surface water vs. ground water

Resort developer has water, but delivery a problem…by Lynh Bui …Mar. 19, 2009 11:37 AM …The Arizona Republic … Five Star Development has a 100-year water supply for its luxury developments planned in the northeast Valley, but which water supplies to tap – ground or surface – and how it will be delivered are still a big questions. The challenge is finding a water source and transport system for the project that won’t tax groundwater supplies in Scottsdale and the northeast Valley. The developer has secured certification of adequate water supplies from the state Department of Water Resources. However, it doesn’t want to touch the limited groundwater reserves and it hasn’t decided how to get the surface water delivered. Five Star Development Resort Communities plans to build the Ritz-Carlton resort and residences in Paradise Valley. Both projects fall in the service area of Arizona American Water Company, a private utility.

A review on the internet discloses – Arizona American Water Company – is owned by one of the multinational giant conglomerate for-profit water corporations, so $$$$ is NOT a problem and they could easily pay for whatever source of water it chose.

I need to own though I find it personally distasteful, I must salute the responsible questions posed by Arizona American Water Co respecting – ground vs surface – water use. I also choose to invite “us” – that’s you and me – to consider the long term implications to the amount and quality of water available and suggest perhaps it is time we consider reining in unrestricted growth.

It is a question which Arizona will rather soon be required to consider state-wide, so perhaps it is understandable it would begin in the state’s most populous region.

Or “we” can turn our back and pretend – water – will never be an issue we need to consider. It’s solely our choice.

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… People should never be afraid of their government, government should always be afraid of the people …

…“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world…indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” … Margaret Mead

… “they must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority” … G. Massey, Egyptologist

… “Everyone has the right to clean and accessible water, adequate for the health and well-being of the individual and family, and no one shall be deprived of such access or quality of water due to individual economic circumstances” …
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue with any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted.

Respectfully submitted,

the symbolism is hard to ignore

Access to Sanitation Reserved for the VIPs at World Water Forum…By Meera Karunananthan, Council of Canadians. Posted March 18, 2009. …ALTERNET … excerpted … It’s a perfect statement about the World Water Forum’s agenda serving the rich and powerful while the poor are denied access to water …Yesterday, I picked up my media accreditation for the World Water Forum. I now don’t need to pay the exorbitant fee of 100 euros a day, which has kept so many of our comrades from having their voices heard at the international conference which is being promoted as open and democratic. Sometimes it’s the simple things that matter …Maude, Wenona Hauter, the Executive Director of Food and Water Watch, and I needed to use the bathrooms at the World Water Forum and discovered that there were separate bathrooms for the VIPs which we were not allowed to use. When we finally made our way to the ordinary people’s bathrooms, we discovered there was no running water, so the toilets wouldn’t flush and we couldn’t wash our hands. The symbolism is hard to ignore. It’s a perfect statement about the World Water Forum’s agenda serving the rich and powerful while the poor are denied access to water and sanitation. The VIPs have a special space reserved for their sanitation purposes, while the rest of us have no running water.
Because the reference source is AlterNet that for some will be sufficient to discount and reject out of hand the underlying disclosure of our attachment to need to differentiate and label people based solely on their economic status.

From the outset I was one who based on my propensity for skepticism had reservations about the claim the world water conference being conducted in Istanbul was anything other than a round up of the … “usual suspects” … to borrow a line from the film Casablanca. And most assuredly the “usual suspects” do not include the great unwashed masses, but rather those most benevolent captains of the multinational for-profit corporate water purveyors – the VIP’s – of the conference, the elite.

Reading this account was disturbing as it only further cemented my view of the moral shortcomings of capitalism as it is practiced today it appears world wide. If nothing else the actions taken to divide people based solely on financial status serves to reinforce that water is indeed attaining the status of – commodity – which these same captains of from the for-profit water world have so long strived to achieve. Water has indeed achieve the status of oil and now greed, control, force will dominate water’s future – unless – “we” – that’s you and me – get off our butt and work diligently to make sure …“Everyone has the right to clean and accessible water, adequate for the health and well-being of the individual and family, and no one shall be deprived of such access or quality of water due to individual economic circumstances”… you may be laughing today, I doubt you will laugh, tomorrow.

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… People should never be afraid of their government, government should always be afraid of the people …

…“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world…indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” … Margaret Mead

… “they must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority” … G. Massey, Egyptologist

… “Everyone has the right to clean and accessible water, adequate for the health and well-being of the individual and family, and no one shall be deprived of such access or quality of water due to individual economic circumstances” …
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue with any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted.

Respectfully submitted,

A communication about water from a mutant water wizard

A communication about water from a mutant water wizard …

What do I know about water…?

Labels, Intention, Vision Inexorably Indelibly Intertwined…? Might there be a single filament of truth, credence call it what you choose to this assertion or does this represent just a figment of my imagination and state of mind…?

Is not our knowledge about anything, including water a direct reflection of our perception…? And from where did we acquire our perceptions…? It is commonly concluded our perception about everything is a function of time and formed through reading, via sight, what we hear, smell and touch.

Wise individuals – shaman, mystics, guru and meditating monks – trained and reared with knowledge of forms of ancient and aboriginal cultures encompassing our globe conclude and continue to note that our individual and collective stewardship of – water – is abysmal, what might this say about our perception of water…?

We can’t venture very far until we encounter – labels – which reflects our perception applied to all forms of water. What I find profound is the degree of significance and validity we unquestioningly choose to attach to labels of all kind. Use of labels for us, especially in America, is like finding the box containing the “holy grail” permitting us to sanctimoniously and safely put everything in a specific place. We use labels to separate, divide, discriminate, cloud, demean, placate, detach, and segregate as well as to isolate. The labels which we normally use are what I would term (label if you will) negative in their overtones, why is that…? There are labels we place on bottled water which holds them up for applause as safe causing those who drink water from the household facet, we term – losers – to hang their head as if they did something wrong. But is this not really just a form of separation, dividing and conquering…? Is there any truth to these assertions or are these utterances grossly false…?

Here’s a label for you to consider … Paul Hawken wrote in his book, The Ecology of Commerce, wherein he coined the rapid extinction of a species – the birth of death – questioning how business leaders could defend an economic system based on the tenant that it is cheaper to destroy the earth than to take care of it…? Unsustainable is the operative word.

Ray Anderson, the founder and chairman of Interface, the largest commercial carpet manufacturer in the world, views the actions of his own company as that of the “plunderer.” This is indeed an extremely harsh term and indictment for a captain of industry to make.

I digress for a moment to extend an invitation to each of you to choose to make the time to beg, borrow, rent or purchase a copy of the DVD entitled … The Corporation … which includes the interviews with those who appear in the film. It is a provocative discussion on many aspects of The Corporation as we permit it to currently function in America.

I believe, to one degree or another each of us is an integral partner in the ecology of commerce. And, whether we choose to admit it or not our independent action is inexorably linked to the “birth of death,” about which Paul Hawken’ so eloquently wrote, and our path too is one of the – “plunderer” – whether covertly or overtly expressed.

A number of years ago, I purchased an audiocassette tape series from Lou Tice, entitled Mastering the Attitude of Achievement, founder and co-chairman of The Pacific Institute. I remember vividly he noted the longevity of his course was the “special glasses” his words would impart respecting our perception and the labels we derived there from.

While my ego would certainly enjoy it, I cannot with integrity allow myself to indicate my words and this presentation will prove as memorable to you. Only you and time will determine how it is to be perceived.

As I have acquired information and hopefully knowledge about water these past many years, I need to note I find many, if not most, of the words and labels I use today were not originally coined by me. Many of the ideas and concepts I have borrowed and plagiarized liberally, at this date forgetting most all of those who guided and enlightened my path. To them I offer my sincere apology for not giving them the authentic credit they so richly deserve and to which they are so rightly entitled.

Our perception of anything reflects the lens we utilize, mirroring to us the degree to which we have allowed our own aperture to open. Aperture can be likened to “resonance” the degree to which we are aware of how everything around us interfaces with us. George Lucas, author and director of Star Wars, coined this interface – the force – popularizing the phrase “may the force be with you.” The larger one’s own aperture is able to open it might be concluded the more open one is to taking in all that reverberates around them. Conversely, the smaller or narrower our aperture what vibrates is diminished and decreases. Obi Won Kenobi, the 900-year-old sage of Star Wars, defined the force as … as energy, which is embodied and resonates, vibrates, pulsates and reverberates in all living things, trees, animals, grass, sky, inanimate objects too and especially water.

Perception is an amalgam comprised of varying degrees of touch, sound, smell and sight. We manifest, or make know to self and others, our perception of everything by the manner in which we manipulate the many methods of expression available to us in our contemporary society. In every instance these forms are but variations, singular or in combination, of sight, sound, smell and touch,

The concepts and attributes of perception have perplexed, beguiled, bewildered, bemused, and confounded man for eons. Thorough the ages, perception has been a concept which man has attempted to corral, define and subjugate, but alas perception remains elusive and like quick silver unable to be corralled or pigeon holed. Perception is in that realm where both its definition and its truth lie solely within the individual making the determination in the moment.

Why spend so much time on perception if the primary topic is – water…? Why, indeed…? Water resonates, interfaces, interacts and/or couples with man via sound, smell, touch and sight as well as on an “energetic” (force) level. It is noteworthy, this bio-body suit (term coined by Bill Tiller, PhD., physics, Stanford) encompassing our physical structure is about 70% water. Air comes a close second in the diverse aspects in which it too interfaces with man, i.e. sound, smell, and we see substantiation of sight, by virtue of the evidence it leaves, and of touch as something unseen passes over our skin. And I would add, air, too has an energetic (force) component, which vibrates in our world. Today, in many locales one can even “taste” the air, so polluted and degraded has it become.

So, if we were fortunate enough to acquire “special glasses” might our perception about water be altered…? Whether there is a compelling reason for anyone of us to choose to consider altering our perception about anything is a choice we individually need make and make alone.

In his audio series, Tice tells the story about how military helicopter pilots ferrying he and his entourage to a site at night, were with the aid of – “special glasses” – in this case night vision goggles able to safely maneuver the aircraft at considerable speed at very low altitude. Tice and others, not afforded these special optical accoutrements did not have the same perception of flying conditions and were in a word – afraid.

Not always, but very often lack of clarity allows our perception in the moment to be fuzzy, blurred, confused, conflicted, fearful and sometimes grossly incorrect, even deadly or unconditionally wrong and in those moments apply labels equally inappropriate and wrong.

Whenever one finds themselves in a situation we might term a “double-negative” a situation is created wherein we find we can not hold two competing conflicting thoughts at the same time. Social scientists and psychologist term the creation of this internal dilemma a scotoma. Man is forever creating scotoma’s of all types in his life. Have we permitted, either knowingly or covertly, a scotoma to be created surrounding our understanding about water…? I would be willing to venture that nearly everyone one of us has at least one scotoma respecting our understanding and belief about water. The number of scotoma is as varied as there are people on this planet. Quite possibly no two are exactly the same; on the other hand it is equally probable there are but a few common themes evident in all of them,

Conflicting evidence, often in the form of labels, is offered to us daily on the one hand scientifically supporting, endorsing and securing the notion of how man’s interaction with all the “forces” in our world work now to drive the daemons of climate change which can only negatively impact – water. On the other hand, there is an equal an opposite contingent of science advocating a polar opposite position. Add now to this mix, new voices from positions forming an “energetic” perspective, those incorporating the principals of quantum physics and affiliated fields and sciences. From this “alternative” perspective – water – is viewed as living, resonating and receiving the “intention” of the “force” projected by all things, plants, animals, sound, sight as well as the transmission of thought energy alone.

It would be understandable indeed were one in any single moment in time to find themselves skewed in the beliefs, assessments and labels we so unthinkingly and ubiquitously apply to all aspects of water.

So the question remains, what do I know about water…? What labels do I unquestioningly apply to forms of water pointed out to me…? It has been attempted to establish that knowledge is a direct function of perception. And perception is a direct function of our individual ability to know and to understand and to interpret every message sent to us by our senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, together with the degree to which each of us knows, understands and acknowledges the impact of the life forces surrounding and interfacing with each of us. And all of this is dependent upon the degree to which we can successfully manipulate our individual aperture.

At this point, I offer a contemporary American perspective about water as understood by individuals in their 60’s in the year 2008. We are the “baby-boomers” those born during and immediately following WW11. Our father’s emerged victorious from this warring encounter sitting on a world throne of near biblical proportions. The world and its resources were ripe for our picking and we endeavored to develop the economic, social and military infrastructure to take it all. Preceding this water, water like all other natural resources was to become a “commodity” to be harnessed, sold and utilized by highest bidder. Mighty, untamed, wild rivers, like the Colorado, once flowed from humble beginnings in Wyoming to the Gulf of California in Mexico, become victim and the newest beasts of burden driving our new economy. Water once free to roam unrestrictedly found itself behind concrete and earthen structures corralling it to artificially manipulate its flow.

Ancient, historical, cultural and legacy mantras and beliefs about water handed down from one generation to the next were quickly discarded and thrown away. Residing in their place, water was deemed to simply be a scientific chemical – H20 – and nothing more. Gone, stricken from memory, were words called upon evoking water to be good, safe and beneficial for our health. Passing into oblivion too were any words suggesting the “commons” water was considered to be. What once was was never again to be. In its place a new paradigm of water arose, the one to which we pay allegiance and homage to, today.

The paradigm motivating us today is water is but a commodity, for sale to the highest bidder, to do with it as they chose. To be debased diminished, despoiled, polluted, left to rot contaminating everything it passes and touches. Water is the new “king” that potentate of power and dominion over, replacing King Oil, to whom all will very shortly bow down to.

So as we continue, what more do I know about water today…?

• It could be valuable for us to be aware that about 80% of our planet – Earth – is covered with water.

• And that approx. 70% of our human body is water, too.

• Though 80% seems like a lot, 97% of it is salt water and therefore unfit to be consumed by man and most of his plants he utilizes for feed or seed.

• About 3% by volume is of the right type for man to ingest and use on his crops and animals too

• But, you know what, all but less than one half of one percent by volume of this 3% is locked up in icebergs or so far underground so as to make is uneconomical to for us to use.

• So, that leaves one half of one percent by volume, and if this total volume were reduced to 26 gallons, this would amount to less than ½ teaspoon for all of mankind to use and consume. Less than ½ teaspoon for all of us on planet – Earth.

Might your perception about water right now, be just a bit askew…? Might the labels we are educated to apply to all forms of water be just a bit inappropriate…?

You could say I’m just trying to scare you, that’s all, though it’s not true. Believe as you choose, you will anyway. I do invite you to do you own math and you will get numbers with zeros out the kazoo, easily leading one to conclude there’s plenty of water, we can’t run out. And you know what, I sincerely hope you’re right, though if you do the math, that conclusion is not true.

Our perception always defines what’s true for us. So what your perceptions are about anything is critical. As you and I will quickly die without safe and adequate water, it seems to make good sense we’d make the time to work and to make sure there is sufficient and safe water for all of mankind. Though America is gifted with a rather generous quantity of water, we choose not to live near its native sources. As the boomtowns of the southwest, in particular, arose, we herded water just like our cattle to accompany us as we settled down on the floor of the arid desert. It so damn hot we complained, so air conditioning was invented allowing us to expand still more upon the southwest desert floor. A/C brings them in greater numbers, calling now for more asphalt roads, reducing and removing agriculture from restricting this growth. This boom places still more demand upon the finite sources of our water.

Let’s look at water from another point of view and perspective. The contemporary buzzwords, we throw around and use today are – conserve – greywater – re-use – but exactly what does this mean…?

Depending upon whose lens we see these words projected the perception will vary appreciably. Governmental regulators, bureaucrats, politicians look to see that you and I don’t upset their “play-house” it’s been in place for so long, institutionalized it has become. This is the way it’s always been done, so why change…? The change you and I might suggest will cause them to have to re-think how they define – conserve – greywater – re-use and how to make the system functional and applicable for us. The aperture, which they have been trained to look through, is narrow and applies only to what it takes to maintain control and dominion over their agency, to protect it from all outside forces, which includes the likes of us – you and me. And this is understandable as likewise, the lens we choose to look through most likely is blurred when they attempt to put it to their eye.

Given the profusion and plethora of concepts, beliefs, theories and information on this perception stuff, is there a legitimate way for us to agree on a common language about water…? YES, but getting there will be messy as the process does not conveniently fit inside a box. But maybe, just maybe, we’re asking the wrong question at this point. Maybe the question we need ask, is do we individually believe we need or want to know and understand – water – differently than we currently do…? The answer you choose will direct how you proceed. In the end, like everything else, it is a personal choice, we all must make.

Beginning with the “baby-boomers” proceeding forward to Generation X, the language we have been taught about water is today carefully crafted, skillfully presented with all the techno-frills available to propagandize and articulate a particular point of view. The challenge and the opportunity facing us today, is to decide whether the perception they create respecting water, rings true and resonates as such for you or me. Inherent in this is the qualifier that we individually accept personal accountability and responsibility for all of our actions and inactions, too.

The DVD entitled … THE CORPORATION … introduces folks from varying backgrounds and beliefs on their perception of today’s corporations’ worldwide. One of those interviewed was Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface the world’s largest commercial carpet manufacturer. I sincerely invite each of you to make the time to view this film. As an acknowledged leader of capitalism, it was stunning to see and hear as he relates the events surrounding his own epiphany.

It strikes me one of the first components the lens these new “special glasses” will have is:

• Personal accountability & responsibility

In our contemporary world, that’s quite a shift and calls for a stretch many, if not most will find, exceedingly difficult to achieve and live. This paradigm calls for each of us to own all our errors no matter the kind and point not our finger blaming others. It strikes me incorporated therein is the fundamental theme of water as part of the commons returns to be acknowledged and advanced. Adhering to the belief that water is part of the “commons,” spells the death of the structure of greed we endorse today allowing American corporate wealth creation.

Today it is not possible to go a week without even corporate owned mass media outlets publishing, to its chagrin, the sorry condition of water across our nation around our Earth. Upon reading these reports each of us goes our merry way, most continue to be oblivious, others choose not to see, nor to read, nor to feel, robotically clinging to the “status-quo” they fevervently hope does not change. A few dare to speak with what many perceive as a mutant voice dare challenge the “status-quo” dare to upset the apple-cart, in the process shattering and often smashing cherished beliefs and long held perceived truths. None of us easily gives up any of our perceptions and cherished labels without a fight. Understandably as they’re part of us, like friends, a favorite pillow, blanket or doll. Changing our perception about anything is not an easy task and most choose not to even try. And though I find that sad there is no obligation any of us need change anything we believe. We can, should we choose cling and hold steadfastly to those beliefs which got us here, or we can open our individual aperture and behold the vastness interfacing and impacting us. Like everything that choice is up to you.

We can play ostrich and choose not to see, feel, hear, smell or taste that in less than a life time the air we breathe and the water we drink is no longer safe nor beneficial to man. We can choose to berate aboriginal earth people’s knowledge about our air and our water, believing in the infallibility of our science vs. the eon’s of latent wisdom they collectively possess about this Earth upon which we, all, dwell. Their wisdom, our science notes, can not pass “muster” of today’s vaunted “double-blind” tests, so there, it’s just plane crap….! Energetic what the hell is that all about, it’s totally nonsense of course. It’s just part of that new age voodoo stuff, they’ve smoked way too much of that stuff, you know what I mean…? Interestingly belief in the wisdom the ancient one’s hand down just doesn’t go away and with the passing of each day, seems to grow in strength its message reaching out touching encompassing others.

For those caught in maintaining the “status-quo” this must be quite shock as before when “they” spoke, we all stopped, looked and listened, but no more. In the Lou Tice cassette series, he noted as a teacher in the Seattle schools as the years passed he was forced to evoke even greater tragedies would befall his students should they fail to pass and graduate. Fear of failure they would not be part of the “status-quo” provided Tice both the opportunity as well as the impetus to evoke the proverbial – “or else” – always more daemonic its consequences need become. Some of his students speculated subscribing to the “status-quo” is a grossly daemonic consequence, so taking a peek at the “or else” seemed a likely thing to do.

Understand to a certain degree we all seek to achieve in our own way a “status-quo” which we choose to maintain with what we perceive as balance, being centered and grounded too. These qualities we all have, though some are likely at times, skewed.

The aperture which we look through searching to maintain the “status-quo” is quite different from that we evoke when we freely contemplate how we – all – fit (holistically if you will) into Earth’s humanity. The aperture of one is open wide, while the other is reduced, confined and small. Why is it that we appear to gravitate to seeking to maintain the “status-quo”…? Might it be that’s what we’ve been educated for lo these many, many years to believe, to assimilate, to acknowledge as true, to choose to emulate, to foster, to judge as true…? Through this lens, it’s not so hard to see as so eloquently foretold by George Orwell in his book -1984 – to believe that one plus one really does equals three. If that be true, then drinking water that tastes like shit surely must be safe, “they” said it was.


In the State & Valley section of the Arizona Republic on bottom of page 5 they headline …


Hey, come on now, we’re from your government we’re here to “serve & protect” you, so come on … we’re telling the truth. What’s that you want third party proof..? You really want us to tell you all…?

That’s not how it works.

We say and you believe and ask not.

Arsenic is one of those naturally occurring substances in much of the water thorough the west. There is technology which does a quite reasonable job of removing most of the stuff, but it’s not cheap.

Only when we choose to demand what “they” report and say is open, honest and transparent will we be in a situation to determine what is false and what is true.

Awareness of water within the maze and the externalities our actions create

Awareness of water within the “maze” and the “externalities” our actions create . . . ?

PART ONE . . . What is the maze..?

Sages, prophets, wizards, scholars, shaman today and in the most ancient of times sought to define words to simply describe and infuse an awareness and understanding for each of us in maze, path and the consequences of our action. In this paper, the maze to which I refer is “life” which we each enter from a different point along the space/time continuum. Upon entering how we choose to maneuver is solely at our discretion, though initially we are most often under the wing and tutelage of others. As a result the lens through which we initially view life is reflective of their dominion over us.

Were we granted the ability to get a “bird’s-eye-view” from above this maze called – life – we could find it a bit daunting…? Upon closer inspection and observation, we’d discover we had been granted an awareness an assistance as to the location of dead-ends, blind alleys, twists and turns. This could be a gifting of incredible value to us, it matters only how we perceive it.

The myopic reality is, we enter this maze at ground level and our personal perspective is for the most part confined to the horizontal plane with limited vertical view. We forget the topographic features within this maze as there are moments as one stride forward where the terrain provides glimpses of what the maze offers around the next corner or in the distance.

Traversing through this maze presents us with challenges and opportunities to discover those paths which will have a profound and unforeseen substantive impact on I/you/me/us either immediately or over time.
 It might appear life’s maze is not intended to provide easily ascertained answers or solutions.
 Others and circumstances can offer guidance, assistance, direction and suggest routes for our consideration, point out obstacles they encountered, but the choice of where you place your next step is solely up to you.
 We enter this maze called life at birth and without any guidance manual.
 We are initially dependent upon “others” to nurture and to provide the emotional environment within which we can grow, develop and prosper as a viable contributing member of human kind.
 By default we are indoctrinated and educated what comprises life as seen through the lens of parent(s) and/or siblings and/or other mentors.
 Our early default indoctrination into life’s maze is as diverse as the cultures of the peoples comprising our earth.
Those born into what we often perceive as reflective of an ancient, simple, often animistic “hunter-gatherer” culture, we call – primitive – will differ appreciably from those born into a contemporary American household with MTV, 200 channels of 24/7 TV, Bose stereo systems, two cars in the garage, McDonalds, home delivered pizza, skate boards, ATV’s, picnics, playgrounds and shopping malls. How might the education one receives in these two quite divergent backgrounds affect how they perceive and maneuver through the realities which their respective life maze reveals to them…?
I have a reasonable familiarity with American culture beginning in 1943. My initial acculturation of America was world at war wherein fear, hate and anger permeated. Juxtaposed over this was a feeling of invincibility especially following “our” victorious emergence from WWII. We permitted in our hubris to boastfully inform the world … “The world’s my oyster” claiming that the world’s riches are ours to leisurely pluck from the shell”. . . At this moment in our history we stood on the world stage in the manner of a swashbuckling pirate.

Even as this bold statement was being given voice a new specter arose in the East, behind the newly coined – Iron Curtain – challenging this new found American audacity. Enter the “cold war” era and its suffocating dominion based on fear.

I grew up in Nevada, less than 100 miles from ground zero where the USA “tested” its atomic weapons and like many in my generation I was quickly indoctrinated into the expected repercussions of a cold war becoming “hot.”

The now laughable U.S. government sanctioned educational film entitled … Duck and Cover … was standard operating indoctrination procedure for school age children of my American youth. Upon reflection, there were few among my immediate friends and acquaintances who believed that taking the steps outlined in this film would actually save our life. There was, however, evident in this era the vestige of a lingering and abiding obligation to respect, honor and obey your elders. So we obediently practiced crawling under our desks following the signaling of an alarm in preparation for the coming atomic bomb blast. In the process we acculturated a belief.

On the other hand a “primitive” sees life though eyes defying quick and easy comparisons. From the place of our birth, hospitals for us vs. possible thatch roof huts for them, the educational tools providing our acculturation ours primarily being TV, whereas they rode daily on their mothers back or stood at their father’s side. We rode, they walk. Their counterpart to formal education was information, beliefs all assimilated first hand most from “mother nature” herself. Being with them (parents/mentors) every day since they were borne these “primitives” learned, first hand, how to distinguish the subtleness of man’s smell, clarity of sight and differences of sound. Their education is left not to others, save that imparted by extended family and friends. They saw and felt the safety the “commons” provide, the looking out and trusting others. Certainly along their path jealousy, anger ever hate arose. One trait which to me appears common to all of them – primitive – they just wanted to be left alone and unmolested. It is realistic to conclude, they, too felt shame, blame, fear of the unknown and developed modalities to control and contain lest they run wild and overwhelm. It can be speculated those born into a “hunter-gatherer” culture were totally unaware of the pontificating nonsense going on in the so-called advanced civilized societies of North America and Europe. Duck and cover for them, might have been honestly translated into watching out for falling coconuts. The concept that an immense form of man-made artificially generated light and sound energy would kill an individual was most likely a totally foreign notion to them. Consequently their life appeared profoundly different than was ours in America.

In America, the formal education we provide to assist and guide “us” through this maze life presents, we might ask who offers this assistance and what is the form of this teaching…? Early in our nation-building this education was provided by “family” and/or church and religious groups and was confined largely to teaching one to read and write with some mathematics thrown in.

In contemporary America, today, formal education was to evolve and become the domain of carefully cleverly crafted integrated alliances of stealth corporate for-profit interests. Today’s formal education is designed to produce an individual easily malleable into a robot answerable to the directives it receives from its corporate manipulators in the form of unrelenting 24/7 propaganda.

For me, this formal education was initially provided by the Dominican Sisters of the Catholic Church at St. Joseph’s School, who are trained and steeped in century’s old tradition of education by inducing fear, shame and blame. My mission was to submit follow and perform as instructed. Adhering like the vast majority of my peers, I too, become essentially robotic in my actions and beliefs. I was able to shamelessly regurgitate at a moment’s notice the politically acceptable views of the day.

In the intervening years between the end of WWII and the beginning of the War in Vietnam, America enjoyed a “heady” period wherein we perceived ourselves to be “king of the hill,” especially economically. Our collective attention was achieving what corporate propaganda labeled … the good life … The War in Vietnam was to disclose a face which most Americans, even today, refuse to look at, evaluate or discuss. Though the Vietnam War was to shatter our cherished American “dream” before our very eyes, we chose neither to believe nor to see.

What is this “dream” of which I write…? Which we so steadfastly choose not to see and ignore…? TV journalists along with first person accounts brought into our homes the stark dark underbelly of war. How through constant 24/7 re-enforced military propaganda American soldiers could become callous and upon innocent humans torture and inflict atrocities like the Melie massacre in Vietnam. This dark expose caused some to question the almost comic book historical perspective of America’s carefully crafted and reputed benevolent treatment of all the aboriginals we encountered at home as well as abroad.

Mass media TV helped mold, what initially were fragmented islands of discontent, about America’s entry and conduct during the War in Vietnam. Coupled with the first person accounts from front line TV journalists and returning military personnel, theses media accounts of atrocities in Vietnam, alleged and real, rather quickly transformed America into the world’s grim-reaper. This is a perception which contemporary American political/military action continues to re-enforce in the eyes of the people of our world.

Vietnam ushered in an era which turned America on its head ending much of the blind obedience to which our culture had become accustomed. Youth especially teenagers and young adults, of which I was one at this time, were overtly rebellious, discontent, openly defiant, personal differentiation and orientation emerged giving rise to conflicts which in today’s contemporary America remain unresolved. The life maze of the baby boomers conflicted extensively with the life maze of their parents giving rise to the heated rebellion of “standards” they saw as, as applicable to our lives as they had been for them. Sex, drugs, rock and roll replaced our parent’s standard of keeping one’s nose to the grind stone, along with blind obedience to rules, regulations, standards of conduct, modes of dress, choice of friends, respect for education and country.

In primitive cultures, life progressed along a path well seasoned over eons of time. As they were without our ubiquitous TV it is logical to conclude they were unaware of those things we – Americans – do and do not.

Though extremely unsettling for parents and the “elders” in our society, the Vietnam experience was incredibly liberating granting freedom to a generation to challenge authority, to require proof, to distrust authority. No longer bound by the stifling conventions of contemporary authority this generation maneuvered through this evolving life maze in a manner deemed bizarre, outlandish, unique, beguiling, disoriented, disconcerting and destructive by parents and the “elder” in our society. This counter-culture “free-love” social subculture was to give way to an invasive economic mantra embracing insatiable greed and “me” first, the cultural antithesis of the era.

In the intervening years between the 80’s and 2008, formal education has been honed and strategically structured by corporate America to the end that we no longer realize the power associated with personal accountability and responsibility. We have educated our society to believe and accept that all power resides in others, them, government, academia, politicians, outside of ourselves. Our youth today can recognize and cogently speak about artificially created “truisms” of the brands and logos of many corporations yet they remain almost totally ignorant of where Iraq is on a world map or globe and can not identify even a few of those items indigenous within their immediate environment. Maneuvering within this life’s maze they obediently follow the “pied-piper” of the day as clandestinely offered by for-profit corporate educators wrapped within their compelling colorful and techno-music induced, psycho-babble propaganda.

Steeped as we have been in an atmosphere over the last 30 years emphasizing wealth accumulation irrespective of any moral ethos or implications are we even capable of thinking “outside” that box…? The 80’s – 90’s and the first decade of the 21st century are inexorably tied to procuring wealth irrespective of the means and totally devoid to any overt attention to the aftermath left in its wake. As we near the end of the first decade of the 21st century an unending plethora of testimony, perspectives, opinions, observations, assessments assail us from all dimensions seeking to apprise us and make us “aware.” The question we each must ask, is aware about what…? As we willingly choose to traverse this maze, what might be the awareness we are being called upon to attain. What is our relationship with two of the most primary attributes for life – our air and our water – most prominent ingredients comprising our biosphere…?

Paul Hawken wrote … The Ecology of Commerce … wherein he discusses the rapid extinction of a species coining it – the birth of death – questioning how business leaders could defend an economic system based on the tenant that it is cheaper to destroy the earth than to take care of it…?

Ray Anderson, the founder and chairman of Interface, the largest commercial carpet manufacturer in the world, views the actions of his company as that of the “plunderer.” This is indeed an extremely harsh term and indictment for a captain of industry.

I digress for a moment to extend an invitation to each of you to choose to make the time to beg, borrow, rent or purchase a copy of the DVD entitled … The Corporation … which includes the interviews with those who appear in the film. It is an expose on the tenants of – The Corporation – as we permit it to currently function in America. It is provocative, informative, challenging, it creates awareness.

I believe, to one degree or another each of us is an integral partner in the ecology of commerce. And, whether we choose to admit it or not our independent action is inexorably linked to the “birth of death,” about which Paul Hawken’ so eloquently wrote, and our path too is one of the – “plunderer” – whether covertly or overtly expressed. And indeed, this too is an extremely harsh indictment of American mankind.

Might the question we choose to ask of self, is this assessment warranted…?

PART TWO . . . Water within the “maze” and “externalities …?

“Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: whatever is soft is strong.” … Lao-Tzu

There is the belief in many quarters that our contemporary formal education is “manufactured” pursuant to goals established principally by corporate for-profit business ventures. I postulate our contemporary collective understanding, awareness, perception and definition about – water is:

 that it is simply a chemical composition comprised of – H2O
 that it is inexhaustible so use all you want
 it can and should be manipulated and made to perform any physical and/or mechanical tasks for us
 it is but one of many ingredients utilized in the life process
 it has no memory it is totally devoid of any such ability or attribute
 it does NOT respond to other forms of energy, such as light or sound
 it is and should always be considered a commodity (private property) subject to the laws of commerce

Understandably one’s individual and personal perspective about water may well be quite divergent to this description.

Long before man emerged from primordial ooze, FLO (water) and her water droplet ensemble meandered unrestrained across this landscape we call Earth. Arizona was merely an undefined speck on this mosaic unrestricted by today’s artificially promulgated political boundaries.

On this journey FLO (water) begins her life to this blue-green planet we call Earth falling gently in the form of, in this example, a snowflake. In her creation FLO (water) infused with a “life-force” which reveals the capacity to express “attitudes” and freedom of movement.

Though “life-force” and “attitudes” are being attributed to water may be a stretch for you, I invite you to read a bit further, before you choose to pull the plug. Thanks to independent thinkers like George Lucas of Star Wars fame, the term “force” is not an unknown term. The “force” was described by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi as “an energy field created by all living things,” some societies and organizations thought of the Force as a non-corporeal sentient entity that might be capable of intelligent thought, while others simply considered it something that could be manipulated and used as though it were a tool. Add to this the notion proposed by many that, which is alive can move, self-determinedly, and the more self-determined freedom of movement something has, the “more alive it is. One is rather hard pressed not to agree or conclude that water most assuredly moves. Is it therefore – alive…?

Joining other snow flakes, FLO (water) affords man a breathtaking background as part of a radiant and vibrantly shimmering snow bank. In time as the sun warms Earth, FLO melts into a droplet of water cascading down the mountain fusing with other droplets to form a trickle, growing to become even larger, until she bonds into a stream flowing unrestrictedly. Playfully with sparkling vitality, FLO (water) effortlessly flows over the Earth’s surface in the process infinitesimally adding shimmering vibrations.

FLO’s (water) seemingly cavalier attitude about where she chooses to roam was in time to become of concern to man, who sees need to control her attitude and movement. The “life-force” in FLO (water) can be friend or foe how she appears is determined by you and me and how we choose to perceive and the degree to which we choose to exercise control and dominion over her.

Our perception of FLO (water) and her water droplet companions is formed based to a large extent on the environment in which we were raised, our early formal education, common cultural beliefs, and possibly influenced by our religious inclinations. In America following WWII an exponential explosion of our knowledge base coupled with “shrinking” of Earth, the result of “hyper” speed of communications and the explosion of the Internet has given rise to – mankind – consumed by and controlled by time.

To comprehend and judiciously form an expanded perception of FLO (water), requires space and time to contemplate, to step back and with patience, to ponder and silently observe, attributes grossly foreign and out of touch in contemporary America.

Years ago and being rekindled today, FLO (water) had human friends like Viktor Schauberger, (1885 – 1958) born in Upper Austria, who was to become renowned as the Water-Wizard from Austria. A forester by training who through observation of the workings of nature in the forests under his care, he developed a view of the Earth as a living entity, with water as her lifeblood, a living fluid. Schauberger rejected academic training as a young man, preferring to learn from experience in the woods and mountains while he did his work as a forester. Many of his inventions are based on his study of fluidic vortexes. He researched water flow and other natural phenomena. Schauberger was an extraordinary man, a visionary with a new, integrated way of understanding the processes of nature. How many of us, in the course of our work, have stumbled across the place where the chamois go to die? And seen the flowers grow on their grave? He learned from what he saw, the ways of Wise Nature, as he called it. He developed an understanding of the way that Nature worked. He then, much later, developed practical applications based on what he had observed.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, born July 22 1943 in Yokohama, Japan, is best known for his beautiful water crystal pictures depicted in the motion picture … What the Bleep … as well as his controversial claim that if human thoughts are, with intention, directed at water before it is frozen, images of the resulting water crystals can be beautiful or ugly depending upon whether the thoughts were positive or negative. Dr. Emoto, is the author of … The Hidden Messages in Water … The Secret Life of Water … Love Thyself: a message from water. Dr. Emoto works to understand and explain how FLO (water) through resonance and vibrations express the thoughts and actions of man. Emoto’s work has enabled him to transcend and produce visual representation of man’s intentions as manifested through voice, music, pictures on FLO (water). Dr. Emoto’s work demonstrates water mirrors the intentions of man and the sounds we create whether positive or negative and reflects them as crystals. Through Dr. Emoto’s work we are invited to consider this transformation can be achieved through prayer, music or by attaching positive uplifting written words to a container of water. As a practioneer and Doctor of Alternative Medicine he realized that it was in the water crystal that water showed us its true nature. Water has very important messages for us. Water is telling us to take a much deeper look at ourselves. When we do look at ourselves through the mirror of water, the message becomes amazingly, crystal, clear. We know that human life is directly connected to the quality of our water.

These are two individuals born into different cultures, in different time periods each on their own came to comprehend the life-force inherent in water and which water freely provides on its journey as it flows unrestrictedly. These men and others have in their time on this Earth plane endeavored to make evident to us the “life-force” FLO (water) possesses. It is doubtful these names are familiar to most as their views about FLO run contrary to sacrosanct manner we have been educated to hold “science” in our contemporary world. Moreover, the work product of both of these men is routinely disavowed by our contemporary politically controlled science centers.

The revered value placed on “science” just might be unwarranted, as today many people of health, philosophy, psychology, math, biology, environment, weather, and related venues hold or are leaning in the direction of … “during my lifetime, I have seen practically every scientific doctrine which was held sacrosanct in my childhood proved erroneous and replaced by something else which, in its turn, is also being shown to be wrong” and moreover “it was stated by practically everybody that the atom was indivisible, and only a few daring heretics dared to suggest otherwise.” …

It is suggested that … “knowledge is a ladder and some of the rungs are shakier than others but hopefully at the top of the ladder lay wisdom and truth. It’s up to you alone to decide for yourself what science is, what is pseudoscience, and what is in the realm of possibility.”

Some among early man imbued FLO (water) with supernatural power and wisdom. Through mammals man learned the value of FLO to parch his thirst, to cool his body, and at some point to cleanse his body. Following the action of mammal’s man also urinated and defecated in these same waters. Unrestricted, FLO, in these flowing waters was proficiently able to cleanse this newly deposited matter. The operative word is – unrestricted.

As man multiplied migrating over Earth evolving over time he acquired -voice – an ability to create his distinct sound.

Might it be possible man’s voice gave rise to an awareness of a difference between himself and the environment surrounding him..? Over time voice coupled with increased awareness gave rise to origins of differentiation and
control. Man appears to have always had need to exercise control over others into a shape of his choosing in the moment, not only of his own species, but in
time over mammals to become his beast of burden and things such as plants once he learned the art of cultivation and growing of crops.

As man’s skill increased to control sound emanating from his body, language materialized, and with language increased differences between man and mammal arose. Likewise did differences between men appear as to size, color of skin, the language which developed, clothing, and attitudes.

Man’s voice is solely the affect of resonance and vibration. The mere act of speaking for a human is the result of resonance and vibration enabling him to produce voice and sound. It is profound the tuning fork when stuck will when in the proximity of a fork tuned to the same resonance and vibration cause that fork to begin to vibrate and resonate without any overt effort.
Modern science in its effort to vilify the work of Masaru Emoto as well as Viktor Schauberger falls on the sword over “scientific” conventions like the lack of double blind studies presupposing this convention is the holy grail of scientific proof, all the while discounting the fact there exists a form of tangible proof sufficient so as to refute the need for additional confirmation. Does not every man resonate transmitting as well as receiving vibrations not only through his senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, taste but through feelings and emotions connected with head and heart…?

Questions to ponder … ?

• Are you affected by sound, sight, smell, or touch ..?
• Does music affect you ..?
• How about the smell of Grandma’s fresh baked bread .. ?
• How about seeing and feeling when your child or grandchild rush up to hug you .. ?
• How about the smell and touch from your significant other..?
• Unless you are an alien from yet another dimension it is safe to say you are affected and in most instances no one needs to alert you or inform you that some reaction is required of you. You involuntarily resonate and/or vibrate as a result of unsolicited stimuli which strike you.

“FLO” asks what defines alive ..?

What Is Life..? You may be shocked at the simplicity of a non-spiritual definition of life. Life can be quantified down to motion. Thus a plant, growing in the soil, moves, indeed, turning its head to the sun, and sending its roots to the water. We can go further and suggest that the entire question of “quality of life” can even be objectified by the concept of – – motion — freedom of.

That which is alive can move, self-determinedly, and the more self-determined freedom of movement something has, the “more alive it is.

Until man chose to exercise dominion over water thereby directing its course, water exercises all the attributes of self-determined freedom of movement thereby exhibiting “life and living.” As a corollary in our contemporary geo-political world until those believing they are entitled choose to exercise control and dominion over their fellow human beings, we too exhibit all the attributes of self-determined freedom of movement thereby revealing “life and living.”

According to Aristotle, Thales proposes that water is the origin of all things, that from all things emerge and to which they return; moreover, all things ultimately are water. The diversity of the world of common sense is the result of the modification of water to appear as something other than water. Water is that which is unchanging in a world of becoming.

In time the natural flow of “FLO” in man’s environment was to be perceived as presenting an obstacle to his travel, complications to his agriculture, restrictions and barriers to fulfillment of his immediate perceived wants. Water in his environment was to become an impediment over which man sought to exercise dominion. FLO’s realm to meander idyllically as she had done thorough the ages was to cease as the hand of man began to exercise control. In the exercise of dominion over nature and especially those of FLO the “life-forces” within FLO rebelled and were to be perceived by man as further evidence increased force is necessary to achieve the dominion man sought over water.

Moreover, in mainstream medicine and life sciences it is generally accepted that water is the source of life. The body is 75% water that saturates every cell. Nutrients are transported in water as well as all the chemical signals that maintain a coherent organization of the body as a whole. Without water there is no life. From the Darwinian point of view, life from the most primordial level evolved from the oceans and ultimately transitioned through many evolutions of multiple cell organisms to become human beings.

Dr. Ferrreydoond Batmanghelidj, wrote a fascinating little book entitled … Your Body’s Many Cries for Water… wherein he described to his surprise forcibly becoming a prison Doctor in Iran, without any of the normal medical supplies or accruements. In this primitive prison environment he discovered that water alone was able to cure ulcers. The result of his work adds support that some of the most ancient of healing remedies was simply to drink the Living Waters that were once available on the planet. In Dr. Batmanghelidj case, he had only “tap” water from a prison system available and this water, healed. There are very few sources of Living Water left on the planet and even these have been degraded by negative conditions in these modern times. Living Water contains the vibration of life, which is really the Source of Life that transcends the limitations of the three dimensional world. What a most subtle though extremely vibrant and powerful source of proof of mere “tap” water’s ability to provide life, then that to which Dr. Batmanghelidj was exposed in this prison environment. Is this not a physical demonstration of water’s proof it is living…?

Here’s a question to ponder … “how important is water to man”…?
About 80% of the world is covered by water or ice. Only 1% of the world’s water is suitable for human needs (97% is salt water in the ocean and 2% is ice). The human brain is 75% water. A human’s body is 60-65% water. Less than 1% of the treated drinking water produced by water authorities is actually consumed by people. An average person can survive for nearly two months without food, but less than a week without drinking water. It is, I believe, nearly universally accepted we live on a water planet. About 83% of our blood is water. Only about 3% of earth’s total water is considered fresh water. About 2.997 % of this fresh water is trapped in polar ice caps and deep within earth’s surface and which is too costly to extract. Thus only .003 % of earth’s total available water by volume is available for human use.
If the world’s water was contained in 26 gallons, then what is readily available to us would amount to one-half teaspoon.

How is “FLO” today . . ?

As we enter the second half of the first decade of the 21st century “FLO” is restricted resulting in dullness of her life-force. Our once lush blue-green planet is rapidly taking on the pallor of decline leading to death. As so memorably pointed out by Ray Anderson in – The Corporation – no peer review article in the last 25 years refutes that all forms of life within our Earth’s biosphere are in decline. Alarmed we should be as we proceed head long down a slippery slope which over time and through corporate controlled education and corporate controlled mass media man has allowed himself to become indoctrinated and his attention deliberately diverted to support economic and environmental positions leading to the “birth of death” exemplifying the role of the – “plunderer.”

The hydro-logic cycle comprising “FLO” has been deliberately imperiled by the activity of man world wide. Leading world water experts indicate in all probability there are no unadulterated or uncompromised sources of water remaining in the world. In the face of expert testimony from contemporary science coupled with the life work of individuals such as Viktor Schauberger and Masaru Emoto, world political leaders, the marionettes of world corporate power, continue on paths which serve only to further degrade, contaminate, pollute, and ultimately destroy “FLO.”

Can “FLO” survive . . . ? “FLO” is incredibly resilient and with an awareness level and with decisions rendered based on a holistic understanding that – water is alive and water is life – “FLO” will survive.

How is “FLO” manifesting in today’s environment . . . ? In many cases one need only turn on the water facet in their home (presuming one has running water to his home) and the putrefying odor indicates a probable source of concern. On the opposite end, at times an overwhelming odor associated with chlorination emanates from this water. Often what is unseen and can not be detected by odor, entrained in the water in microscopic proportions are lingering molecules associated with forms of carcinogenic material, radiation, MTBE from gasoline and pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, cosmetics, medical wastes to name but a few, all contributing to water’s ill health.
FLO’s journey today to planet Earth, she arrives in the form of either snow or rain is much the same at the one she has followed for millenniums, though the atmosphere through which she traverses is inherently different.
Depending upon where she chooses to land, she may pass through atmosphere laden with soot from factories, green house gases, acid conditions falling then in the form of “acid rain,” through the “smog” the result of corporate greed designed to keep us married to the need for our automobile, through highly contaminated atomic/hydrogen fallout the result of the atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons, through toxins released during the dead of night from medical incinerators like that at the Maricopa County Medical Center, or through particles of dust, dirt, debris tossed into the air the result of our daily and constant encroachment on the surrounding desert landscape in communities such as Phoenix perpetuating our home building.

FLO lands on ground often the mixture of those atmospheric conditions cited along with garbage and trash idly discarded by passing automobiles or blowing off casually covered trash hauling trucks, into lakes, streams, rivers, laden with pesticides, fertilizers, feces, urine, trace pharmaceutical residuals, the residue from the more than 75,000 different chemicals introduced and utilized in our world.

So far we have touched upon only some of the condition FLO faces as she makes her way to the surface of Earth. What happens to FLO after she finds a “home” on our planet…? Falling over our oceans, she quickly mingles with the surrounding sea becoming part of our oceans. Landing in our mountains she might find herself as part of “snow pack” covering a recently burned forest contaminated with fire retardant which when she melts runs “black” in the process suffocating the ground over which she passes.

Phoenix, Arizona … Or she may find herself falling as rain over a metropolitan area, like Phoenix, Arizona, where she lands on a parking lot and mixing with tire debris, grime, dirt collects and runs off to the street forming a dark liquid hopefully making its way to a bona-fide storm sewer entry point. Or she may fall as rain on our parched desert with its naturally resistant soil structure collect and run briefly as a raging torrent in one of the nearby washes. Or she may fall on a local golf course mingling with the pesticides and fertilizers and run off to a designated storm water retention area there to slowly be either evaporated (thereby contributing to atmospheric pollution) or percolating into the ground to become part of our ground water thereby over time becoming part of your potable (drinking) water aquifer. Or she may fall into one of the lakes, streams, or rivers becoming part a cog in one’s potable water system, water for agriculture, water as part of a lake for recreation (with boating and public input subjected to the pollution they create), water to propel generators in a hydroelectric dam such as Glen Canyon, Hoover, or the Grand Coulee.

There are a number of ways FLO can become part of your potable (drinking) water supply. She may present herself to us a part of a river system, such as the Colorado River, or the Salt River, or Columbia River, or the American River, or ??? … Or she may present herself as a spring flowing from the side of a mountain for example. Perhaps she presents herself as water from well which might be powered by a windmill or possibly a high HP electric pump designed to pull FLO from deep within the earth. As part of a river system she might be detoured into a canal system, as such exists to serve metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, from there passing through a number of municipal water treatment systems, the reject water from each facility being dumped back into these canals to become part of the make-up water for the next facility down stream.

What happens to FLO when she is flushed down the kitchen drain, or sent down the internal house sewer line through the commode, or from the dishwasher, or laundry washing machine …? In houses with indoor plumbing FLO enters a strange new world quickly finding herself rushing head long down the house sewer line and just as quickly mixing with the FLO from your neighbors in the municipal sewer line. Or FLO finds herself plunging down the sewer only to be summarily dumped into a confined highly odiferous tank (septic tank).

FLO’s life is altered in significantly different ways depending upon the exit path she encounters leaving your home. If you are connected to a municipal sewer line, FLO might travel appreciable distance along this path joining with more FLO to become a small raging river migrating to a wastewater treatment facility. In this pipe line it is not uncommon for FLO to be coated with motor oil, pesticides, fertilizers, perfume, soap residue, grease, pharmaceuticals and toxic chemicals, either inadvertently or deliberately discharged into this waste stream. Moreover it is not uncommon for FLO to travel over 50 to 80 miles through underground sewer pipe lines before finding herself at the head works of a municipal sewage treatment facility, then the funs begins and FLO’s saga really gets interesting.

At this point she is often required to squeeze through a sieve designed to remove to the extent possible all the grit, dirt, shoes, underwear, towels, forks, engine parts, clothes and baby diapers to note just a few of the many items routinely found in municipals sewer lines.

Next FLO may be subjected to a chemical bath with chemicals designed to further remove debris still clinging to her. Next she may be pumped into an aeration chamber subjected to tumbling with air being pumped into her system in the hope she will emerge even cleaner.

Then she may be transferred to zone where she is permitted to be rather dormant and still in the hope more debris will leave her and fall to the bottom of the basin. After passing over rake type structure, FLO is often gassed with chlorine designed to kill any lingering offensive debris which may still be attached to her. Since chlorine is highly carcinogenic FLO is often subjected to a process of de-chlorination with the hope she leaves the treatment plant with the minimum amount of offensive chlorine as possible, a highly carcinogenetic element harmful to man.

From here FLO may take a number of possible paths. Possibly the wastewater treatment plant where she was processed was capable of producing what is commonly referred to as “re-use” quality effluent (the name given to the end product of any wastewater treatment process). Depending upon the artificially assigned value assigned to FLO as “re-use” effluent she may emerge from the wastewater treatment facility and be pumped into a dry river basin, as is common in Phoenix, Arizona, to travel down stream to be utilized by farmers to water their crops. Technically FLO as effluent is not to be utilized for food crops, although FLO can be used to irrigate alfalfa one of the main food sources for dairy cows, which then finds its way back into our human food chain. In Phoenix, Arizona under agreement the majority of the wastewater effluent from the 91st Ave municipal treatment plant is piped to Palo Verde Power Generation facility to be utilized as cooling water around nuclear reactors following further onsite treatment by the facility operator, APS, of the largest nuclear power plant in the nation.

As re-use effluent from other municipal or quasi-municipal sewage treatment facilities FLO may emerge and be utilized as water for golf courses, parks, playgrounds, water for soccer fields, baseball fields, football fields, or some artificial water features. Utilized, for example, as water for a golf course, FLO is injected with more pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals designed to produce the lush green expanse associated with golf courses. The normal mode of delivering these products is through high pressure above ground spray irrigation systems which atomize FLO thereby allowing her to drift over cars, picnic benches, pet animals, children who might be playing nearby, neighborhood gardens or home vegetable gardens.

YOUR HOME …. Our discussion about FLO as sewage from your home has been reviewed when she follows a path leading to a municipal or quasi-municipal sewage wastewater treatment plant. What happens to FLO when she follows a path leading from your home and enters your on-site residential wastewater treatment and effluent disposal system (septic system)…? When FLO follows this route from your home, she enters a confining environment where her path is restricted in a deliberate attempt to reduce the amount of “pollutants” attached to her. In many situations the first new environment FLO encounters is a septic tank. This is a man-made device considered to be necessary to separate heavy solids from the water and after remaining in this vessel for an artificially stipulated time period the “clearer” liquid is released via the discharge outlet in the second phase of this treatment process. This “clearer” liquid commonly referred to in the trades as “effluent” is to be further processed via a soil component designed to incorporate and utilize the bacterial action of earth’s soil to further reduce this effluent into a still “cleaner” form. When this effluent is released from a septic tank and makes its way through a properly functioning soil component (commonly referred to as a leach field, or seepage pit) it is then on its way to becoming part of a potential potable (drinking) water aquifer. Perhaps part of the aquifer from which your drinking water is drawn.

In FLO’s migration to becoming part of your drinking water, she can easily come into contact with many bacterial forms which are hostile to her and which will most certainly adversely affect her “quality.” These bacterial forms can include pesticides, fertilizers, MBTE (ethanol), animal feces, pharmaceuticals, perchlorate, chlorine, heavy metals, to name but only a few. Anyone one of these forms alone might trigger an adverse reaction on FLO, in combination they often lead to producing a latent toxic soup.

Sadly, as environmentally alert folks world wide are aware, effluent from residential onsite wastewater treatment and effluent disposal systems are second only to leaking gasoline storage containers as one of the primary forms of contaminating your drinking water.
Waters in our State of Arizona are largely impaired and degraded from their pristine state due principally to man’s activity and interaction as so simply pointed out by the late and much maligned, Rachel Carson, in Silent Spring. One can drive from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to the fence on our Southern border at Nogales, pick up any local paper, or tune into a local radio station and discover the range of concern which the citizens of Arizona have about the quality of their water. One need only look at the increasing consumption of “bottled” water to find themselves asking why…? If as asserted by government our water is safe, why then this exponential increase in the consumption of bottled water…? The emergence of “bottled water” in the USA is an interesting phenomenon which has given rise to an ever expanding behemoth corporate industry.
Bottled water is just emerging as part of the fine dining experience in the United States. Bottled Water is currently in the transition from being treated as a commodity product (bottled tap water) towards water seen a natural product with a unique source. Today between 25 – 40% of bottled water sold in the US is actually bottled tap water according to government and industry estimates.

The bottled water industry has exploded in recent years, and enjoys annual sales of more than $35 billion worldwide. In 2002, almost six billion gallons of bottled water were sold in the U.S., representing an increase of nearly 11 percent over 2001. Americans paid $7.7 billion for bottled water in 2002, according to the consulting and research firm Beverage Marketing Corporation. Bottled water is the fastest-growing segment of the beverage industry, and the product is expected to pass both coffee and milk to become the second-most-consumed beverage (behind soft drinks) by 2004.? While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the quality of public water supplies, the agency has no authority over bottled water. Bottled water that crosses state lines is considered a food product and is overseen by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which does mandate that it be bottled in sanitary conditions using food-grade equipment.
The message is clear: Bottled water is “good” water, as opposed to that nasty, unsafe stuff that comes out of the tap. But in most cases tap water adheres to stricter purity standards than bottled water, whose source—far from a mountain spring—can be wells underneath industrial facilities. Interesting to note that 40% or more of “bottled water” begins its life as mere tap water and to note it is virtually impossible to find a water source anywhere world wide which is not impaired to one degree or another, and becoming increasing more impaired with the passing of each day.
Here in Phoenix, and perhaps elsewhere in Arizona, there are international conglomerates such as the French owned Suez which has agreements to be the operators of a potable (drinking) water treatment facility at Lake Pleasant for starters. I offer this simply as food for your thought and a request that you reflect on your feelings of private corporate ownership of your source of water. For me though I am believer in the free enterprise system and a capitalist, I have strong reservations regarding private corporate ownership of any of our public utilities such as power, gas and water; and I am most willing to own, my feelings may quite well be in the minority. However I am concerned that the facts of corporate water management and ownership are not widely known. Government speaks of “transparency” though they allow the information provided to us to be edited and blacked out, hardly an exercise of transparency…?

At this time I invite those of you who are reading this paper to either purchase or rent a copy of the DVD – …. The Corporation … and play attention to the privatization efforts Bechtel in cooperation with the World Bank attempted to impose on Bolivia.

Once upon a time there lived in Arizona folks who were respectful of its pristine landscapes, wide vistas to look upon, towering mountain pines, and unrestricted flowing of water.

Travel early on might have been limited to a walking path or horse trail and later to covered wagon and buggy roads. The seeming convenience of today’s freeway system was not envisioned.

Communication depended upon word often carried from person to person, newspapers, which when received were often week’s old and personal letters. Today’s Internet, 24/7 television, satellite communications was unimagined.

The “air” was radiant and clear every breath providing nourishment, unlike the polluted air our modern and contemporary society provides resulting in untold adverse health afflictions.

The “water” consumed was clean, clear providing and enriching the human body and spirit. In some areas water was not easy to obtain leading folks to develop an appreciation and to place value on water and to respect it. This water was “safe” to drink, and you know what, in most cases it tasted good, too. Today, Arizona’s water is an amalgamation of waters from many divergent origins artificially sanitized, homogenized and pressurized into pipelines of dubious quality for your use and consumption. Often the smell alone is sufficient to give one pause about consuming it.

The outhouse of the yesterdays in Arizona has given way to behemoth wastewater treatment facilities whose collective effluent discharge quality contain lingering constituents of the pharmaceutical industry, with dubious value on their impact to man.

Arizona’s elected leaders on all levels city, county, state and federal proclaim all is well in Arizona to the good folks who go about their daily tasks content to remain oblivious to the annihilation of their desert vistas, the proliferation of home building and its impact upon a fragile potable (drinking) water supply, and our collective ineptness to addressing the impact our wastewater effluent has upon our groundwater which migrates to our potable (drinking) water supply.
More and more nowadays we are hearing about situations where the quality of our water is not good enough for normal uses. Bacteria and microorganisms have gotten into drinking-water supplies, sometimes causing severe illness in a town; chemical pollutants have been detected in streams, endangering plant and animal life; sewage spills have occurred, forcing people to boil their drinking water; pesticides and other chemicals have seeped into the ground and have harmed the water in aquifers; and, runoff containing pollutants from roads and parking lots have affected the water quality of urban streams.
Yes, water quality has become a very big issue today, partly because of the tremendous growth of the world’s population and urban expansion and development. Rural areas can also contribute to water-quality problems. Medium to large-scale agricultural operations can generate in animal feed, purchased fertilizer, and manure, more nitrogen and phosphorus than can be used by crops or animals. These excess nutrients have the potential to degrade water quality if incorporated into runoff from farms into streams and lakes. All this growth puts great stress on the natural water resources, and, if we are not diligent, the quality of our waters will suffer.
One might ask in the face of such apparent overwhelming opposition why take up the challenge…?

Possibly I saw too many western movies, or read too many dime novels, and like Gary Cooper as Sheriff Will Kane in … High Noon … I’m not about to turn tail and run. Those opposed to development of long term viable solutions which address public health and safety will continue to exert and to exercise to the extent it is possible their power and influence, which in the past they have most successfully done in Arizona. Those fostering solutions which address public health and safety in residential onsite wastewater treatment and effluent disposal issues must develop and present to the citizens of Arizona a position which is clear, concise and understandable promoting a regulating structure that is viable long term.

As a link in the hydrologic food chain – residential onsite wastewater treatment and effluent disposal – is vital and critical. Heretofore in Arizona it has been treated as an afterthought and the proverbial bastard step child. Parenthetically as a result of such thinking we incurred the excessively costly, politically imposed central sewers as in Bullhead City and Lake Havasu City. Many local, state and national water experts believe had we honorably embraced public health and safety and realistically approached the issue of leaking septic tanks and actively supported enforcing the provision which called for water tight septic tanks perhaps the affects of leaking septic tanks might have mitigated the resultant pollution problems in these communities. Arizona’s public policy remains unchanged – GROWTH – damn the torpedoes full speed ahead.

That we feed on the hydrologic cycle as guardians of water in its journey to becoming “potable” we have an inherent responsibility and obligation not only to water but to ourselves to act at all times and in every manner – honorably & truthfully. As a community, man has fallen exceedingly short and as a result water during our watch has degraded. We can choose to take collective action which will bring the needed paradigm shift necessary for water to be granted the care and concern it justly deserves as the “mother’s milk” of our very existence. These are challenging times which call for unparalleled commitment lest the legacy we choose to leave for our children and grandchildren is a form of genocide … as well as a form of intergenerational tyranny of taxation without representation.

Former President Ronald Reagan interestingly proclaimed … “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem” … Thirty years of recent history reveals the command and control bureaucratic regulatory system by which we currently operate is broken and from the top (federal) down (state/county) does not reflect what is in the better long term interest of public health and safety of the citizen. Our command and control formation of public policy is broken and needs to be fixed; I for one want our repair it to honestly reflect what is in the long term interest of public health and safety for all mankind respecting how we choose to treat – water.

I do not choose to fix blame, or point a finger at anyone other than myself. I believe we should unconditionally commit to promulgate realistic and truthful rules which promote public health and safety of – water – as it relates to residential onsite wastewater treatment and effluent disposal and their ancillary environmental affects.

To all things there is balance, and for these past many years the pendulum has swung in favor of those whose goal is the protection of “special interests.” As evidenced daily on a national level the errors (either by omission or commission) of leaders are being exposed to the light of public scrutiny. To achieve balance, the pendulum, I believe, must swing exceedingly far in the direction of public health and safety to return at some later point to equilibrium.

Perhaps I am a lone voice and should that be the case, that’s OK. I know what is important to me, I can only trust each of you too know what your core truths and values are and the extent to which you will commit to achieve them.

Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.
(Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, 1798)

We will return to “water” when we incorporate the aspect of “externalities” a bit later. In the meantime I want to turn our attention to how and why we acquire “things” and “stuff.”

The externalities of attaining “things” and “stuff” … I don’t know about you, but I find it revealing we even have a word like externalities as part of our every day economic discourse. The notion of an externality on its face appears to me to be fundamentally dishonest, illicit, hidden, evasive, even criminal. We all have a reasonably acceptable and common definition of “things” and/or “stuff” but do we even have a clue what constitutes an externality…? Its definition you might find surprising and perhaps alarming…?

Why do we acquire “things” and “stuff”..? In the 60’s the newly emerging technological marvels seemed to appear overnight, and with the coming of the computer, knowledge expanded exponentially, while TV became ubiquitous, the automobile the key to personal freedom and expression. The ultimate expression of “attainment” in this life maze was the accumulation of “things,” “stuff,” products and services by which one could easily differentiate self from “others,” especially the rest of the world.

A belief birthed by Vietnam, was that the manner of attaining “stuff” “things” financial wealth need have no moral or ethical compass. Truly the politics surrounding Vietnam created an environment which fully supported this belief as it ushered in the beginning of behind the scenes maneuvering by corporations and political leaders leading to the creation of inordinate wealth, profits and creative special interests. Today’s War in Iraq is the ultimate manifestation and testament of the extraordinary growth in the power, while decreasing the actual number of corporate players, attrition through mergers, concentrating power and wealth to the point where it is no longer possible to ascertain where the corporation ends and politics begin…?

Wealth creation under this paradigm is the absence of any moral or ethical compass, as wealth for the sake of wealth permeates the collective conscience. The implication of any action in which we must engage to create and attain wealth does not resonate on our radar screen. Wealth and power punctuate and trump everything else. The use and manipulation of all technological marvels and “gadgets” are simply cogs necessary to obtain wealth and exercise power. The corporate sponsored technological marvels of the “military-industrial-complex of the 50/60’s today appear extremely juvenile if not infantile in comparison to the smart bombs, laser guided munitions, spy-satellites capable of hearing your every word, genetically modified genes of all kinds and descriptions affecting every aspect of our life, I-pods, cell phones and an internet through which one can span the globe in mere nanoseconds.

Late in the first decade of the emerging 21st century, there appears on our collective horizon a sign that in obtaining all this “cool-techno-whiz-bang” stuff we have created an earth is out of balance, a condition resonating with increasing significance.

So what has acquiring all this “cool-techno-whiz-bang” stuff cost us…? Or perhaps the question should be posed do “we” have either a moral or ethical mandate to address if there might be a long term cost we are being required to pay for the accumulations of all this “neat-stuff”…? Should you be able to honestly look at yourself in the mirror and determine that you have no moral or ethical mandate to question whether there is a long term cost associated with accumulating of this “cool-neat-stuff” – I envy you – as I feel we have only begun to see the magnitude of this emerging iceberg demanding that “we” collectively address its ramifications upon self and others.

These are “externalities” as defined by economists. These externalities were not even remotely on my personal radar screen. I didn’t know they even existed, let alone understand how simply they could be defined. An “externality” is any cost that is not directly made a part of and paid for by the person or entity creating it. For example, in the manufacturer, distribution and sale of cigarettes, those actually producing this product do not including as part of the price paid by those using this product these medical costs for those who health is impaired by any of the following illnesses:
• respiratory system (lungs)
• skeletal system (bones)
• muscular system (muscles, joints)
• circulatory system (heart, arteries)
• urinary system (kidneys, bladder)
• digestive system (stomach, intestines)
• nervous system (brain, nerves)
• endocrine system (thyroid, hormones)
• female reproductive system (uterus, ovaries)
• male reproductive system (penis, testes)
• immune system (t-cells, anti-bodies)
• skin
• the senses (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat)
• mental health
Merrily we unwittingly and unknowing allow these corporation and businesses to pass forward to you and me, all those cost associated with just the medical and health related aspects of this product. Add to that those “externalities” associated with any pollution and contamination to our water, our air, clear cutting of forest for the paper to make the cigarettes, fossil fuel costs to manufacture and distribute these products. Add all of the personnel necessary to clean up cigarette butts from the road side or the suppression of wildfires created by the burning butt accidently landing on dry leaves, etc.

It should become rather apparent that the scope of “externalities” is awesome.

I was oblivious to the externalities which my construction activity unwittingly and unintentionally passed to others. For one example, as a result of excavation to build a road for drill rigs to be used to explore for uranium, our work was complete when the rig left the site and we moved on to the next one. Some externalities we passed on were the scarring of the environment, debris left along the path which impaired and/or altered the flow of surface water during rains, creating artificial water impoundments where none existed before and essentially altering the landscape solely for the pursuit of corporate profit not for the collective good. One can always argue uranium once found, extracted and processed fulfilled a collective social good, though I find that to be a far stretch at best. Another example, our construction and installation of regulatory approved and inspected residential and commercial wastewater treatment and effluent disposal systems along the banks of water bodies which are a source of potable water for citizens living down stream. What might be some of the externalities associated with this activity…?

 How about we do not require or authenticate that this system operates in compliance producing only the quality and quantity for which it is designed. This leads, perhaps unintentionally, to the sewage effluent discharges into receiving water bodies containing contaminants deleterious to both man and our environment.

 How about we do not have currently implemented any on-going routine governmental oversight respecting who operates this facility, how often anyone checks this system, whom is to be notified and when in the case of any emergency…? Again this leads, perhaps unintentionally, to the sewage effluent discharges into receiving water bodies containing contaminants deleterious to both man and our environment. Moreover, it reflects our collective choice NOT to hold anyone accountable and/or responsible for their action or lack thereof.

I was neither demon nor saint, merely unaware and unconscious, caught up in what society in that moment in time deemed environmentally acceptable.

There is a DVD … The Corporation … which I sincerely invite you to make the time to thoroughly watch including the attached interviews as it defines in very understandable terms some of the interconnected aspects associated with “externalities.” So it is today with all the externalities (costs) which we as a result of our unawareness and acculturated though our corporate sponsored and funded forms of public education, continuously allow business as well as individuals to pass on to unsuspecting and uninformed third parties. These externalities are in many respects like … “chickens coming home to roost” … as we continuously watch the unveiling of reputedly new links between water and the affects of residuals from chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals on your health and mine.

Let’s bring water back into our discussion. What about the externality of pharmaceuticals in our drinking water..? Pharmaceutical residuals in your water – fact, fiction, myth or mirage …? Before we can discuss whether pharmaceutical residuals in your water are good or bad, we need to attempt to reach some minimal agreement on our current collective definition of water…? I reiterate our collective understanding, awareness, perception and definition about – water is:

 that it is simply a chemical composition of – H2O
 that it is inexhaustible so use all you need or are entitled to
 it can and should be manipulated and made to perform any called upon physical and/or mechanical tasks for us
 it is an ingredient used in the life process
 it has no memory it is totally devoid of any such ability
 it does NOT respond to other forms of energy, i.e. light or sound
 it is and should always be considered commodity (private property) subject to the laws of commerce

Reflecting on our common definition of water it is understandable that when newly discovered and reported pharmaceutical residuals in our water are “linked” to some human health abnormality our collective initial response is disbelief, condemnation, denial, belittling and finger pointing. Being sufficiently “preconditioned” we return to the safety net provided as a result of our education received by corporate funds stipulating the inviolate truth of their “science.” Conveniently we allow detractors of this newly reported link to suggest the evidence offered “linking” pharmaceutical residuals to adverse human health to be deemed anecdotal and not in compliance to the rigors of scientific scrutiny to which their contradictory data is subjected. This attack is nothing more than “smoke and mirrors,” though it often serves to stop us dead in our tracks. The reality is most often the “science” to which they refer has been purchased from academia which they have funded and provided oversight. Now, how reliable do you honestly feel are the conclusions reached in their “scientific” study…?

Here are some facts about water and pharmaceutical residuals we might choose to ponder…? Currently, 2008, the overwhelming majority of all municipal water and wastewater treatment plants do not have the ability to detect let alone reduce the untold plethora of pharmaceutical residuals in the wastewater being treated to residual levels which will not induce any ill health effect on human kind, not to mention flora. Moreover, we have not defined what are acceptable pharmaceutical residuals levels in wastewater effluent…? Additionally, we have not listed or defined all the pharmaceutical residuals in our water and wastewater.

In America, we operate pursuant to the public policy theory that if we can not prove that a particular ingredient is without question harmful to human kind, we will permit it continue to be utilized in our food chain. This position is contrary to that espoused by the Europeans, and Canadians, for example, who error in favor of human kind disallowing those ingredients such as rBGH, the Monsanto, genetically altered hormone injected into milk cows, affecting untold tentacles of our food chain. This is yet another “externality” cost we have allowed corporate America, in this instance to pass forward to us while enhancing Monsanto’s bottom line solely at our collective expense.

There exists reams of data, opponents would say anecdotal, that pharmaceuticals residuals from estrogen, heart medication, HIV pharma, unused vaccines for treating staph, unused portions of cold medications, birth control bills, estrogen etc. find their way into our water and wastewater water bodies consequently resulting in quickly deforming the genetic properties of the fish, flora and fauna in the receiving water bodies. Shielded by the blanket providing cover that we can not absolutely and unequivocally prove that a particular ingredient is without question harmful to human kind, corporate business continue to pass this externality on to us and willingly we accept.

There is another perception for your consideration. An externality over which we can and should exercise immediate and direct accountability and responsibility is that associated with the sewage exiting our homes and businesses, as we do in fact have absolute control over it. Yes, there is absolutely no doubt to accept the direct accountability and responsibility associated with all sewage leaving our homes and businesses requires us to exercise an awareness and diligence, attributes we have been thoroughly educated not to assume but to leave to “others.” Well guess, what, surprise, surprise, you’re the – “others.” I did not say exercising accountability and responsibility over the sewage existing our homes and businesses was easy nor without potential pain. That’s one of those dilemmas associated with “externalities.”

At this point this externality seems to beg the question of whether I/you/me/us has any moral or ethical responsibility or mandate to address our impact in the long term cost for all of our individual choices in the moment…? This is an issue with which I invite each of us to grapple acknowledging before hand our inherent reluctance to honestly address any issue for which we have been educated to believe is beyond our control…? The salient question is, is it honestly beyond our individual control…?

In contemplating the “externalities” associated with our own choices surrounding what we permit to be disposed of down our sewer, the interconnectedness of earth’s ecosystem (biosphere) becomes apparent. If not, you’ll continue to utilize your sewer in much the same manner as you did previously, though at some subconscious level there will exist an uneasy gnawing, like an itch that won’t go away. An interesting psychological phenomena is once raised to an awareness level we can’t put the genie completely back into the bottle.

This is an initial exploration into the realm of “externalities.” You are extended an invitation for further exploration into the interconnectedness of earth’s ecosystem and our individual and collective impact upon it.

The impact of “externalities” that we have so efficiently and effectively help to create and sustain will not by the wave of some latent magic wand simply vanish into thin air. We are unquestioningly being called upon to address and equitably seek resolutions which benefit the whole of mankind and earth’s ecosystem.

drinking poop water again


For me it has never been an issue of whether we are drinking someone’s … “poop-water” … as that is a moot question.

The reality is the probability is the water you consume was at one time a form of someone else’s poop. Don’t like this idea, find it intolerable, then don’t drink any water … but then don’t eat any food either…!

Water inexplicably moves in a circle and in its evolution water becomes entrained with many different chemicals, substances, soils, atmospheres and other organisms. Poop is but one of those ingredients in which water come into contact with.

For me the issue is our unwillingness to address this question with full open honest disclosure. We veil – “poop-water-consumption” – with words like indirect potable reuse, just what the Hell is that…? We camouflage “poop-water-consumption” cloaking it with byzantine terminology suggesting as we push this liquid through 400-micromter strainers, following by ammonia to eliminate free chlorine, followed by microfiltration and an antiscalant, next come pH adjustment using sulfuric acid, then 20 micrometer cartridge filter a thin film composite polyamide RO… ad-nausea… Then water purveyors pump this liquid called – sewage effluent – into the ground where it mingles with other water from unknown sources and at a prescribed time removed and pumped to the ground to be treated as if it were crystal clear, pristine, unadulterated … Rocky Mountain Spring Water … then delivered to you to consume… HELLO …

Water purveyors, whether government or privately owned, managed and operated steadfastly refuse to lay bare all the ingredients in the water they pronounce to you is SAFE. You are obliged to accept under the current – “rules of the game” – to accept they are telling you the truth. The operative words are … they declare, they pronounce … The reality is of the more than 120,000 different man made chemicals in our environment water purveyors test for a mere handful. And even then for the vast majority there is no established residual threshold which if crossed will have a deleterious affect on man, plant or animals. It reminds me of that remark which became a joke … “I’m from the government, I’m here to help you” … yea, right…?

At issue is our collective refusal to address the myriad of issues associated with consuming untested poop water…? Why is it we reject the idea of conducting all discussions about OUR water exclusively in an environment where full open honest disclosure prevails…? What are we afraid will be revealed…?

I have no doubt conversations and discussion in such an environment would reveal solutions to bedeviling and perplexing questions respecting how “we” clean up water which most governments and their private sector companions do not want revealed. Why …? Because in many cases the solutions would be FREE and we just can’t have that. Make no mistake, today government and business are joined at the hip and a perpetual revolving door exists between them. The regulator on Monday, can easily become the private sector engineer on Friday and vise-versa, there is no clean clear line of separation.

Let’s stop the dancing and wordsmith games and lay out what we know and what we don’t know before all the people, get their input, ask for their assistance and be totally shocked at the solutions they offer and the wisdom in them.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – —
… “they must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority” … G. Massey, Egyptologist

…“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world…indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” … Margaret Mead

… People should never be afraid of their government, government should always be afraid of the people …

I extend an invitation to you to take whatever action of which you are capable to assist in obtaining and enforcing on a world wide basis that … “Everyone has the right to clean and accessible water, adequate for the health and well-being of the individual and family, and no one shall be deprived of such access or quality of water due to individual economic circumstances” …
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Website address for Paul F. Miller’s blog ….

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue before any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted.

Respectfully submitted,



The fact I find humor in it speaks volumes on the degree to which I have bought into this most bizarre of economic times.

There is something inherently wrong when “we” rally to keep alive any industry be it auto – banking – insurance – real estate – home building – merchandising – SOLELY because someone sanctioned it as too big to allow to die …

Is this NOT rewarding something or someone simply because they achieved a gargantum size “we” are told to be somehow fearful were it allowed to simply meet its demise. This is purely rewarding incompetence, is that what we truly want to do…?

Unquestioningly “we” – that’s you and me – allowed a whole lot of mistakes to be made in our name. Why then would we choose to allow a compilation of similar mistakes to continue to be made in our name…? When is enough, enough…?

The joke is NO longer on us, WE are the joke….

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – —
… “they must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority” … G. Massey, Egyptologist

…“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world…indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” … Margaret Mead

… People should never be afraid of their government, government should always be afraid of the people …

I extend an invitation to you to take whatever action of which you are capable to assist in obtaining and enforcing on a world wide basis that … “Everyone has the right to clean and accessible water, adequate for the health and well-being of the individual and family, and no one shall be deprived of such access or quality of water due to individual economic circumstances” …
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Website address for Paul F. Miller’s blog ….

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue before any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted.

Respectfully submitted,