Kiss Ass … Keep Job

… This suggest to me that Az Governor Jan Brewer’s  government employment policy is … Kiss Ass … Keep Job … Do your job in the public’s interest and most likely you’ll be fired …  gov




Arizona House OK state personnel system changes

clip_image003By PAUL DAVENPORT
Associated Press

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona’s personnel system for its state government would become more like those used by private businesses under legislation approved Wednesday by the House.

Key changes would include relaxing civil-service protections to make it easier to fire and discipline most state executive-branch workers, partly by weakening the power of boards that review personnel decisions.

Also Republican Gov. Jan Brewer and her successors would get hiring and firing authority over more agency directors.

The House’s 39-19 vote on Wednesday sends the bill to the Senate.
The legislation is one of Brewer’s top policy priorities in the current session.



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