… I wonder is the POPE required to register as a sex offender in the USA or his priests … ?




1 out of every 318 adults in USA is a registered sex offender

The organization’s most recent survey of states found there are 747,408 registered sex offenders in the country today, which represents an increase of 7,555 offenders from the previous survey in June 2011.  .


Judge: Americans can be forced to decrypt their laptops


clip_image002… If the 1% really want to “piss-off” the American public … this is a great first start …



Judge: Americans can be forced to decrypt their laptops

American citizens can be ordered to decrypt their PGP-scrambled hard drives for police to peruse for incriminating files, a federal judge in Colorado ruled today in what could become a precedent-setting case. ..

…Why is it “we” are not able to obtain full disclosure and transparency about these issues from


…Why is it “we” are not able to obtain full disclosure and transparency about these issues from … FDA … USDA … CDC … “big pharma” … makes one conclude it really is all about the $$$..

Join in the massive online petition to label those GMOs and watch this amazing short video:

Why the huge spike in cases of thyroid cancer? Blame the fluoride, X-rays, TSA scans and medical imaging:

New science confirms that chiropractic care prevents heart attacks and lowers blood pressure!



If this is true and America is rebirthing fact-based

clip_image002… If this is true and America is rebirthing fact-based journalism then 2012 will indeed prove to be a pivotal year …

The End of The Mainstream Media And The Rebirth of Fact-Based Journalism

01-24-2012   http://www.prisonplanet.com Saman Mohammadi

“The West is headed to dictatorship. It’s already happening. The merger of state and corporate power is by definition called fascism. I just mentioned the Defense Authorization Act. Before you had that you had the abrogation of the Constitution under Bush, with the Patriot Act, which Obama reinstated and made even tougher by signing this bill. When I say the merger of state and corporate powers, look at the $16.1 trillion that the Federal Reserve has funneled into businesses around the world. Whatever happened to that thing called capitalism? This is not capitalism; it’s fascism! The more societies break down and the bigger the screw-ups at the top, the harder they clamp down on the bottom. You see it going on around the world; they call it austerity measures. How about calling it enslavement?” – Gerald Celente, “Gerald Celente on Trend Forecasting and the Crisis of Western Civilization,” The Daily Bell, January 22, 2012.

“There is no doubt, in my view, that the elites practiced directed history in the 20th century, setting up wars and economic catastrophes designed to consolidate world government. But in the 21st century, with so many understanding and evaluating the mechanisms of the elites, this is a considerably harder trick to pull off.” – Anthony Wile, “Yes, The War for the Internet Has Begun,” The Daily Bell, January 21, 2012.

Al-Media, not Al-Qaeda, is the biggest threat to Western freedom and global security.

The goal of Al-Media is to destroy the United States of America, erase the traditions of law and liberty in the West, and sell to the West a technological slave system disguised as a “new world order.”

The information terrorists in Al-Media, aka the pundits, news anchors, and journalists, concealed the real perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks from public view and directed the world on the false trail of Jihadi terrorists.

… Marijuana/Cannnabis/Pot is A-OK if corporate owned “big pharma” controls its use and distribution …

… Marijuana/Cannnabis/Pot is A-OK if corporate owned “big pharma” controls its use and distribution …


Pot-based prescription drug could receive FDA approval

01-24-2012  •  www.rawstory.com 


British pharmaceutical firm is completing clinical trials of a drug derived directly from marijuana and hopes to receive approval to market it from the Food and Drug Administration by the end of 2013.


America need to repeat its corporate mantra … be afraid be very afraid …


clip_image002… How can this be as “big sis” … Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano repeatedly assures us our borders are safe and secure … or does America need to repeat its corporate mantra … be afraid be very afraid … 

1.4 MILLION Gang Members And More Pour Into The United States Every Single Day

01-24-2012  •  www.infowars.com 

In fact, nearly every community in America is now affected by these thugs. Drugs, theft and brutal violence are all part of the every day lifestyle of the members of this army.

No, the Fed Does NOT ‘Print Money’



… For another perspective about how the FED creates money … watch the DVD … THRIVE …  www.thrivethemovement.com  

No, the Fed Does NOT ‘Print Money’:  Just Explain It

Click on above to view video

You probably have a sense the Fed is super important and powerful, but here’s something you probably don’t know: The Fed doesn’t print money.

Yes, that’s right. Despite all the chatter on the campaign trail (hello, Ron Paul) and on cable TV, the Fed is actually not in the business of printing money.