… SB1070 … point of pride for Arizona…? … I invite you to peruse the video below it just might cause us to ask why…?

Immigrants For Sale

Immigrants are for sale in this country. Sold to private prison corporations who are locking them up for obscene profits!

Here are the top 3 things YOU need to know about the Private Prison money scheme:

  1. The victims: Private prisons don’t care about who they lock up. At a rate of $200 per immigrant a night at their prisons, this is a money making scheme that destroys families and lives.


  1. The players: CCA (Corrections Corporation of America), The Geo Group and Management and Training corporations—combined these private prisons currently profit more than $5 billion a year. MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR TO PEARCE AND BREWER CAMPAIGN$


  1. The money: These private prisons have spent over $20 million lobbying state legislators to make sure they get state anti-immigrant laws approved and ensure access to more immigrant inmates.

How is all this possible? They profit from locking people up.

Texas House approves fracking disclosure bill

… Call me “doubting-thomas” .. I’ll believe it only when I see the final approved sign disclosure bill …

Texas House approves fracking disclosure bill




While witnesses from Texas testified in Washington against a federal study of the method central to unlocking oil and gas from shale formations, the Texas House passed a bill that would require producers to disclose chemicals used in the process.

The seemingly contrasting events in Austin and Washington, both led by Republican lawmakers, illustrate the complexity of the debate over the process called hydraulic fracturing, often called fracking.

It has contributed to a boom in natural gas exploration and production, bringing new prosperity to oil patch communities that had been in decline, but also has prompted worries that extracting the fuel can contaminate water supplies.

“Although there have been no cases of the process contaminating groundwater in Texas, the people say they want to know the contents of the fluid used in the process,” the state bill’s sponsor, Rep. Jim Keffer, R-Granbury, told the Associated Press.

He chairs the House Energy Resources Committee, where the bill was approved after an amendment limited the amount of information that companies would have to disclose.

In the original bill, drillers would have had to list on a public website all chemicals by volume and concentration. Luke Metzger, director of Environment Texas, said the revision would require disclosing only chemicals that federal officials list as hazardous.

… She’s right … it’s all about LOVE …

…She’s right … it’s all about LOVE …

Holistic Nutrition and the Art of Health


Timothea Stewart … Nutritionist, Institute for Integrative Nutrition  Posted: 05/12/11 07:53 AM ET


I was recently in Paris and saw the spectacular Claude Monet Exhibition at the Grand Palais. This Retrospective of Monet’s work filled room after room with light-filled paintings that covered a major part of Monet’s life and evolution. 

I was struck by the experience of the richness of his journey. Each room introduced me to another facet of Monet’s glimmering art, his history, his choices, his greatness and his humanness. I left the exhibition with a fuller sense of who Monet was as an artist and a heightened appreciation of his immense talent and humanity. 

The richness that I received from getting the bigger picture of Monet’s life is what I experienced as I went through each room of the Holistic Integrative Nutrition and Health Counseling program offered by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Instead of seeing merely one painting or one room of paintings, I was being exposed to a whole living museum of the art of health. 

So not only is there a room of over 100 various diets based on bio-individuality, but there’s a room filled with looking at relationships, another room for exercise, another for doing what you love in your career or life and still another room for the inner person/spirituality. The whole person is nurtured in this school. I consider that to have a truly healthy and fulfilling life, it’s about more than the right diet or nutrition program. Health and well being have many colors in the palette that make the art work that is YOU–as a healthy, vital being. And the trick is finding the color tones that are honed to your body and make-up. 

What serendipity to discover a school that recognizes the whole person. What a rarity in education! Joshua Rosenthal founded the Institute and developed this enlightened approach to Holistic Nutrition and the multileveled aspects of health and well-being. He ,created an educational art form where you learn how to draw on your intuitive knowing and learn simple, yet profound practical concepts that can have a huge impact on your and other people’s health and healing.

Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. and Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D., distinguished doctors, authors and lecturers at Institute of Integrative Nutrition and worldwide, said in slightly different ways, that the greatest tool in their arsenals is the food we eat and the lifestyle we live. With a palette of colors of the rainbow of our food, we can paint ourselves healthy. We just have to pick up the paintbrush and experiment with mixing colors–you can feel the benefits of learning how an array of colorful whole, unprocessed foods can give the needed nutrients so many of us are lacking. You can also learn the art of how to revitalize your body and more easily avoid or deal with stress through meditation and exercise. A personal health coach/counselor can give you support on an ongoing basis while you are developing a more balanced, energized, colorful life and enriched relationships.

Personally, during this year of exploring further my own bio-individuality, I lost those few extra pounds around the middle that I couldn’t seem to budge try as I may. Also, I’d say my vitality increased by at least 25 percent and my immune system improved greatly. My portrait became more colorful, vibrant and relaxed.

I’d love to see your portrait, knowing it can transform before your very eyes. One of my greatest joys is to support you in creating your masterpiece.

I’ll close with a quote that came my way recently:

"In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love."

–Marc Chagall



… Forget party … (R) – (D) – color – sex – religion … what don’t you get … Congre$$ is OWNED …

… Forget party … (R) – (D) – color – sex – religion … what don’t you get … Congre$$ is OWNED …

clip_image001WASHINGTON — The Democratic attempt to take on the major oil companies is being challenged from within, with representatives of producing states rushing to the defense of the dirty-energy industry, complicating the plan to present a stark contrast between the two parties.

Democratic Sens. Mark Begich and Mary Landrieu, who represent Alaska and Louisiana, respectively, each took to the Senate floor Wednesday to decry their party’s attempt to strip tax breaks from the top oil companies.

Landrieu bemoaned the "inherent unfairness" of closing the tax loophole, insisting that doing so "will not reduce gasoline prices by one penny.”

Begich chided the party for putting message over substance. "It is a gimmick, a gimmick to get the next week of activity, and get some press out there,” he said. “Picking on one industry because it sounds good, rates good in the polls, gets you a couple of headlines is not what the American people want us to do here. If anything, they’re getting fed up with that. … Let’s stop the headline-grabbing and get serious about the energy security."

The infighting couldn’t come at a worse time for Democratic leaders. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), is reportedly "leaning towards" voting to strip the tax breaks, citing "record profits" that come from the companies’ "tax advantage," according to atweet from CNN’s Ted Barrett.



Monsanto Buy Out Public Radio…!

… Let’s get real … we elected a US Congre$$ & $enate which is owned by America’s Mon$anto’s who in turn gave us a US $upreme Court the Mon$anto’s also own … this request is a bit like asking us to shut the door after the horse is already out of the barn…!

Don’t Let Monsanto Buy Out Public Radio…!

If you listen to NPR, you might have been surprised to hear a story that ran last week on the program Marketplace that sounded as if it were written by Monsanto itself.

The report, entitled "The Non-Organic Future," claimed that the only way to feed the world is to give poor farmers fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified seeds.

Pedro Sanchez, a proponent of industrial agriculture who works as a soil scientist at Columbia University, is the mouthpiece for the absurd proposition that soil is "like a bank account, you’ve got to have a positive balance, and if you deposit only organics, you’re going to go broke."

In a comment posted at Marketplace’s website, Anna Lappé, author of Diet for a Hot Planet, pointed to a gaping hole in their reporting: the failure to acknowledge the 2009 International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science, and Technology for Development (IAASTD) Report, a joint project of the U.N. and the World Bank, among other agencies. Here’s Anna’s apt description of the report:

"The groundbreaking study brought together 400 experts who worked for 4.5 years to explore the most efficient, productive, and sustainable strategy for feeding the world. The conclusion – quite the opposite of the one reached by those quoted in this segment – stated in no uncertain terms that we must move away from chemical- and fossil[-fuel]-dependent agriculture, which by the way includes biotech.

"Business as usual is not an option, was the radical consensus. Instead, small-scale and mid-scale agroecological farming holds our best hope for feeding the world safe, healthy food, all without undermining our natural capital."

As the IAASTD report shows, Sanchez’s view is hardly the only or even the dominant view among development experts about how to "feed the world." Indeed, if there is a consensus, Sanchez’s views are in the minority.

Listeners might chalk the whole thing up to sloppy reporting, if it weren’t for the fact that over the last couple of years, Marketplace has been underwritten by Monsanto, and the program’s been running ads that tout Monsanto as a sustainable agriculture innovator! Rather than being sloppy, it turns out that the reporting is actually a carefully constructed thank-you gift for a prized advertiser!

If you find this type of corporate influence and media bias unacceptable, please ask American Public Media, producers of Marketplace, to stop spreading Monsanto’s lies.



The Audacity

… Hey major “ag” school academia salivate over America’s food production and our ability to “feed” the world … as Mon$anto & Friend$ laugh all the way to their bank$ …

The Audacity of Genetically Modified Foods

"Does it bother you that we consumers are largely unaware that 70 percent to 80 percent of the [non-organic] processed foods we buy contain GM ingredients? We are ‘largely unaware’ because these foods are not labeled – even though 90 percent of Americans want them labeled and think that we have the right to know what is in our food. The biotech industry fights labeling viciously because they know that, if GM foods were labeled, many would refuse to buy them as is the case in Europe."

– "The Audacity of Genetically Modified Foods," Bruce Robinson, May 8, 2011


Balanced budget … where did you learn accounting … from Enron…?


clip_image002… I would appreciate it if Rep. Lesko (R) Az House Majority whip would explain how the Democrat representatives in our State Legislature are judged as failing on the state budget when for the past ten plus years the Republican/GOP/Tea Party has controlled our State Legislature…?

My quarrel with the Democrats in this session is they were closed-mouth and chicken-shit … do not make waves… ! !

Balanced budget … where did you learn accounting … from Enron…?