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… Remember Tom … “pay back$ are Hell” … and more than 50% of all births are to minorities … yea … Tom can you spell NON-WHITE…


Tom Horne files a politically motivated challenge to the Voting Rights Act

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 02:42 PM PDT …Posted by AzBlueMeanie …

AzBlueMeanie …  warned you before the 2010 election; others warned you as well. Tom Horne would use the office of Attorney General not to enforce the laws of Arizona and to pursue justice, but to use it as a platform to pursue his political agenda in his quest to become Arizona’s next governor (God help us). He has misused and abused the powers of his office to pursue one politcally motivated case after another.

Horne’s latest abuse of power is a constitutional challenge to the Voting Rights Act. He asserts that Arizona no longer needs federal scrutiny for past acts of discrimination against minority voters. Arizona sues over Voting Rights Act:

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, who filed the lawsuit, said the original criteria for pre-approval are no longer



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