and our “press” does not ask

… OK … City Council does not ask questions and guess what the citizens/voters of Phoenix don’t ask questions of the City Council … and our “press” does not ask either … so … what … surprise …

Phoenix transit figures incorrect for 6 years … City misreported administrative costs to the federal government

 by Sean Holstege – Jul. 17, 2011 12:00 AM … The Arizona Republic

The Phoenix Public Transit Department misreported to the federal government the administrative costs of managing transit service for six consecutive years, a review of records by The Arizona Republic found.

In fiscal year 2009-10, for example, Phoenix reported its administrative overhead at $45 million, or 26 percent of its total operations costs of $174 million. The Republic examined budgets, payroll forms, contracts, audits and federal forms and determined the actual administrative cost was $27 million, or 16 percent of operations costs. The Phoenix Public Transit Department confirmed the amount, saying it had miscategorized some costs for that year and the five previous ones because of a clerical error. Phoenix Public Transit Director Debbie Cotton said the city will change the way it reports administrative costs. Metro light rail discovered it made the same mistake, a difference of about $2 million, and will change its reporting methods.

Transit agencies submit financial and operations data to the Federal Transit Administration and can lose federal grants if they fail to comply or submit deliberately misleading figures. The federal agency said the errors by Phoenix are "large" and "concerning" but don’t affect grant eligibility. Phoenix’s errors got past the transit administration’s screening process and a city-hired auditor




… Perfectly understandable when you accept that when people are pushed … they push back and not always in methods deemed acceptable …

Produce pillaging on the rise in California as farm thieves nab fruits and veggies, farm equipment, copper

California’s Central Valley, which has long been considered the nation’s breadbasket, has also become a new hotbed for property crime. Except instead of stealing things like cars and high-dollar electronics, thieves there are stealing fruits and vegetables from farms, as well as farm equipment, and even the copper used to power water systems.

Dismal economic conditions, fewer rural law enforcement officers, and the continued influx of illegal aliens, have all contributed to a sharp increase in farm theft. Vineyards are having their grapes stolen, avocado groves are having their avocados stolen, beekeepers are having their bees stolen, and farms of all types are having their tractors, tools, truck batteries, and other equipment stolen as well.

"All of our agriculture crimes are up," said Sergeant Walt Reed from the Kern County Sheriff’s office, to theNew York Times(NYT). "Everything this year is going well. And if it’s doing well here, there’s somebody looking to steal it."

Unlike banks, businesses, and even residential homes, most farms have little or no security, as they sit primarily in rural areas with no security. Most do not even have fences surrounding their crop fields and orchards, which means that the risk of being caught stealing is low, especially when under the cloak of darkness.

But more than just grabbing a few peaches or a sack of strawberries, farm thieves are becoming highly sophisticated. A bee farm in Madera County, Calif., for instance, recently had $100,000 worth of bees stolen from its property — yes, bees.

Sheriff John Anderson told the NYT in a recent report that the thieves knew what they were doing, and were well-prepared in their heist, having likely "smoked" the bees, sedated them, and then hijacked them.

Still other farmers are having to deal with concerted copper thefts, which involve thieves snipping the wiring that runs between outdoor wells and power boxes, and reselling the metal for thousands of dollars.

Sunday, July 24, 2011 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer … Learn more:

… the people feel betrayed and pushed and unheard … and they are doing whatever they deem they need to do to stay alive and get attention …

… Anger … aggression … reprisal … YES …



Question to Sec Homeland Security Napolitano … these types of acts on the part of your TSA do not promote security 

… Anger … aggression … reprisal … YES …

TSA Screener Brings Woman to Tears through Aggressive Body Search … But for once, they do not harass the man videotaping it



At least the Transportation Security Administration official didn’t prevent the man from videotaping a screener running her hands up and down the body of a female passenger to the point that she was in tears.

So maybe TSA is finally learning that videography is permitted at security checkpoints.

But now it begs the question to what extent must we go through in order to enjoy the privilege of traveling?

The law states that police need some type of reasonable suspicion before they can grope your body.

Yet the same law also allows TSA screeners to do the same simply because you choose to opt-out of a full body scanner.

The above video, which was uploaded Tuesday, was recorded at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

The man who uploaded the video goes by marklyon on Flyertalk, where he gives his account of what took place.


The female passenger walked away sobbing, saying she felt humiliated.

Remember that old adage about how the terrorists hate us for our freedoms?

Using that logic, they probably don’t hate us as much anymore.


Raw Milk Unfreedom and FDA Propaganda


clip_image002… Mon$anto has too much invested in RbGH (GMO) to allow you to drink raw unadulterated milk …

Raw Milk Unfreedom and FDA Propaganda


Posted by Karen De Coster on July 24, 2011 03:34 PM …


It’s legal to sell raw milk or raw organic milk in Arizona with a state permit, according to Dart Easterday, an administrator who oversees dairy licensing for the Arizona Department of Agriculture.  …


On the raw milk front, has some interesting survey results on comparative raw milk regulations on a state-by-state basis. To summarize, thirty states allow consumers to transact with raw milk producers while twenty states prohibit that act of freedom. And don’t forget that federal laws prevent the sale of any raw milk, from anywhere, over state lines. The fed’s response to the good white stuff moving over state lines is sending in armed soldiers in full battle gear to destroy the enemy.

Thirteen mini-regimes in the US of A allow the sale of raw milk on the farm where where it was produced, while four of those thirteen only allow "incidental occurrences," which, of course, cannot be defined. But arbitrary laws with a host of potential interpretations is how the feds are able to use arbitrary rule interpretations to seize product and regulate small producers out of business. The article defines incidental occurrences as "occasional sales, not as a regular course of business; no advertising." Surely, the feds can interpret "occasional" and "regular" and "advertising" in a whole host of capricious ways.

Four of those thirteen states only allow raw goat milk while Kentucky and Rhode Island – now get this – require a prescription from a physician! Of course, you can interpret that to mean raw milk must be medicinal (ask Moms who cure their child’s allergies with raw milk), but then again, there’s no such thing as a Big Milk Pharma that exists as a corporate arm of the state to keep its products available for good health. Lastly, eleven states allow raw milk to be sold in retail stores outside of the farm.

Several of the states that allow the sale of raw milk for human consumption have various twists and turns in their laws that make it very difficult to get the milk from the farm to the consumer, which essentially limits, or in some cases prevents, the sale of the product. However, milk entrepreneurs whose businesses are stifled by fascist decrees have been creative enough to come up with the idea of herd shares that allow folks, in some far-flung way, to buy a "piece" of a herd and get their milk. Any time that people can conjure up visionary ways to skirt the laws of the totalitarian regime, freedom has taken a small step forward.

Meanwhile, the FDA is going after Tucker Adkins Dairy of South Carolina like gangbusters. All of three (maybe eight?) people allegedly got sick from the dairy’s raw milk. So three people are confirmed sick – diarrhea – and the FDA has thrown a ton of resources at the issue to propagandize against raw milk and tout the "safety" of the industrial milk product. The FDA even put out this newswire that was nothing more than an expensive, pure propaganda piece. Author and defender of food choice, Dave Gumpert, explains on his blog why the FDA felt compelled to launch its agitprop offensive.

Why would the FDA feel compelled to get the word out far and wide about a relatively small, locally confined outbreak of food-borne illness that for all practical purposes ended a month earlier?  There are two reasons, which have received much attention here.

The FDA has a case pending against Amish farmer Dan Allgyer in federal district court, filed in April, in which it is seeking a permanent injunction against him serving a private food club that brings raw milk from Pennsylvania to Maryland. That case has been very controversial, and inspired a boisterious demonstration in Washington two months ago, featuring a cow outside the Capitol.

The FDA is also the target of the lawsuit filed by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, which challenges the legality of the FDA’s ban on interstate sales of raw milk. The FDA has been unsuccessful thus far in its efforts to have the case thrown out, and perhaps frustrated in the process.

The FDA is, in desperation, trying to influence consumers against raw milk. Even so, sales of raw milk keep increasing and new consumers come into the market every day. At my grocery store – Detroit Eastern Market – where forty thousand people gather each week to buy, sell, and inform, I have noted that the raw milk protestors (people who want food freedom with their own body) are in high visibility this year, and sales of herd shares are being advertised all over the market. With large, colorful signs! It seems that the more the government carries on its safety parade through its futile campaign of disinformation, the more people seem to brush off the spin as nothing more than second-rate hype and ignorable noise.


… Look it’s really simple


… Look it’s really simple … if “corporate” can’t make a buck … we ain’t never going to be permitted to consume it … Just follow the $$$ … got it …

Here’s a great example of anti-cancer medicine that the FDA and medical establishment absolutely does not want you to know about:

Hidden inside the pit of a peach or apricot is an almond-shaped nut. And contained in that nut is a powerful anti-cancer medicine called laetrile or "vitamin B17."

These nuts are a form of natural chemotherapy that kills only cancer cells while avoiding any damage to healthy cells.

Read more about this amazing medicine in today’s amazing food fact:


Come on …that’s Joe’s line …


… Come on …that’s Joe’s line … he marketing and Arizona is buying it …


Newark Cop: "I Can Do Whatever the Hell I Want"

07-24-2011  •  youtube (h/t The Agitator)

While the consequences of his actions were not as horrific as those of the San Francisco police department over the weekend ( ), this Newark, New Jersey police officer provides us a glimpse into the culture 

did you actually expect she had your back…?


image… Inasmuch as the Dept Homeland Security is manned by corporate-operative “stasi” Janet Napolitano … did you actually expect she had your back…?

HR 1505: Do You Want Homeland Security Taking Control of Sea Shores and Coastal Areas?


A new bill in the House of Representatives sponsored by Rob Bishop (R-UT) will expand the power of the Department of Homeland Security in coastal states. This directly from the bill, "To prohibit the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture from taking action on public lands which impede border security on such lands, and for other purposes." So much for states rights being defended by the GOP.

HR Bill 1505, the “National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act,” would force the Secretary of the Interior to cede authority of coastal public lands, as well as lands located along the borders of Canada and Mexico, to the Secretary of Homeland Security when the latter sees fit. It would give the Dept. of Homeland Security the ability to construct roads and fences, deploy patrol vehicles and set up “monitoring equipment” in the National Seashore with impunity. And it would waive the need for the Dept. of Homeland Security to comply with environmental laws in areas within 100 miles of a coastline or international border.

The laws from which the Dept. of Homeland Security would be exempt include the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, the National Historic Preservation Act, the Clean Air Act, the Coastal Zone Management Act, the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act and virtually every other piece of environmental legislation passed by Congress.

In other words, Janet Napolitano will be able to do whatever she wants on these lands. One has to wonder how this will affect public use. Naked body scans at the beach anyone?

 Bungalow Bill    Thursday, July 21, 2011


News Link  •  Homeland Security
HR 1505: DHS Seeks Total Control of 100 Mile Coastal Border Zone
07-25-2011  •
HR Bill 1505, the “National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act,” would force the Secretary of the Interior to cede authority of coastal public lands, as well as lands located along the borders of Canada and Mexico, to the Secretary… 
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News Link  •  Homeland Security
Hinterland Republican Seeks Total Control of 100 Mile Coastal Zone For DHS
07-25-2011  •
The proposed law includes the entire border of Alaska, most of Puerto Rico, all of Hawaii, all of Florida, Olympic National Park and Mt. Rainer National Park in Washington, Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, Big Bend National Park in Texas… 
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News Link  •  Police State
Feds to Grab Land for Homeland Security
07-25-2011  •  Farm Wars
H.R. 1505: Another Federal land grab, with exemptions from environmental regulations, and a few more just for good measure. And just who has the authority over these lands? Why Homeland Security, of course. 
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