will find it difficult to accept and will most likely vigorously push back

… “White” America will find it difficult to accept and will most likely vigorously push back on the notion “whitey” enabled torture for even one moment let alone decades …


… If one makes the time to review history from a “non-white” perspective … perhaps … Native American … Black … Hispanic … Japanese … might the picture revealed be completely different…



Truthout Interview With Marjorie Cohn: The United States Has Been Enabling Torture for Decades

Mark Karlin, Truthout: "Marjorie Cohn – a law professor and past president of the National Lawyer’s Guild – has assembled a compelling interdisciplinary anthology on the ‘normalization’ of torture as an extension of American foreign policy. This is not a new occurrence limited to the so-called ‘war on terror,’ but extends back decades."

Read the Article

… OK … who do you want to cover your back …?

… OK … who do you want to cover your back …?


Who Do You Want to Oversee Medicare?

by: Dina Rasor, Truthout | News Analysis…http://www.truth-out.org/corporate-or-reform-roots-who-do-you-want-oversee-medicare/1331738563


Within the past month, the Obama administration has heard from two very different groups. In mid-February, the lobbyist trade group, American League of Lobbyists (ALL), sent a letter to President Obama complaining that his rules for not hiring lobbyists for several years in his administration was too harsh.

They did make the point that these ethic rules preventing lobbyists from briefing or going to work for the administration were only aimed at registered lobbyists, not the thousands of self-dealers and influence peddlers who work as consultants and advisers for law firms and lobby shops, who don’t register as lobbyists but work for corporate clients’ money interests in the federal budget. Newt Gingrich’s inane statements that he wasn’t a lobbyist for Freddie Mac, but was a historian for them, brought the usual standard lobby dodge to absurd heights. This trade group is interested in bringing more people into the registered lobbyist realm to swell their membership, but also have the Obama administration lift the rules that prevent these lobbyists from routinely going through the revolving door to work for the government after serving as lobbyists for their mostly corporate clients.

The second group consisted of good-government nonprofit groups that are sponsoring Sunshine Week this week and are urging the Obama administration and others to make government more transparent, including having a more responsive Freedom of Information Act, and to cast more light and heat on the special interests and corporate entities that are pouring money into lobbying and campaign coffers to get their cut of federal money, favors, government jobs or subsidies.

These two groups illustrate the tug and pull in Washington to try to rein in political and corporate self-dealing after years of business as usual in the Capitol and the White House. The reformers, who are greatly out numbered and out financed, have struggled to get any semblance of control over who is throwing around money and who is spinning in and out of government work from corporations or their hired lobby shops.


Is the solution

… Is the solution to our national health care issue truly as simple as this … this article just might surprise you …


Fix These 3 Things and Most Health Problems Can Resolve Themselves


CLICK HERE TO READ AND VIEW COMPLETE ARTICLE … Posted By Dr. Mercola | March 17,2012…http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/03/17/dr-rowen-on-natural-health.aspx?e_cid=20120317_DNL_art_1


Watch video herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fr7-0p9vVeY


Dr. Rowen has been involved in complementary or integrative medicine since 1983, and was instrumental in creating the first statutory protection for natural medicine in the United States in the state of Alaska, in 1990.    He’s presently the editor-in-chief of Second Opinion, which is a printed national newsletter, and he’s also still seeing patients in Santa Rosa, California.

How Alaska Initiated the Fight for Medical Freedom    "At the end of my third year at medical school, I got actually quite depressed and I almost quit, because I was participating in the treatment of patients that to me was abhorrent," Dr. Rowen says.

"… I came to see that what we were doing for our patients was the same type of chemical pollution that we were doing to the planet.

… But after three years of investment, I decided that I ought to play this out… I went on and did residency, training, and got certified. But I always kept my mind open to other things other than giving people some type of chemical to suppress the symptom."

This initial frustration, and seeing friends in Colorado and California lose their medical licenses for practicing natural medicine motivated Dr. Rowen to take an activist role and seek to pass formal legislation to protect physicians who practice "unconventional" medicine, and allow them the freedom to do so without recrimination.

"I said, "This is really a problem. Alternative medicine’s getting beat up around the country, and I have the opportunity here in Alaska to do something good," Dr. Rowen says. "I was a big fish in a small pond. Yes, Alaska is big geographically, but its population was small, and half the population was in Anchorage where I was, so I had direct access to half the population. One of my patients was a big-time senator, and I asked him about this. He said he would be willing to sponsor the legislation… 

That was 1989, but it was the end of session and it went nowhere. We decided to wait until the following year. The following year, 1990, early in the session, I went to my local representatives, who liked the idea. They put it in, and it was immediately attacked by the medical mob. I called it the medical mob because it went through all the committees everywhere, and then it was stripped out by a committee that had nothing to do with the legislation at all… [W]e had a major fight to get it put back in…

I went on radio in Anchorage day after day. I called my patients. This was 1990, before the Internet, so radio and calls did it. Believe it or not, my representatives told me that they got more calls on this medical freedom issue than any other issue that they had seen to date since the Vietnam War."

The Illusion of Science-Backed Medicine    Eventually, Dr. Rowen’s patient-Senator got it through the Senate, and it ended up being attached to a bill desired by the medical board. It simply states that,

"The board shall not face finding professional incompetence solely on a basis that a licensee’s practice is unconventional or experimental in the absence of demonstrable, physical harm to a patient."

As Dr. Rowen explains, the law is really only trying to even the playing field, as physicians practicing natural medicine are being held to much higher standards than orthodox doctors—who can and DO harm patients on a regular basis. In fact, "standard care" frequently causes more harm than good, yet those practicing this line of medicine are protected and heralded as good doctors, even though they’re continually harming their patients.

"When I was going through this in late 1980s and 1990s, I had documents from the Office of Technological Assessment [showing] that over 80 percent of what goes on in conventional doctors’ offices is unscientific and unproven," Dr. Rowen says.

Around that same time, he also ended up doing a radio appearance with John Renner, a major "quack buster."

"[B]ecause I was involved with mercury and amalgam, they invited the dental society. It became the first-ever joint meeting from the dental society and the medical society," Dr. Rowen says. "Renner spoke on quackery. I presented science on amalgam and mercury, and mercury being released from the amalgam…

The only thing Renner could do at that point was to try and attack the source of the information I had. The medical mob took his information and voted – voted, mind you – that anyone who recommends mercury come out of the mouth is committing fraud and unethical conduct. They also voted that chelation therapy for anything other than heavy metal toxicology was fraud and therefore unethical."

This just goes to show how much work was, and is yet, to be done… Still today we’re fighting to get mercury out of dentistry, despite overwhelming scientific data showing it is profoundly harmful to implant mercury in your teeth! Fortunately, Dr. Rowen’s pioneering work in Alaska has led to about 14 other states—including Washington—passing similar legislation to protect physicians practicing natural medicine.

Can Conventionally-Trained Physicians Integrate a Natural Model of Medicine?    Dr. Rowen believes that legislation must be implemented across the United States if we want to see any real change in the medical paradigm.

"In most states that have passed it, I think it’s working," he says. "California passed it in 2003 or 2004 after I got here. I helped with that… I have had discussions with [our medical board], saying that they have taken the intent of protecting this medicine very seriously, and may have trained their field agents on it. Other states might not be so lucky. But that’s the first place to go—educating the public that these therapies really do exist, and they better lobby to protect their rights to it.

When I give talks… one of the first things that I do is I hold up a $100 bill, and I say to the audience, whether it’s conventional doctors, lay people, or alternative doctors: "If you can name one synthetic petrochemical pharmaceutical that cures any disease… then I’ll turn over this $100 bill for you." No one to date has been able to claim the bill. Let’s look at what we call orthodox medicine. Most of the drugs are classified into anti’s: antihypertensive, anti-acid, anti-pain, analgesic, and immune suppressive which is anti-immune. They’re anti’s.

… Did God make us with a deficiency of any synthetic chemical anti? I don’t think so. To me, the whole foundation of health and treatment of problems revolves around three basic things:

(1) nutrition or malnutrition, in other words getting the building blocks into your body that the body requires to stay healthy and to repair;

(2) elimination of toxins – it’s the toxins that are inhibiting their body from repairing, so get them out; and

(3) stress"

But what about genetics? Genetics is actually typically NOT a major part of health and disease, unless you have something like Down Syndrome, for example. But for most other diseases, science now tells us that the environment, and that includes the environment inside your body, has everything to do with genetic expression. And that’s the key. The hypothesis that genes are the master controllers has been proven false.

"We’re finding out now that malnutrition, toxins, and stress play epigenetic roles on your genes," Dr. Rowen says. "Genes play much lesser role than we previously thought. It’s nutrition, toxins, and stress that are playing [influencing] your genes. It’s the three that I pay most attention to. There’s not one of those three that synthetic petrochemical pharmaceutical satisfactorily addresses."

How Can You Assert Your Right to Be in Control of Your Health?    Dr. Rowen believes that just as doctors need protective legislation, patients need to get involved in the legal system on the local level to assert their rights to health freedom, especially if they don’t live in the states that already offer some minor protection for their clinicians.

"The local level in the state would mean going to your state senator and representative, who generally will have a much closer relationship with their natural constituents – meaning the voter – than the U.S. senators and representatives, who seem to represent industry. I’m not going to say that state representatives don’t, but you can usually get into their office. That would be the first place to start. Meet with them as a person; write them, and tell them you want to see legislation in your state that literally protects your right to get natural therapies.

I’ll give you an example… I raised this in California when I testified on behalf of our medical freedom bill here. I’m doing it again, because we’re trying to get a bill in California that decriminalizes the natural treatment of cancer. Yes, we have the medical freedom bill, but there’s still a bill on the books here that if you treat cancer with anything but chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, it’s a crime.

Here’s something to think about. In California, a 13-year-old girl, a minor, has more rights to go and get an abortion without her parent’s knowledge or consent than the adult parent at age 40 does to treat breast cancer in the privacy of her doctor’s office. Does that make sense to you?"

Even more ludicrous is the fact that in most states, if a child has cancer, and the parents elect not to follow the conventional cut-poison-burn cancer treatment model, they can be criminalized and have ALL their children taken away from them. As crazy as that sounds, that has happened many times, and what could possibly constitute a greater crime and abuse of justice than something like that? A perfect example of this is the Navarro case, featured in the documentary film Cut Poison Burn.

Why is Our Health Freedom Being Stripped Away?    According to Dr. Rowen, people are not turning to alternative medicine just because orthodox medicine has become too expensive. Rather, he believes people are turning toward natural medicine because conventional medicine has quite simply failed to heal. Americans spend the most on health care out of all nations on this planet, yet after all that expense, what people are left with are toxic side effects (or as Dr. Rowen states, "direct effects" of toxic drugs), reduced health, and reduced prosperity. Many are quite simply far worse off after going through the conventional medical system than when they started.

"I believe that millions of people are now turning to what we do, because what we do supports the body to heal rather than suppress it with toxic drugs… "[This is] why we have to be destroyed," Dr. Rowen says. "If you have a product that is inferior and doesn’t work, what do you do to stay in business? … The way that you stay in business is to destroy the free market…

What Pharma has done, because its products are inferior… is it has turned to buying the government – literally buying it – and buying the press, mainly the journals, and trying to get into a monopoly. That’s how this has happened. All I’m asking for is a truly free marketplace. Pharma can exist. Fine, do your thing. If you have something that works better than me, play it out in the marketplace. But I should be able to do my thing, too."

How Large Corporations Manipulate the System for Their Benefit    In my view the best illustration of what contributed to the current mess we are in is illustrated by Jack Abramoff. He has been characterized as the most notorious and crooked lobbyist of our time, and is the classic example of brazen corruption and influence-pedaling, using corporation’s money to buy powerful friends and influence legislation.

He was a master at showering gifts on lawmakers in the 1990s, in return for their votes on legislation. He was so good at it, he took home 20 million dollars a year. It all came crashing down five years ago when he plead guilty to corrupting public officials, tax evasion, and fraud, and served three and a half years in a federal prison..





…This is the regulator ethic applied in Arizona … we allow business to SELF-REGULATE … guess how that’s working …?

Federal Government May Lower Poultry Inspection Standards

A federal food safety agency is poised to lower the inspection standards at chicken plants.


By Renee Scott / American Federation of Government Employees.

this can ONLY happen

… Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts, absolutely … this can ONLY happen because “we” play ostrich …




President Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources

03-18-2012  •  The Examiner

On March 16th, President Obama signed a new Executive Order which expands upon a prior order issued in 1950 for Disaster Preparedness, and gives the office of the President complete control over all the resources in the United States in times of war

one giant SPY center





… OK … But realize the entire country is now one giant SPY center … big-bro- – big-sis-eye-is-everywhere … the idea of privacy has and is undergoing dramatic change … and all “we” do is play ostrich … and how’s that working out for us…?


The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)

03-18-2012  •  Wired

Code-breaking is crucial, because much of the data that the center will handle—financial information, stock transactions, business deals, foreign military and diplomatic secrets, legal documents, confidential personal communications—will be heavily 

Legislature is too damn dumb to know the difference

… Hey, but  it’s OK to cut education funding in Arizona as their Governor and State Legislature is too damn dumb to know the difference …

Arizona’s Craig Barrett: Don’t

cut education funding (in



Posted: 14 Mar 2012 02:59 PM PDT..by David Safier  ……. I smell a whiff of hypocrisy emanating from Intel’s ex-CEO.

Craig Barrett, Gov. Brewer’s education point man, wrote a letter to California’s Governor Brown begging him not to cut funding for high school science.

"I am writing to express dismay about your proposed budget’s reduction of California’s high school graduation course requirements in science from two years to one year."

Shorter Barrett: School funding is important. If you cut too deep, you harm students’ educations.

This is the same Craig Barrett who said funding isn’t a problem in Arizona K-12 education. Our last-in-the-nation per student spending won’t get in the way of improving student performance.

[Barrett] said the prime goal of the council will be to get Arizona to adopt core national achievement standards for students, and then, using those as benchmarks, to make sure their performance improves.

But Barrett, while acknowledging Arizona is "not terribly high" on funding per student compared with other states, rejected the idea that more money is at least part of the answer.

Shorter Barrett: You can maintain and raise student performance without raising school funding.

California’s per student funding is higher than Arizona’s, so, using Barrett’s Arizona logic, there should be plenty of room for cuts. His advice to Gov. Brown should be, "California education is amply funded, so cuts are fine. Just don’t cut science requirements." Unless, of course, quality education needs ample funding.