NO right to know


… What don’t you understand … corporate says you have NO right to disclosure … NO right to know how they are killing you …


EPA Refuses to Study Risks of Coal Ash Uses it Endorses

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“King” Pearce…?

… Another opportunity for “King” Pearce to see if he can influence Arizona’s judicial system …


By Dennis Welch    The Arizona Guardian

Backers of Senate President Russell Pearce on Monday filed a lawsuit asking the court to stop a Nov. 8 recall election against him.

In the legal document filed with the Maricopa County Superior Court, Pearce’s supporters say there shouldn’t be an election because there were not enough valid signatures collected.

The move prompted Pearce’s opponents to describe him as running scared.

Randy Parraz, who was the leader of the Citizens or a Better Arizona that lead the recall drive said, "I wonder whatever happened to the boastful Mr. Pearce who used to brag about his 16-0 record."

"It’s clear now that the only way Mr. Pearce thinks he can maintain his seat is to make sure an election doesn’t move forward," Parraz said.

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… Just what part of PUBLIC SERVANT don’t you understand Senator Nelson … ?

By Dennis Welch …The Arizona Guardian

When it comes to pushing back against the Fiesta Bowl apparently Sen. John Nelson has no friends at the state Capitol.

Last week the Republican lawmaker tried rounding up political gang to fight the bowl’s demands they repay past expenses for free trips and game tickets.

He’d written a letter that he plans on sending to the bowl’s attorneys this week saying he and other lawmakers don’t have to repay the money. But when he asked other elected officials to support him, he found that there were none.

Nelson said it’s "frustrating" that none of the 30 Senators he sent a copy to were willing to sign. But he added, "politics is an interesting arena."

Most of the senators, Nelson said, told him that their attorneys advised them not to sign the letter. Nelson says he doesn’t known exactly why their lawyers were leery of them signing.

Despite the lack of support, Nelson said Monday that he’s sending to the document bowl’s attorneys anyway.

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clip_image002 Reuters – America’s leading mortgage lenders vowed in March to end the dubious foreclosure practices that caused a bruising scandal last year.

But a Reuters investigation finds that many are still taking the same shortcuts they promised to shun, from sketchy paperwork to the use of "robo-signers."


… And for that you lose your home … your credit … and maybe go to prison … while corporate America thrive$ …

“original intent”


… Come on …the “original intent” of any REDISTRICTING is to make damn sure my man get re-elected … Next question …?

…"Original Intent" of the Arizona

Independent Redistricting Commission…

Posted by AzBlueMeanie…

Constitutional Conservatives like to say they look to the original intent of a constitutional provision (yes, I know they are full of it). Prop. 106 creating the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission was overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2000. The persons behind this proposition are all still with us and thus the "original intent" of the proposition is easily discernible — just ask them. Duh!

The Arizona Republic today published a guest opinion by Ann Eschinger, who was president of the League of Women Voters of Arizona, Bart Turner who was executive director of the Valley Citizens League, and Dennis Michael Burke who was executive director of Common Cause of Arizona.Eschinger, Turner and Burke: Arizona redistricting is balance in goals (excerpt):

As the co-chairs of the initiative’s drafting committee back in 2000, the three of us knew that some of our language would always have to be interpreted afresh to keep pace with a changing Arizona. But we would like to briefly describe our original intent — and we believe the voters’ intent — in two important areas:

Our Arizona Constitution now calls for political lines to respect "communities of interest." We were thinking this: A river or a highway might make a very handy political boundary, but if a jog this way or that would keep a historic district, a retirement community, a town or a Native American nation intact, the line should move if possible.


…If this video does not tug at your heart strings you are just not human…

…If this video does not tug at your heart strings you are just not human…

Michael Fishbach narrates his encounter with a humpback whale entangled in a fishing net.


This story has one of the happiest endings I’ve ever seen!






More importantly on this scale… where are you …?


For significant portions, if not for our entire life, beginning at infancy and continuing virtually uninterrupted through college in many cases and into our employment field pursued in many cases even while practicing our religion … we have been asked, cajoled, coaxed by words and actions of others to submit … allowed to be boxed and fenced into situations designed to restrict, inhibit, precluding us from proclaiming and exercising our curiosity.  

Any society wherein curiosity is permitted even encouraged is “messy” making the American preference for top down command and control unsustainable.

But messy is not permitted in any top down command and control as those displaying contrary tendencies will find such inclinations are removed, eviscerated from us early in our infancy with undiminished support throughout all aspects of formal education.   Moreover, most of our current religions are built on this same top down command and control model, varying only in degrees across the broad spectrum of so-called competing faiths.  

In all top down command and control environments all conditions wherein cacophony, discordance, disharmony that could exist shall be annihilated … be it in the form of government, business, education or social organization … failure to eradicate results in the destruction of the top down command and control régime.

The American legacy since landing on Plymouth Rock has not been to follow any path leading to top down command and control over any extended period of time.    Yes … for limited periods we succumb to that form of leadership … but soon we tire and throw off such vestige … reverting to our preference to be left the hell alone. 

This preference was especially strong in what we term the “west” and remains in many western environs deeply entrenched varying little from that practiced by heroes and iconic leaders from an earlier era.  

For “corporate” rule to prosper … top down command and control … must be achieved at any cost … there can be no exception.

Any presumed need anyone feels to be different, to exist outside the prescribed box corporate defines as acceptable must meet with swift punch in the gut to get ones attention and to set an immediate indelible example of the price one will pay every time they dare challenge corporate.

One quickly learns not to stray from the fenced confines provided by corporate as the price one pays becomes exponentially steeper.

Chilling as it is the novel 1984 describes with vividness how over time 2 + 2 can automatically become 5 in the eye of the beholder …

All it takes in most cases is time … repetition … fear …

Where is America today…?

More importantly on this scale… where are you …?