We have to find our voice … as only “we” can stop GMO proliferation of our food …

A Perspective … in the end it’s all about disclosure & transparency

    What part of Congress and their corporate owners … “big” AG and “big” pharma … ain’t going to STOP … GMO contamination of organic crops

    And in fact will enact laws … rules … making the Organics accountable and liable to the Mon$anto’s of the world …

    We have to find our voice … as only “we” can stop GMO proliferation of our food …

      Stop GMO Contamination of Organic!
      So far, 29,210 OCA activists have written Obama’s USDA, urging Secretary Vilsack to give up his idea of “coexistence” between GMOs and organic.

      “Coexistence” will inevitably lead to GMOs contaminating organic crops and destroying the organic seed supply. Instead, Vilsack should:

      o Block Monsanto’s new GM alfalfa and any other GM crop that isn’t fully safety-tested

      o Implement a strict-liability, polluter-pays rule that holds Monsanto responsible for the harms their GM crops and herbicides cause farmers, farm workers, the environment and consumers

      o Require all Frankenfoods tainted with Monsanto’s GMOs and chemicals to be labeled.

        Please write to the USDA to tell them what you think of their new Environmental Impact Statement on GM alfalfa before the comment period ends on January 23, 2011.


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