… Nana, nana, nana and you can’t make me …

… Nana, nana, nana and you can’t make me …

Air Force yet to decide on dioxane cleanup


The Air Force says it isn’t ready to accept responsibility for paying to remove 1,4-dioxane from the south side’s underground aquifer.


The Air Force’s statement came in response to comments from Tucson officials last week that they want the Air Force to pay to build and operate a treatment plant to remove the chemical, a carcinogen. The city announced plans to pay $10 million to build the plant, get it online by 2013 and seek reimbursement from the Air Force.


Tucson Water officials said they believe the Air Force should pay because much of this pollution came from Air Force contractors.


But Friday, the Air Force countered, "The source and responsibility for the cleanup is still being investigated. Once all studies are complete, EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency) will determine the appropriate response action. Since the investigations are ongoing, it is premature to assign responsibility to any party."


In a statement released later Friday, an EPA spokeswoman said, "EPA understands the Air Force’s position to be generally correct. It is too early to establish responsibility with ultimate certainty as this is an ongoing investigation."


Shortly after dioxane was first discovered at the TCE Superfund cleanup site back in 2002, an investigation demonstrated that the Air Force was the significant source of the chemical, EPA said. But since then, the Air Force has been conducting a further investigation – a kind that often takes three to five years – to determine the health risk from the compound, and evaluate pollution- cleanup methods, EPA’s statement said.


The Air Force also said last week that EPA, the Air Force and the State Department of Environmental Quality are close to signing a Federal Facilities Agreement over the dioxane pollution. The agreement would set up a timetable for developing, putting into effect and monitoring cleanup actions and other responses to the contamination. It would not settle who pays for the cleanup.


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GREEN … Jeff Flake is NOT …


… Were Jeff Flake to become Arizona’s newest US Senator … know he is already owned by the mine$ … so ki$$ your Grand Canyon ban on mining good-bye … 

Jeff Flake wants to be Arizona’s Next U.S. Senator

Boosted by conservative activists who admire his ferocity on spending issues, Flake won a seat this year on the prestigious Appropriations Committee. In addition, Flake recently announced his candidacy to succeed Sen. Jon Kyl, who is retiring.


Congress steps into uranium mine fracas …  Requirement in appropriations bill rider would likely stymie land withdrawal  …. Kingman Daily Miner… Suzanne Adams    http://www.kingmandailyminer.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=797&ArticleID=45609&TM=36776.52



meet behind closed doors to discuss “pot” …

… You just gotta love it when government regulators meet behind closed doors to discuss “pot” …

Corp Commission to talk about pot found in the bathroom

clip_image002By Dennis Welch …The Arizona Guardian

Arizona corporation commissioners will hold a special closed-door meeting Tuesday to talk about the suspected marijuana recently found in a private bathroom reserved for the utility regulators and their staff.

Commissioner Gary Pierce says he and his colleagues will meet about 10 a.m. to go over the police report and determine how they will move forward. Pierce says he’ll ask some pointed questions and wants to make sure this doesn’t happen, again.

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… Make$ for intere$ting headline$ … but … until “we” (that’s you and me) choose to demand action from corporate owned EPA instead of rhetoric nothing will change … a difficult challenge as we have allowed them to believe we are impotent … are we …?

Under fire EPA hits back with stringent air pollution rules…Business Green…http://www.businessgreen.com/bg/news/2092597/epa-hits-stringent-air-pollution-rules


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