WHAT … we demonize Goldman Sachs for offering “bounty”



… “We” demonize Goldman Sachs for offering bounty…?


  Goldman Sachs executive director Greg Smith quit his job Wednesday in the most public way possible — on the op-ed page of The New York Times.


In a blistering takedown of his now-former employer, Smith wrote that the environment at Goldman Sachs "is as toxic and destructive as I have ever seen it."


The resignation letter — aptly titled "Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs" — immediately sent shockwaves through the business world

It strikes me the work ethic in Goldman Sachs is one most Americans desire to replicate even as ‘we’ express public outrage.   Is our outrage directed at Goldman Sachs because they so clearly epitomize a fundamental in the American character … a repressed desire to exercise greed and the assumed power that accompanies it…?


I find it utterly fascinating that today we hold Goldman Sachs in such contempt while on the other hand we hail the mega million dollar contracts reported in the news received by “pro” athletes in baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, boxing and auto racing which in nearly every case are many, many times greater than the income achieved by the average American. 


What allows us to accommodate the income differential between “pro” athletes and the average American, yet loath Goldman Sachs…?


I conclude it has to do with the entertainment value ‘pro-athletes’ provide us, whereas the success of Goldman Sachs reminds us of the individual limitations our personal efforts have achieved.  


Many American cities and surrounding communities have “pro-sport” teams who have spent time, money and effort to cultivate and obtain our loyalty to their immediate and continued success.  


Moreover we watch as our local ‘pro’ gladiators contest in their various arenas for momentarily superiority and recognition, in which we can vicariously participate as a member of the audience either live or in front of a TV yelling, screaming, stomping at the finesse or strength or viciousness of manner in which they adroitly approach their sport.  Though we appreciate finesse, it is delivering a solid “hit” which brings the crowd to its frenzied feet especially if that “hit” results in the injured player leaving the contest. Though ‘we’ vehemently deny it, the violence and brutality ‘we’ find exciting even secretly wanting to see more.  Perhaps this represents a throwback to a primitive and/or reptilian period in our evolution.   Whatever the cause or source, few can deny the tingling excitement forms of brutality elicit in us.


Yet it is revealing that when faced with public disclosure that a “bounty” is paid to deliberately inflict pain on an opposing player, we recoil and wag our finger like a parent scolding a petulant child.   It is, it appears, OK for us to see human bodies pummeled as long as ‘we’ can camouflage it in the guise of good clean “sport.”


Ironic isn’t it that we loudly applaud as athletes of all ages receive plaques awarded to them as the outstanding defensive player of the team or the most quarterback sacks or some acknowledgement of extraordinary effort expended on behalf of “our” team on its path towards victory and triumph.  Somehow we are able differentiate these “trinkets” do not achieve the status of “bounty.” 


While today we vilify Goldman Sachs we find no fault nor see harm in the “bounty” accumulated by Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffet, Phil Knight, the Walton family, Bloomberg or most any of America’s wealthiest 1% who collectively have their foot on the neck of most Americans. 


We allow our government to provide “bounty” to private corporations to house prisoners or to act as mercenary paramilitary protecting private assets in violent combat war zones like Iraq.


Why is it then we find Goldman Sachs so demonic…?   


Might it be because Goldman Sachs is a real life mirror reflecting exactly what we seek…?

…As long as ‘we’ are OK with the fact that in most cases SAFE is determined behind closed doors and without ‘our’ participation…

…As long as ‘we’ are OK with the fact that in most cases SAFE is determined behind closed doors and without ‘our’ participation…


Stricter Water Quality Guidelines Proposed


Shannon Ballard sballard@kjct8.com…POSTED: 6:26 pm MDT March 13, 2012UPDATED: 4:03 am MDT March 14, 2012…http://www.kjct8.com/news/30671981/detail.html


PALISADE, Colo — The State Water Quality Division says nutrients impact water nationally, but it’s a problem that can be fixed in Colorado.

Still, adding new regulations can be costly for treatment plants and their customers.

The Colorado Water Quality Control Commission is considering two new rules, both aimed at requiring treatment plants to lower nitrate and phosphorus levels.


If those nutrients are in excess they can cause aesthetic water quality problems or algae.

Ute Water says these types of proposals are nothing new.


The plant is already regulated under The Safe Drinking Act and says there are pros and cons to adding stricter regulations.


“A pro to this is that where there are impacts from nutrients they’ll hopefully mitigate those impacts,” Dave Payne with Ute Water Conservancy District said. “However, the opposition to this regulation is that the standards, the numeric standards, they’re looking to implement don’t necessarily have a direct cause and effect to any given water body.”


Ute Water says these types of regulations have been rejected in the past because nutrient impacts are site specific.


If the new rules are approved new monitoring and treatment equipment will be required and those costs will be passed on to customers.


The water quality control division has been working on this proposal over the last ten years.


It says this expensive treatment process needs to start now because the problem will only get worse as the population gets bigger.

… Now why would anyone find this the least bit surprising … the “bank$ter-gangster$” always take care of their own …


… Now why would anyone find this the least bit surprising … the “bank$ter-gangster$” always take care of their own …





Goldman Sachs Crowns Shady Banker Who Destroyed Bear Stearns and Scammed Investors Its Global Head of Mortgage Trading

Jeffrey Verschleiser is, in the words of Matt Taibbi, "a former Bear Stearns executive who was instrumental in helping blow up that venerable firm." He is famous for being the dude who rented out all 94 rooms of an Aspen Hotel for his daughters bat mitzvah, an anecdote that embodied the gross excess that still proliferates on Wall Street, but much grosser is that he allegedly scammed as much as $55 million in three weeks by shorting his clients, screwing over Bear Stearns’ bond insurers and collapsing the company. So you’d think that after the colossal economic dump he helped usher in, Wall Street would have banned this guy from ever stepping foot in a firm again, right? Yeah, Wall Street doesn’t work that way: he’s now at Goldman Sachs, and was just appointed its global head of mortgage trading.

 Taibbi:    Read more clip_image003

By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd | AlterNet 
Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 @ 10:17 AM


Bear in mind that history and truth are not necessarily the same

… Bear in mind that history and truth are not necessarily the same … History is written by the victor over a fallen foe … And then ‘we’ wonder why people of other cultures and color find and brand the USA as the great Satan …

American Massacres Have Been

Common for Centuries

For hundreds of years Americans have been committing massacres of women and children, old men and sometimes even young men, mostly unarmed or armed only with primitive weapons. The early massacres were mostly of Indians who refused to leave their lands when Americans decided it was God’s will that they steal those lands for nothing or for a few trinkets. In the Civil War Sherman and Grant routinely massacred Southern civilian populations with bombardments of cities, burning homes and Atlanta [though I do not know death figures], and so on. The introduction of automatic weapons led quickly to far more massive U.S. massacres, obviously in the Philippines where freedom fighters were using primitive weapons to try to gain freedom from the U.S. Empire. The U.S. gunned down tens of thousands of the Philippine sons of liberty and piled them in mass graves. In WWII the U.S. massacred vast numbers of Japanese soldiers trapped and starving on remote islands, bombed and burned all the cities of Germany and Japan [except Kyoto] and killed and maimed millions in a vast American Holocaust, capping it all off with the ghastly murder and maiming of hundreds of thousands of women and children in seconds by two nuclear weapons dropped to catch them going to school and in ways to maximize the deadly blast effects. The nuclear bombings were done against the pleas of Adm. Nimitz and most U.S. scientists who made the bombs. Nimitz said the Japanese were starving, surrounded and strangled by U.S. ships and would have to surrender soon to avoid starvation mass deaths. But Truman and his War Dept. and Pentagon brass wanted massacres to terrify the world into submission, especially the Soviets who had no such weapons.

Most U.S. massacres are totally censored by the U.S. and its Big Media. Some come to light many decades later, as in the case of No Gun Rhi in which the U.S. gunned down unknown numbers of South Koreans. Lt, Calley and his company in South Vietnam massacred somewhere near 500 women and children in the My Lai Massacre. Much to his horror, it got into the Media around the world, so the U.S. carried out a Sweet Heart Show Trial. Only Calley was convicted and sentenced to many years up

American troops know they can massacre innocent civilians and captured POW’s with impunity, as long as they don’t get into the headlines of the world and make the Empire look like a Great Satan. Almost all the Iraqi massacres that did get into the headlines led to Sweet Heart Show Trials. The DOD talks tough and shouts naughty! But, as soon as the headlines go away, the mass murderers go free with sweetheart taps on the wrist or the rump.

There have been masses of massacres in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Most of them are done by the Special Ops Cowards at night when they attack single homes and small villages and murder women and children. Many are done by using the Murder Joy Sticks of the drones in the air-conditioned GHQ’s where they fire these Hell Fire Missiles with the Joy button as they eat pop corn and slurp beer. It’s an All American Pasttime for the Special Ops and CIA and BO who obviously get a real kick out of these "fun murders" and "massacres."

The Media got hold of the latest Special Ops Massacre in Kandahar sometime yesterday. This broke the total shut down of Afghanistan reporting in the U.S. I think foreign Media probably put out the news first and forced the U.S. Official Media Corps. to follow up or lose all credibility. So far this seems to be a small, SOP Special Ops Massacre. As usual, they killed almost entirely women and children and old men when the young men were away and unable to fight back. The Black Ops of the Special Ops are especially cowardly. The U.S. says only one U.S. murderer did it, systematically shooting all the women and children in their sleep. Afghans near by say more troops were involved in this systematic, intentional massacre. That would be SOP for the Seals, etc.

By the way, the U.S. air attacks in Yemen yesterday killed nearly two dozen civilians, probably mostly women and children, as usual. They almost certainly used the standard Hell Fire Missiles which are SOP for The Great Satan,

When these guys get back to Miramar or North Island they will be greeted as Heroes, as usual. I see it all the time in the local Media of San Diego, the biggest military base in the world. They never took the slightest risk or even got dusty in their air-conditioned F-18 cockpits pushing that Joy button to massacre the women and children below, then flying back to base for some pop-corn and beer. The Good Life American style these days.

Most Americans will hardly notice the few minute blips on tv-news about this poor "psycho" who has suffered such immense stress in killing Iraqis and now Afghans who are unarmed and mostly tiny children in their sleep. BO will shed a few Media tears for show. Many Americans will dance with glee inside their smiling faces. They really love massacres like this and greet the returning "Heroes" with real joy. This "psycho" might get a Show sentence, but he’ll fly free and live happily ever after as another American "Hero."

Western cultures became the great centers of Creative Carnage in the ancient world and have taken the lead in developing ever more horrific, terrorizing weapons over all these eons. The U.S. emerged at the end of WWII on top of all these Cultures of Carnage as the Great Victor because it was the most creatively gory of them all. This did not happen by accident. Americans are in love with terrorism and mass murder. It fills them with joy and their Entertainment Media are vast oceans of gore, including these days heroic vampires who love the taste of blood from their victims.

Victor Davis Hanson, an American military historian, has celebrated the fundamental ways in which Western and especially American culture have been focused on Carnage and Culture in his book by that name. He routinely celebrates the vast carnage of American wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever. You can read some of the gory details in works such as that, but, of course, they are not going to reveal the most ghastly details of America’s love affair with Carnage. You can see that in all the movies and pictures of all the burned out cities of Germany and Japan in WWII and in lesser ways in all of America’s vast celebrations of Carnage.

Obviously, not all of us American are in love with vast Carnage. If I were, I would write Lies about it all like the official text book historians, not essays like this. We are the minority who have not been massacred yet.

March 13, 2012

Jack D. Douglas [send him mail] is a retired professor of sociology from the University of California at San Diego. He has published widely on all major aspects of human beings, most notably The Myth of the Welfare State.

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All Red Meat Will Kill You

… So will drinking too much water … so what point is being made …?


New Study: All Red Meat

Will Kill You


By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd | AlterNet     http://www.alternet.org/newsandviews/?akid=8399.23062.GajMKm&id=852619&rd=1&t=5



Beware whenever you read poll results

Beware whenever you read poll results as the outcome is determined by how the questions are asked, where they are asked, the order in which they are asked, the degree of emphasis the questioner places on words, it’s a game a very clever game …


Americans Like Regulation

by: James Kwak, The Baseline Scenario | News Analysis… http://www.truth-out.org/americans-regulation/1331738980

It’s a well-known fact that Americans oppose government spending in the abstract yet favor virtually every government spending program. For example, last April Gallup reported that 73 percent of Americans blame the deficit on excessive spending and 48 percent wanted to reduce the deficit mainly through spending cuts (and 37 percent equally with spending cuts and tax increases). Only a few months before, however, Gallup also reported majorities opposed to cutting spending on anything—even “funding for the arts and sciences”—except foreign aid.* (This is not an isolated poll; see, for example, Washington Post-ABC News, April 2011, questions 14 and 17.)

Most government spending does go to popular programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. I suspected, however, that most Americans would want to cut spending on federal regulatory agencies; I thought that they just overestimated the amount of spending on regulation, which is tiny compared to the large mandatory spending programs. (The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, for example, last year put in a budget request of around $300 million—less than one-one-hundredth of a percent of total federal spending.)

It turns out I was wrong. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press (hat tip Harold Meyerson), a small majority (52-40) thinks that government regulation does more harm than good. When you look at every actual type of regulation, however, people wanting stronger regulations vastly outnumber people wanting reduced regulation, and there is little noticeable shift since 1995—another year of intense anti-government sentiment.



So, it turns out, Americans feel about the regulation the same way they feel about government as a whole: they don’t like the idea in the abstract, but they like it in concrete form. This shouldn’t be too surprising. Of course people want stronger food safety regulations when they read stories about people dying from tainted food; of course they want stronger environmental protections when they hear about toxic groundwater. At the same time, exactly half of the political establishment has been on a crusade to demonize regulation in general for the past forty years.

Now, you can’t really blame people too much for holding internally contradictory views about the government spending or about regulation; it’s not their job to understand where their money goes or what the government does. That’s one reason we wrote White House Burning chapter 4 is basically dedicated to trying to explain where our tax dollars go. Only with that kind of basic baseline understanding can we have any kind of sane discussion of fiscal policy.


* The foreign aid figure is also misleading, since Americans typically overestimate foreign aid spending by a factor of twenty-five.


for whom do these lobbyists work

… Ask yourself for whom do these lobbyists work …  try “big-pharma” and “big-health-care-insurance” …


Why Can’t You Smoke Pot?

Because Lobbyists Are Getting

Rich Off of the War on Drugs


By Lee Fang | Republic Report… http://www.alternet.org/story/154448/why_can%E2%80%99t_you_smoke_pot_because_lobbyists