Achieving discernment and belief amid “sound and fury”

… Achieving discernment and belief amid “sound and fury” the continuous bombardment of “noise” directed 24/7 … 365 … is an unrelenting challenge … requiring persistent vigilance … less we drop our guard finding ourselves smothered.

Within this environment we endeavor to “live” constructive and creative lives juggling out attempt to be performance oriented and “multi-task” as reputedly America’s super-achievers are.  Our belief in the message championed by corporte mass media drives us to attain more of that “stuff” corporate media declares is the latest symbol evidencing success.  Ownership of this “stuff” according to corporate media polls assures “we” are seen by our peers as successful, noteworthy and hopefully envied.

The time has come that “we” stop and remove our self from this competition of sound and find that spot where silence reins and for albeit few moments dwell therein.  Take a deep breath clearing the incessant noise allowing our mind to simply go blank.  Choosing to consciously ask of self … What do I believe…?   Of what am I truly aware…?  The question is not what “they” want you to believe or what they want you to be aware of, but, what you … believe and are aware. 

If you find this difficult you are not alone as for the past 50 years, at least, the education we provide is, as John Taylor Gatto, so eloquently explains in his book titled … Dumbing Us Down … skillfully designed to prevent you and me from achieving our own awareness and belief.  I fully acknowledge that most likely if you a teacher, professional educator, school administrator, college professor, purveyor of educational materials; this statement might have raised the hair on the back of your neck or evoked anger.  If you are able ask yourself if any of the following are attributes championed in your school or in your classroom…?

·        The ability to define problems without a guide.

·        The ability to ask hard questions which challenge prevailing assumptions.

·        The ability to work in teams without guidance.                            

·        The ability to work absolutely alone.

·        The ability to persuade others that your course is the right one.

·        The ability to discuss issues and techniques in public with an eye to reaching decisions about policy.

·        The ability to conceptualize and reorganize information into new patterns.

·        The ability to pull what you need quickly from masses of irrelevant data.

·        The ability to think inductively, deductively, and dialectically. 

·        The ability to attack problems heuristically.

I believe if “we” are all being honest with ourselves the overwhelming reply is … NO … these are not attributes championed in our schools today.   We teach conformity, the antithesis of the attributes delineated above.  Our educational system from kindergarten through college is thoroughly rooted in keeping with need of those who constructed our education … corporate .. whose goal is … to create a workforce that will NOT rebel … the greatest fear at the turn of the 20th Century … that will be a work force physically, intellectually and emotionally dependent upon corporate institutions for their incomes, self-esteem, and stimulation, and that will learn to find social meaning in their lives solely in the production and consumption of material goods.”    And to that end one should commend them on the degree of success it appears they have currently attained.

Let’s be just a bit honest, OK..?   Today anyone who, for whatever reason, does not automatically conform and fit into whatever the preconceived model is, is summarily declared a misfit, malcontent, rebel, at the very least an eccentric, at worst a dissenter, trouble-maker, or perhaps even a terrorist.  When the preponderance of available jobs are store clerks at Wal-Mart or flipping burgers at McDonalds or Burger King, the ability to conform is mandatory. Thinking for one’s self or taking matters into one’s own hands cannot be tolerated as production and uniformity is challenged thereby affecting corporate profits.  

Can you see yourself choosing to contribute to an on-going discussion about WATER…?

I sent an invitation previously and I suspect given the degree of chaos in which we currently live most likely it was lost in the shuffle.   Upon further evaluation, it strikes me that at the moment many find themselves caught in an economic struggle to make ends-meet leaving precious little time for involvement in any discussion on a subject as open-ended as … water

The reality is my crystal-ball most likely is no more unambiguous than yours, though mine tenders with clarity to me a picture posing opportunity lost … IF we … (and that’s you and me) do not choose to assess in an atmosphere fostering full disclosure and transparency, solutions addressing the vexing diminishing potable (drinking) water facing planet Earth and those of us living in the arid southwest

Debunk … global-warming … if you choose … which for me is but a small placeholder in this larger topic of unmistakable signs which point and continue to point to not only a smaller quantities of available potable (drinking) water … but … water  now contaminated with undisclosed pharmaceutical, pesticide, herbicide, cosmetics, medical, industrial, nuclear residuals, the vast majority of which pass through our nation’s most advance wastewater treatment plants virtually unchanged and  the bulk of which receive absolutely NO testing as to their affect on human health. 

An overlay which “we” hereto for have been educated these past 50 years to accept as “normal” is those agencies, boards and commissions promulgated to govern and control … WATER … are today filled almost without exception … not by “we” (the people) but rather by representatives beholding to private-interest$.  

In Arizona … the Central Arizona Project (CAP) governing board’s members does not include even  ONE … housewife, mother, school teacher, accountant, truck driver, airline pilot, policeman, coach or caregiver.    Those giving sanction of the policies and practices of delivering Colorado River water to you and me are all predominately employed by corporate interest$.  

 Might this be an area where “our” (that’s yours and my) voice is vitally necessary…?

Among the active “buzz” words rampant within the water/wastewater industry are … “greywater” … re-cycling … re-charge … effluent-re-use … all cleverly defined to endorse positions seen as financially viable by corporate interests.

Additionally, these corporate interests, in many cases, exert sufficient influence so as to have regulations written which exclude the public from actively governing the manner in which they use water … ie … see AGRICULTURE and MINING …

In Arizona these corporate interests have found ways and means to exclude from public oversight many aspects of their operation … ie … SRP which has many of its water operations  “grandfathered” to identify just one.

I have always wondered, perhaps you might have also … why … those identified as “grandfathered “ can it appears operate into perpetuity without requirement to meet water quantity or water quality standards and conditions to which those entering the field today shall adhere…?

My experience is the prevailing mood in the regulatory and legal community seems to be since they were part of the original core group promulgating the rules they are forever afforded special dispensation …

A clear example of this is when EPA promulgated the CLEAN WATER ACT those initial rules and regulations were written essentially by representatives from private industry many of whom overnight became regulators of an industry where only yesterday they were employed … OPEN SESAMEbegin the “revolving-door” between regulators and industry of today. 

Furthermore, there has been and continues to be consent among those governing and controlling … WATER … that  …“toilet-to-tap” … especially in currently water short environments (like Arizona) is a panacea they wholeheartedly endorse, advocate, subscribe to and financially back.  

In fact, currently, Arizona Governor – Jan Brewer’s – Blue Ribbon Commission (hand-picked of course) and notably excluding  even one  housewife, mother, school teacher, accountant, truck driver, college student, airline pilot, policeman, coach or caregiver are without your participation promulgating language to alter current rules to foster just that. 

Is it not, in my estimation, that … toilet to tap … is wrong or bad or should not be pursued … NO … what is grossly disingenuous is their choice to consciously exclude “our” (that’s yours and my) active participation.    Make no mistake that last comment will raise their hackles as they will point to rules and processes designed and legally sanction which fully exonerates their action(s) and you know they are right as “we” have chosen for lo these past many, many years to act as “ostriches” with our heads buried accepting but NEVER ASKING or challenging any of their acts.  

Perhaps a new discussion about WATER begins with the question …

 Is WATER part of the “commons”

which postures any discussion about water in a different light



 Can you see yourself choosing to contribute to an on-going discussion about WATER…? 

 Is there a time frame, for example beginning in mid-January 2012, to which you can choose to commit…?

Personally, I have no prescription on the direction a discussion will take, choosing instead to allow it to develop organically, granting everyone an opportunity to be heard.  
There is little doubt any discussion will be lively, entertaining and I suspect at times may arouse a bit of conflict, which will provide us an opportunity to see how we choose to effectively resolve it.
If you are interested, I would certainly like to hear from you via email …
… simply noting your interest and I will take it from there.
Respectfully submitted,


Friend$ of Arizona’s “red-queen” do get taken care of


clip_image002… Friend$ of Arizona’s “red-queen” do get taken care of …


… It’s just the voters – taxpayers – average citizens that our “red-queen” stomps on …


… But before you cry and scream about it … look in any mirror and ask that individual looking back at you … what actions he/she took to prevent our “red-queen’s” action … ?

If as advertised the intent is … “cultural exploration”

… If as advertised the intent is … “cultural exploration” … then why the limitation on the Bible … where’s the Koran … artifacts and documents of cultural importance to Native Americans … how about Buddhists … cultures of India … and Africa … this is total bull shit … this is an act of a desperate religious consortium to eliminate separation of church and state…



… America’s moral imperative is to create WAR … the war machine need$ to be fed …

… America’s moral imperative is to create WAR … the war machine need$ to be fed …


News Link  •  Afghanistan
NATO Air Raid Kills, Injures Seven Afghan Civilians
02-27-2012  •  by Ghanizada
At least 7 Afghan civilians were killed and injured following a NATO air raid at Tagab district of eastern Kapisa province.  
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News Link  •  Misinformation
Memo To POTUS—Eyes Only: From The Department of Pre-War Planning And Threat Exaggeration
02-27-2012  •  by Danny Schechter
Here are excerpts from a “secret document” whose authenticity cannot be authenticated, perhaps because I wrote it myself.  
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News Link  •  Iran
The U.S. Has the Moral Authority to Annihilate Iran Because They’re Evil
02-27-2012  •  Washington’s Blog 
Tucker Carlson: The U.S. Has the Moral Authority to Annihilate Iran Because They’re Evil  
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News Link  •  Obama Administration
Obama, “Friends of Syria” Press for Military Intervention Against Damascus
02-27-2012  •  by Alex Lantier 
US President Barack Obama and international diplomats gathered at the “Friends of Syria” meeting in Tunis issued statements yesterday pressing for military intervention in Syria. 
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can you spell hypocrisy…?



clip_image002… Gee … Golly … Stop the presses … How can this be…?


… America has the audacity to point its crooked finger at Japan when more than 40 years of atomic and nuclear bomb testing went unreported and HIDDEN from the American people …


… Can you spell HYPROCRISY …?


… It must be the dry heat, you think…?

… OK … I got  it … not being content to tell the U S Senate that she can’t waste her time speaking with them … Arizona’s “red queen” Governor after wagging her finger at our President upon his arrival to visit our state now she accuses him of not wanting to secure American borders …

… It must be the dry heat, you think…?

Brewer accuses Obama of not wanting to secure the border

clip_image001By Dennis Welch … The Arizona Guardian

Speaking to a national television audience, Gov. Jan Brewer accused the Obama administration Sunday of not wanting secure Arizona’s 370 mile long border with Mexico.

Brewer told the host of NBC’s Meet the Press, Dick Gregory, the administration has shored up the nation’s southern border in other states while leaving Arizona open to drug cartel related violence.

“Let me tell you when we talk about the Obama administration and securing our borders. No, they don’t want to secure our borders or they would secure our borders,” Brewer said. “They secure borders everywhere else, they could secure them along the Arizona border.

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