American history is replete with numerous examples where our word given or written on a piece of paper is meaningless, worthless, void, invalid, forget it … So why should it concern us if covenants in the Compact of the River cheat Mexico…?

Colorado River documented for National Geographic … July 31, 2010 9:15 PM … BY CHRIS McDANIEL – SUN STAFF WRITER

An independent film crew working in tandem with National Geographic is in the Yuma area this week to document the Colorado River for a series of internet videos concerning water in North America.

The group, Expedition Blue Planet North America, recently met with Cocopah tribal member Colin Soto to discuss the river and how it dries up near the American border with Mexico.

“It was Colin himself who was recommended to us because he is a man who when he was a boy, part of becoming a man was to swim the river, and that is the same river now where he took us today that no longer flows,” expedition film director Ben Pederick told the Yuma Sun during a phone interview.

“It has gone from a huge wetlands to a very heavily patrolled and dusty riverbed. So Colin is a witness of the Colorado story.” The expedition began in early July at the headways of the Colorado River in Colorado.

“We are making short six-minute films for the internet,” Pederick said. “They will be screened through our own website and through the National Geographic website and also shared freely.”

The host, Alexandra Cousteau, and her team are currently on a 14,500-mile journey across North America to investigate water issues in the United States.

“We have revamped it and repainted it with our own Blue Legacy skin,” Pederick said. The crew is currently documenting the over-allocation of water in the Colorado River. “The Colorado River is a river that dries up in the sand and has had its waters turned to other purposes,” Pederick said. “Just over the border you can find a place where the Colorado River no longer flows. We’ve come here because that is a pretty amazing story. It’s not a happy story but I think a story which is not a dead end.

“From talking to a lot of the people, there are solutions that can find a balance between nature and still meet the needs of cities and farms, so there is a way forward, definitely.”

The intention of the film crew is to spark awareness about how water is used in the United States, Pederick said. “We make those films and then they are literally shared freely on the internet. Anyone can grab them and put them on their website. We really want to build a conversation around these topics and really include people in the story of water, because it really is everybody’s story.

“What we are hoping is that the films we make can stimulate conversations around the coffee table or watercooler. The Colorado River is obviously really important to the identity and also to the existence of the West and is a river that is under a great deal of duress right now, so there is going to be a point where people are going to need to get together (and plan for the river’s future).”

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Hey as long as “we” get our share … who really cares what happens to anyone else … get over it … water only a commodity in America … for sale and kept according to the survival of the fittest…

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