… I find I no longer know what “pro-life” means.  The reality is, perhaps I never truly did.  I concluded long ago that to be “pro-life” was, to not only mouth the words, but, demanded authentically one “walked-the-talk.”  I recognize the term “pro-life” like its counterpart “pro-choice” stir a still lingering polarizing controversy surrounding Roe v Wade court decision respecting a woman’s right to choose. 

If one is actually “pro-life” how are they able to look past the daily suffering of humanity in any corner of planet Earth…?  How are they able to turn their back on the homeless dwelling in every city…?  Those seeking food, employment, reasonable health care…? 

I can only conclude that the concept of “pro-life” is today in America … conditional … subject to personal momentary adjustment and interpretation.  Concepts like people are subject to constant pressure resulting in change.  The degree and nature of this change is not predictable and can be often confusing. 

A declaration as being “pro-life” makes it difficult to understand how and why these individuals willingly endorse the life-restricting attributes encased in Arizona’s hallowed S.B. 1070, considered by many racially offensive…?   Or why they could support a Governor who advocates denying life giving organ transplants to those unable to financially provide same for themselves…?    Or why they can approve the action of a Governor whose political contribution come from those whose profits are tied in increased incarcerations into their privately owned and operated prisons…? 

I suspect that “pro-life” for many is exclusively limited to aspects surround procreation theoretically relieving them from any entanglement with the tentacles and far reaching implications associated with this concept.   

Perhaps, then one of the “pro-life” advocates can explain to me how with one breath they fall on the sword on a child’s right to be born.  But, with their next breath deny to this same mother, pre-natal and post natal care, assistance in the form of welfare to child and mother, continuing health and educational assistance, reasonable housing and equitable educational opportunities…? 

The “pro-life” label grows weary and constraining when one is required to actually walk the talk on a continuing basis. A poll reported by lifenews.com on 6/6/11, concludes Republicans strongly “pro-life” … Democrats strongly “pro-abortion” … though for me this conclusion is far too restrictive as these labels cut across the “red” and “blue” political affiliation.  

These results do intensify the degree of hypocrisy exhibited by a currently Republican controlled U. S. Congress which daily takes action calculated to snuff out life as opposed to supporting life.  Actions which deprive John Q individuals of enhanced unemployment benefits in an economy plunged in to chaos by their Wall $reet benefactor$.  Yet this same Republican “pro-life” Congress is not, however, opposed to extending its helping hand to the titans of commerce who pull their puppet $tring$.

How do those considering themselves to be “pro-life” attain honest closure on a war illegally immorally and preemptively launched against the sovereign nation of Iraq which did not attack the United States of America or its citizens having no hand in the events which unfolded on 11 Sept 2001..?

How do those considering themselves to be “pro-life” look positively at themselves in any mirror when they permit their President to whimsically declare … “good job, Brownie” as his FEMA director allows innocent poor and those “of color” to needlessly die in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina…?

The longer I examine this “pro-life” proposition it appears to me to be nothing more than a “pro-choice” in camouflage, subject to immediate change in the moment depending upon how it affects me.

Honestly I have real difficulty in ascertaining who is and has honestly and consistently exhibited attributes suggesting adherence to the lofty goal of actually being ‘’pro-life.” 

What’s “pro-life” look like for you…?




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