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5 Fish You Should Eat More Of/strong>

By Casson Trenor, AlterNet … Posted on December 8, 2010, Printed on December 8, 2010 … Read complete article …

Our oceans are in a perilous state. Rampant abuse and rapacity has led us down a dangerous path; stories of overfishing, toxic contamination, and ocean acidification put consumers in a state of confusion and fear at the seafood counter. Luckily, all is not lost — by making informed choices, we can enjoy healthy, delicious seafood while supporting fishermen that are doing their utmost to work in harmony with the planet. Here are five examples of sustainable, restorative seafood options that merit our support:

1. Sardines

First of all, I’m not talking about the unidentifiable, semi-fossilized fish paste that you find covered in oil or mustard sauce when you open up a sardine tin — fresh sardines are a totally different animal. They are inexpensive, delectable indulgences that carry fabulous flavors, perform marvelously on a grill, and are used by top-level sushi chefs to make mouth-watering nigiri and sashimi dishes. Even better, these tiny delights are packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids while their short lifecycle keeps them relatively mercury-free. Unfortunately, we’re using them in the worst possible way.

There’s no excuse for the way we’re treating our amazing sardine resource in this country. The vast majority of our sardines are sold to foreign bluefin tuna ranches, where they are used to fatten up juveniles that have been purloined from wild stocks. This is a problem on many levels: bluefin tuna are severely endangered, have little Omega-3 content, can be extremely high in mercury, and are exorbitantly expensive. We’re using our sardines — healthy, delicious fish that most Americans can afford — to fuel a foreign industry that is harming the ocean in order to create a luxury good with dubious health benefits that is only available to the very wealthy.

Buying sardines from your local fish market helps to create a reward system for sardine fishermen. If the demand for these fish in the US marketplace continues to grow, our fishermen won’t need to sell their entire catch (at a ridiculously low price, I might add) to a foreign bluefin ranch.

2. Wild SalmoN

There are four reasons to eat wild Alaskan salmon. One — it tastes fantastic. Two — it’s a high-Omega-3, low-mercury fish. Three — it’s a relatively sustainable industry that merits our support. And four — the alternative, conventional farmed salmon, sucks.

Farmed salmon tends to be raised in the open-net pens situated in sheltered bays and coves. There are no controls to mitigate the flow of ocean water in and out of these pens.

As such, there are tremendous problems with the transmission of diseases, parasites, genetic material, and waste from these pens to the ecosystems around them. Links between salmon farms and the degradation of wild salmon populations in places like Canada and Norway are well-established.
Also, the salmon farming industry has a real problem with antibiotic abuse.

Chile, once the world’s largest producer of farmed salmon, was using antibiotics at levels 300 to 400 times prescription levels. And what happens to these fish that are quite literally stuffed to the gills with antibiotics? Well… we eat them.

Wild Alaskan salmon provides a delicious alternative to all this nonsense. Thanks to progressive fishery management, we have access to a domestic product that is comparatively sustainable and healthy. To make matters even better, recent marketing efforts for previously underappreciated species like keta (chum) and sockeye have helped to make wild Alaskan salmon available at price points that are competitive with farmed products.

4. Dungeness Crab

For shellfish lovers, it is difficult to find a better option than Dungeness crab. These fisheries are extremely well-managed and have been so for decades. The crabs are caught in non-lethal traps which keep bycatch at negligible levels and allow female and juvenile crabs to be returned unharmed to the seabed.
This process, whereby only mature males are taken, helps to keep Dungeness crab populations resilient and robust.

Additionally, the number of crabs that can be landed during a given season is carefully measured and kept to levels that will keep populations thriving.

With such precise targeting on top of strong science-based quotas, our Dungeness crab fisheries provide excellent examples of progressive resource management.

And the kicker? Dungeness crab is among the best-tasting shellfish in the world. Grab a cracker and go to town.

4. Farmed Mussels

I personally believe that the often-quoted adage “farmed fish is bad” is a myth. Fish farming is a tool, and as with any tool, it can be applied in both constructive and destructive ways.

While many types of aquaculture are detrimental to the health of our oceans — bluefin ranches and conventional shrimp farms come immediately to mind — other types can be relatively benign, and may even have positive effects on their local ecosystems.

One of the best examples of this latter type of aquaculture is mussel farming.

Farmed mussels are raised on ropes or in bags and cages that have no contact with the seabed, so there is no impact to the benthos (seafloor ecosystem) when they are harvested.

Also, as filter feeders, mussels don’t require any feed; they simply strain nutrients from the waters around them. Some have even made the assertion that this de-nutrification process actually helps to restore ocean health by cleaning the water to a degree.

I think the jury’s still out on this claim, but there’s no doubt that mussel farming is a much better way to cultivate ocean protein than many other aquaculture systems.

5. Pole-caught Skipjack Tuna
Canned tuna is a hugely popular seafood item, and also a tremendous problem. The species that’s most often used for this purpose is a small, quickly growing tuna species called skipjack.

Due to its physiology and life history, skipjack has the potential to be a strong sustainable seafood option; unfortunately, the tuna industry that feed our appetite for ersatz, steam-cooked tuna meat is wreaking havoc on our oceans.

Skipjack boats generally fish with purse seine nets and fish aggregating devices (free-floating rafts that attract many different types of fish), also known as FADs.

The use of FADs ensures that these boats take far more creatures than just mature skipjack — billfish, sharks, juvenile bigeye and yellowfin tunas, and even turtles are attracted by the FADs and subsequently ensnared by the seine nets.

Our appetite for cheap tuna is wiping out any number of other species, merely because they happen to by in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Thankfully, a new industry is beginning to develop — skipjack tuna caught on a pole-and-line. It’s the same fish, but the use of a pole rather than a FAD and purse seine allows fishermen to be much more precise about what they do and do not catch.

Next time you’re shopping for canned tuna, look for the words “pole caught” on the can to support companies that are trying to do right by our oceans.

It’s gota be the dry heat …

A Perspective … in the end it’s all about disclosure & transparency

News Link • Police State

The Stasi Comes to Wal-Mart

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s PSA on behalf of Wal-Mart.

WOW … and to think at one time she was Governor of Arizona …

It’s gota be the dry heat …


A Perspective … in the end it’s all about disclosure & transparency


For starters, Sesame Street is now launching its “superfood muppets.

What’s so strange about superfood muppets?

    Well, for starters, they’re funded in part by Merck.

    Yep, the drug company (or at least its non-profit org).

Secondly, one of the superfood muppets is a block of cheese.

Indeed… Sesame Street thinks “cheese” is a superfood.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Don’t let your kids watch Sesame Street.

Read the full story here:

While FoxyNews diverts our attention …

A Perspective … in the end it’s all about disclosure & transparency

While FoxyNews diverts our attention … we allow BP to destroy our single shared bio-sphere …

80-square mile kill zone Gulf of Mexico – “It looks like everything’s dead”


Video of the Gulf floor covered in oil, and no life in sight.

I’m willing to make “book” … (hello Las Vegas)

A Perspective … in the end it’s all about disclosure & transparency

    I’m willing to make “book” … (hello Las Vegas) … our US Corporate Supreme Court … rule$ in favor of the power utility companies …

    Anyone want to bet against me …

    I didn’t think so …

Supreme Court takes global warming case that targets power companies

12-06-2010 •

A global warming lawsuit aiming to force power companies to curtail carbon emissions will come before the Supreme Court next year.

The suit asks for a judicial order to that effect, but would such a move usurp role of other government branches?

Isn’t there something just a bit out of sync with this picture… ??

A Perspective … in the end it’s all about disclosure & transparency

Isn’t there something just a bit out of sync with this picture… ??

Top 1% has it all – the rest of us fight over pennies..

Meria Heller … Date: 12-03-2010
Subject: Congress …

Wikileaks or not, truth, distraction or propaganda matters not. It’s all distraction from illegal wars and the crumbling of the ENTIRE world’s economy.

The class warfare that has existed worldwide for decades (ok, centuries) is finally breaking out into the open. Italy, UK, France, Spain, Iceland, Scotland (must I go on?) are waking up to the ugly truth – we’ve all been had! Protests abound,new governments are being formed, new Constitutions too. Alas, but not for slumbering America.

We are still watching Dancing With the Stars, and enjoying the celebritizaton of the worse among us (more distraction).

We have people who are dying for lack of medical insurance, medical care, food, shelter and education in the “richest” country on Earth. We’ve suffered stolen elections, false flags, the Patriot Act, loss of freedoms and rights, tasers, backscatters and now strip searches at airports (for starters).

Millions homeless. Millions starving. Millions suffering. Millions have lost their homes and savings due to the criminals in suits.

The Reptiles at the top – the Rothschild/Rockefeller (Bauer & Rockenfelder originally) banking cartel. They have moved from problem-reaction-solution to no-problem-reaction-solution.

They are laughing all the way to the bank as our country and it’s treasure is destroyed forever.

Support the troops who live homeless in America upon their return. Support the troops who wait a minimum of six months for treatment after their return from corporate wars.

I saw the video of two “security” guards at McCarran Airport beat and taser an Iraqi War Veteran..!

    Punishment he did not suffer at the hands of the “enemy”. The enemy is “us”. At no time has an American been a threat to an airline or skyscraper. Yet, all of America lines up for the police state and harassment posing as “safety measures”. The only people they are keeping safe is themselves from us.

They surely must know that America WILL indeed awaken eventually and their asses will be the proverbial “grass”.

One half of Congress are millionaires, new “installs” join the Millionaires Club in January. This people are supposed to represent us but couldn’t relate to our lives if they had to.

    True taxation without representation. When the majority of wealth is in the hands of the top 1% the rest of us, the people who make up America have to survive on their 20% of the crumbs left over.

Unemployment is well over 23% although they say it’s 9.8%. If you don’t know that you haven’t been listening to my show. The austerity in Europe will be here in 2011. If that’s okay with you, stop reading this right now.

Watch and listen to Independent Bernie Sanders on this:

There is a new vibration on Planet Earth – it’s one of truth, justice and love. It cannot be stopped. More and more people will rise up. More and more military persons will drop their weapons.

No matter what the controllers do or build to protect themselves they will fail. The numbers will just be overwhelming.

Where do you stand? It’s time to take a stand for real truth, justice and the Ameri-CAN way. We can change this country, world and planet. It will call for solidarity will all the downtrodden. If you don’t think you are downtrodden, you haven’t lost enough yet. Unless you are in the caste system known as the top 1%, you are disposable to them.

Turn off the corporate control media – support this site and show.

Take your money out of the multi-national money laundering, drug laundering banks while you still can. Vote with your fork and your dollar.

Buy local. Starve a corporation and feed liberty! One day in the not too distant future, your heirs will ask you “what did you do when all this was happening”?

How will you respond? Will you say you watched tv and rooted for the best dancer? Will you say “I did everything I possibly could without thought to what the cost to myself would be”.

When the sleeping giant awakens there will be no place for the criminals in suits to hide.

    Nor for their nazi armies, police forces, security people who use the same tired line as the Nazi’s did “I was only following orders”

They will be following their higher ups into a hell of their own creation. Heaven or hell? You choose.

At one time it was called FREEDOM OF SPEECH … FREEDOM OF THE PRESS …

A Perspective … in the end it’s all about disclosure & transparency

    At one time it was called FREEDOM OF SPEECH … FREEDOM OF THE PRESS … today the corporatists awkwardly call it … treason …
    Like the late Thomas Paine … give me liberty or give me death …
    Our American government is

WikiLeaks stirs debate on info revolution
By Peter Apps … Political Risk Correspondent …LONDON | Mon Dec 6, 2010 10:50am EST … Read complete article …

LONDON (Reuters) – Heroes to some, villains to others, WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange highlight divisions over data security and show the tech-fueled information revolution is outpacing debate over its use.

An apparent campaign by the United States to lock down the WikiLeaks website sits awkwardly with its rhetoric on free speech.

    It comes only months after the State Department criticized Gulf states for threatening to block Blackberry smart phones over access to encrypted messages.

The fact that some 250,000 classified U.S. diplomatic cables — as well as almost the entire military logs of the Iraqi and Afghan wars — could be downloaded and leaked has sent shock waves around all those with sensitive data.

The website has since found itself shut down after apparent political pressure on service providers, although mirror sites in several European countries mean the data so far released remains readily available. Social networking sites such as Twitter swiftly pointed users to the new sites.

Around the world, opinion is increasingly polarized.
“There’s always been a divide between those who want the Internet to be open and free and those who view that as a risk, who want information to be protected and controlled,” said Jonathan Wood, global issues analyst at Control Risks. “This obviously highlights those divisions.”

Opinions look to be becoming polarized further. Officials and security experts expressed outrage on Monday after WikiLeaks released a list of facilities around the world deemed essential by the U.S., saying it heightened the risks of militant attack.

Meanwhile, viral emails and websites supporting Assange called on Internet users around the world to fight censorship by disseminating cables as far and wide as possible and boycotting sites such as Amazon and PayPal that had moved to obstruct him.

“The first infowar is now engaged,” said one.