to open new dialog respecting how your water in Arizona will be protected or not, as the case may be…? With the pending departure of Janet Napolitano as Governor of Arizona ushering in the reign of Jan Brewer one might speculate there may well be a change in the Director of ADEQ…? As this dept head serves at the pleasure of the Governor and that Steve Owens is a Democrat, while our incoming Governor is a Republican, one wonders how long that marriage will last…? On the other hand Steve Owens, at least in my assessment, is essentially a closet Republican as his actions as Director of ADEQ have been essentially in lock step with developers and corporate interests especially respecting your – water.

And “we” really don’t have anyone in a position of prominence strongly advocating and championing – water – from the perspective of honest adequacy and safety. Unquestioningly these words – adequacy and safety – are used almost daily taking on whatever is determined to be the political flavor of the day.

We have bought into – adequacy – as defined by ADWR neatly wrapped as a Christmas gift and presented to us in their gold leaf certificate as their vaunted – 100 year assured water supply. B.S. it’s nothing more than illusion.

We permit all water purveyors, public and private to inform us our water is – safe – while we demand absolutely no proof. Yes, they provide evidence. Evidence which only they and their associates have a hand in determining, you and I are summarily excluded from that table when test protocol and parameters are selectively chosen. Why might that be…?

Why do we cower in fear of confronting these public servants sworn to serve and to protect us…? Until we get over our fear and begin to ask question and NOT accept their BS answers, your water will not be adequate nor will it be safe…

Yea the system is rigged get over it


YES … CURRENTLY THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED … so we need to get over it for the moment and move on … we can change it … if we choose … the operative word is “if” we choose … apparently at the moment we don’t have the guts …

Yup, the playing field is not level perhaps it never has been. But that should not prevent us from proceeding as if at this very minute you and I hold that fate in our very hands … and we truly do…

We can tilt this system anyway we choose all we need do is get off our butts and take control over you and me. If we believe this requires too much effort then allow them we do to walk all over us.

There is only 535 of them and their minion bureaucrats whereas in America today there is more than 305 million of us – that’s you and me. 535 elected public servant reputedly sworn to serve and to protect you and me. I don’t think one needs be an Einstein to do the math and calculate quite simply the – power – honestly resides with us, that’s you and me.

If we want it to change then all we need to is get off our butts and clearly, concisely and understandably inform Pelosi, Harry Reid and our newly elected President what our choices and decisions are. It’s really just that simple, but, we can’t honestly see it that way, can we…?

It’s not unlike our belief in most religions wherein “we” are educated to believe we need an intermediary to speak to the man/woman above whatever form a deity may take. Not so, all we need do is – ask – believe – receive – it’s as simple as that. No one need speak for you or for me. We need only speak what is true for us.

I know it’s too simple, just can’t work, that’s not how the system is set up. They’ll get you, just wait and see, round you up and off with your head or to an American gulag you go. Ask yourself after you quietly do the math, the only thing preventing us from having our say is we allow – fear – to overwhelm us.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty”. … Thomas Jefferson

Use it or lose it … bogus make entitlement


Higher fees justified to adhere to the mantra of … use it or lose it … that water to which you were reputedly entitled too…?

As Tucson leadership mulls increased water hookup fees perhaps it is time for us to mull over just what does “entitlement” mean … ?

If as I comprehend that if stipulated in written form me/my/you/us have power to claim whatever has been delineated in the document…?

Why then should Tucson need worry they risk losing CAP water in the future because they do not use it now…?

I would invite us to consider these mere words on paper signed by whomever guarantee nothing and therefore worthless, bogus, empty, futile, meaningless, sterile and useless.

If truly the name of the game is … use it or lose it … this makes for me a mockery of the ADWR vaunted 100 year assured water supply gold-leaf certificate.

Now if this game is nothing but another way to tap the citizens’ pocket books that’s another story … often played out this way … via stealth variations of the old shell game and just plane lies.

If we choose to never ask, then demand proof we should not expect any public official will give us the truth, that’s not what they’re trained to do. They are educated to protect at all cost the agency from the likes of me and you.

big brother has an eye on you


If one believes as reported in this corporate owned print media, “big brother” is suddenly concerned man’s inquisitive nature and the “openness” of the internet will usher in an era where genetic experimentation in one’s garage …where there’s no safety process in place … and a wantabee terrorist …

Just where do those 535 puppet public servants in the Washington DC beltway think the computer came from as well as a host of other items we use daily in our lives…?

Big Brother is afraid of you and what you are going to discover in the confines of your garage or kitchen table where the big eye can’t see and therefore can’t control. This is all about exercising – control – over everything you say and do.

Unquestioningly there will be tragic mistakes made possibly resulting in the loss of human life or limb. Moreover an individual could discover intentionally or not some heinous bacteria or other form with the capacity to annihilate human kind. In case you are wondering your government is daily engaged in this activity behind locked doors secreted away from your eyes and mine. But all in the name of … serving and protecting … you and me … yea right…?

The genie is out of the bottle and US Homeland Security policy will not put this genie back into its once small confines. America ingenuity coupled with the human need to know will drive this experimentation and discovery process to as yet an undetermined end.

To those of you who choose to exercise your right to learn, to discover, to experiment, to just be open to … go for it … do not let “big brother’s” fear posturing be of any concern to you.

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. … Marie Curie: …

They are in jail to learn a lesson… say what…?


Ms. Martin … I stand ready to defend your right to express whatever position is true for you as you did in your letter to the editor of the Arizona Republic recently… entitled … Jail shouldn’t be pleasant

I also take serious my right to challenge any issue you express and with the words you write that jail shouldn’t be pleasant, I rise to ask, whatever do you mean…?

I am now 65 educated that under our system of justice every person is presumed innocent until a jury of their peers honorably determines they are not. Perhaps your understanding of our justice system is at variance with this…?

Do I understand you correctly, that those now incarcerated for whatever reason, confined so as to prevent them from any form of employment are now going to have pay demigod Sheriff Arpaio for the green baloney sandwiches which he serves as sustenance…?

I hope and pray was I to find myself before a jury of my peers they are folks who do not hold the same draconian views as you.

I invite you to consider looking into a mirror and ask … what would my attitude be was that me the recipient of Sheriff Joe’s pleasantness …?


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world…
indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” … Margaret Mead

… People should never be afraid of their government, government should always be afraid of the people …

…”Fascism ought more properly be called corporatism because it is the perfect merger of power between the corporation and the state.” … Benito Mussolini

Website address for Paul F. Miller’s blog …. https://waterman99.wordpress.com

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue before any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted.

Respectfully submitted,