Death to humans … then what does corporate live on …?


… HEY … why the surprised look … what did we expect when Mon$anto & Friend$ breed composite GMO foods fortified with super fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides …

Death to humans … then what does corporate live on …?

Super Bacteria…? Fighting Resistance Could Be Trickier Than Thought




A process thought to hamper antibiotic resistant bacteria, one of the world’s most pressing public health problems, might actually make them stronger, according to a new Portuguese study that could signal a dramatic shift in our understanding of bacterial resistance.

Though much is still unknown about the exact mechanics involved, bacteria become resistant to antibiotics via chromosomal mutations and the incorporation of new genes, sometimes from other bacteria.

Researchers had believed that the acquisition of new genes conferring resistance has come at some cost to the bacteria, making it tougher for them to reproduce and survive.

But the authors of the new Portuguese study found that when already resistant bacterial cells obtain another antibiotic-resistance gene from a small piece of DNA called a plasmid — a development that has been thought to have some cost to the host — the cells sometimes divide faster than before.

Francisco Dionisio of the University of Lisbon, one of the study’s authors, said the results, which focused on the bacterium E. coli, were unexpected.

"It is as if your PC with a mistake or bug in the operating system began to run faster after receiving a computer virus," Dionisio explained in an email to The Huffington Post.


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