…When is enough … enough … ?

…When is enough …

enough … ?

Doubtless there are few, if any alive today, who at some point in their life did not hear a parent, teacher or guardian, usually in not so polite tone or inflection, often bordering on rage … summarily declare … “enough is enough” …

As a youngster I always wondered to exactly what where they referring …?   Their accompanying body language was usually sufficient to quickly denote to me that it would be in my best interest to STOP whatever it was I was doing and find the nearest exit.  There were times, and plenty of them, when I just would not leave well enough alone and with an equally corresponding abrupt tone and heightened inflection, I would reply what do you mean, we’re just playing … serving only to further escalate an already exasperating and quickly deteriorating situation.

Reflecting today, June 2011, in year 68 of my term on planet Earth, I chuckle a bit as I recall those situations in which I used the words … enough is enough  or their equivalent and the response I often aroused.  Often, though certainly not always, there is an initial state of bewilderment, surprise, confusion which I have come to acknowledge is a genuine reflection of misunderstanding … theirs and mine …   And, though now in retrospect I fully acknowledge this as “misunderstanding” in the moment … apart from the usual enraged perspective I was not in the least, capable of being ‘understanding’ … anything but…

I find myself constantly asking as I read the paper, listen to radio news broadcasts or happen to see a TV newscast … when do Americans summarily stand up and with voices filled with passion, desire, conviction with absolute resolution summarily declare … enough is enough …?

With my next breath the question is posed … enough of what … as there is an implied assumption that all Americans want the same outcome and conclusions as do I … which I realize is unrealistic as well as unfathomable…?

Enough of what …is a function and expression of our individual “awareness” … which is in part a function of time, DNA, experience … as well as a reflection of the role of “nature (environment) vs. nurture” … opening  and adding that paradoxical Pandora’s box to the mix.

I allow myself to believe an overwhelming majority of Americans want peace, prosperity, safe water, and quality education, compassionate and effective health care. 

Problems arise as “we” have never achieved consensus agreement on the definition of any of the above words rendering discussion on any of these topics incomprehensible.

Triggered by individual assumption, clouded by individual emotion, distorted by individual life experience hearing these words from the mouth of others often is akin to waving a red cape in front of a bull serving to only further enrage an already exasperating situation.

In the moment and under conditions noted above useful or meaningful dialogue is not possible as individually we are locked on to either making the other person wrong or bad … or … defending, need be, to the point of falling on the sword the righteousness of our position. 

To say … enough is enough … under such conditions



.. I could really use some assistance here

.. I could really use some assistance here



… please explain to me how the Tea Party – Republicans continue to “dump” on any action Obama takes … blame him for everything they have had a hand in defeating and still somehow consumer confidence is increasing …


… With their collective action … shouldn’t consumer confidence be going downhill…?



Say what … socialism saves capitalism

… Say what … socialism saves capitalism … won’t  see this on FoxyNew$ or any corporate owned ma$$ media …

Obama the "Socialist" Saved Capitalism by Giving Welfare to Wall Street and Red States

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout:    "
You would think that the right wingers shouting that Obama is a relic of the Soviet Union should be thanking him for saving capitalism, providing a climate for large corporations to soar in profits, giving bailout money to the banks and providing red states with redistributed income tax funds to survive." …

Read the BuzzFlash Commentaryhttp://blog.buzzflash.com/node/13352


is a dyed in the wool corporatist

… Craig Barrett is a dyed in the wool corporatist and our American education system is skewed to serve their desires …. Doubt it  … read … Dumbing Us Down … by John Taylor Gatto … then talk to Craig Barrett …

Craig Barrett, BASIS and K12 Inc.


Posted: 29 Feb 2012 06:51 AM PST …by David Safier

I wrote a column appearing in today’s Explorer discussing a topic I’ve posted about often: Craig Barrett’s regular bragging about BASIS schools, where he is president and chairman, and his omission of any mention that he sits on the Board of Directors of K12 Inc.

Barrett swells with pride when he talks of his association with BASIS, which is successful with students who guarantee a high level of success: the brightest and most motivated. But he appears to be less proud of his relationship with the nation’s largest provider of online education. Maybe it’s because its Arizona school, Arizona Virtual Academy, attempts to educate a cross section of students and is on academic probation with the state, just a few bad test results away from having its charter revoked.

An excerpt from the column:

According to ex-Intel CEO Craig Barrett, 90 percent of our children are “stuck” in terrible schools.

“Only 10 percent of the kids in Arizona are in charter schools,” Barrett said during a television news interview. “Ninety percent are stuck in the public school system.”

Stuck in the public school system? Really? The Arizona Department of Education apparently doesn’t agree. It gave its highest “A” rating to Amphi’s Ironwood Ridge High, to name one of 35 “A” rated traditional public schools in our area. No charter school is rated higher. That doesn’t sound like “stuck” to me.

Two other Amphi schools also earned an “A” rating.  So did three schools in Flowing Wells, three in Marana, six in Catalina Foothills, eight in Tucson Unified and 12 in Vail. I wouldn’t say students attending those schools, or other highly-rated schools in the area, are “stuck.”


Even though Barrett thinks the schools are doing a lousy job, he doesn’t want to spend one more dime on education. He says it doesn’t matter that we spend less per student than any other state in the nation. What we need, he says, is more charter schools. (need anyone say anything more)



leave them all behind

Absolutely perfect as the education motto for Arizona’s leaders is … leave them all behind


Arizona seeks waiver in ‘No Child Left Behind’


clip_image001Associated PressPHOENIX (AP) — Read More

State officials submitted a request to the federal government seeking relief from some of the demands under the No Child Left Behind Act that has guided schools for the past decade.

The Arizona Republic (http://bit.ly/yr5DFE ) reports if the federal government goes along, state schools would have more flexibility in how they use federal money, and Arizona would no longer face sanctions if 100 percent of students are not passing Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards exam by 2014.

The waiver also asks the U.S. Department of Education to replace its measure for determining if a school is doing a good job of teaching its students.

Regime change was part of “W”

… Regime change was part of “W” Bush’s war plan for America in Iraq … how has that worked out …?



Goal in Iran: Regime Change

03-01-2012  •  Lew Rockwell blog

The goal in Iran is regime change. If that takes mass murder, it will be done. If it takes infrastructure destruction, it will be done. Yesterday, there was one news item (unverified) reporting an unnamed Israeli official speaking of starving the Ira

… Now that’s thinking outside the box … that’s the stuff America was once renown for … what happened…?



… Now that’s thinking outside the box … that’s the stuff America was once renown for … what happened…?



Japanese Home-Levitation System Could Protect Buildings From Earthquakes

03-01-2012  •  Rebecca Boyle via PopSci.com

Instead of building super-strong yet flexible structures to withstand earthquakes, what if you built your house to levitate on cushion of air? This is already being employed in Japan, a little less than a year after the massive earthquake and tsunami .