A Perspective … Are you aware of what is not disclosed nor made transparent…?

Are we supposed to find this the least bit surprising …?

Oil and Gas Industry Opposes Expansive Study to Be Done By EPA on Hydraulic Fracturing … It seems fitting that the industry would be concerned by what the EPA may find in regards to the safety of drinking water. … April 8, 2010 … ProPublica … By Abrahm Lustgarten

… A federal study of hydraulic fracturing set to begin this spring is expected to provide the most expansive look yet at how the natural gas drilling process can affect drinking water supplies, according to interviews with EPA officials and a set of documents outlining the scope of the project. The research will take a substantial step beyond previous studies and focus on how a broad range of ancillary activity – not just the act of injecting fluids under pressure – may affect drinking water quality.

The oil and gas industry strongly opposes this new approach. The agency’s intended research “goes well beyond relationships between hydraulic fracturing and drinking water,” said Lee Fuller, vice president of government affairs for the Independent Petroleum Association of America in comments (PDF) he submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency.

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