harbor the misperception

…You still don’t harbor the misperception that your tax information with IRS is sacrosanct … do you … FOOL…



IRS may share tax info with police to fight fraud

03-21-2012  •  Reuters

A surge in tax refund fraud and identity theft has prompted the Internal Revenue Service to consider sharing more tax return information with police. In a move that could spark concerns over personal privacy, the IRS said it is considering a pilot pr

Why would anyone choose to believe one word

… Why would anyone choose to believe one word out of this man’s mouth … Want don’t you understand … he works ONLY for a privately owned cabal he does NOT work for you …


clip_image001The Atlantic Magazine’s Disgraceful Bernanke/Fed Propaganda (And Why You

Shouldn’t Buy It)



Roger Lowenstein’s Bernanke-as-hero cover story is revisionist history. In reality, the Fed chief has much to answer for in his handling of financial crisis and the economy.


READ COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE … Naked Capitalism / By Yves SmithMarch 21, 2012http://www.alternet.org/story/154637/the_atlantic_magazine%27s_disgraceful_bernanke_fed_propaganda_%28and_why_you_shouldn%27t_buy_it%29?akid=8449.23062.LyRKT4&rd=1&t=6

As Winston Churchill pointed out, history is written by the victors. The big end of finance, having won decisively in the global financial crisis, is in the process of rewriting history to suit its liking. The cover story in the current Atlantic by Roger Lowenstein on Ben Bernanke, titled simply, “The Hero,” is a classic example of this type of revisionist history.

I don’t know what has happened to Lowenstein. His book on the collapse of hedge fund Long Term Capital Management,When Genius Failed,is a terrific piece of reporting. People I know who were on the inside of the LTCM rescue negotiations give his account high marks. But he has increasingly fallen into the role of scrivener for powerful interests, when his previous standards of writing and his knowledge of the finance beat says he must, on some level, know what he is doing.

The Fed couldn’t have gotten better PR if it had paid for it. Lowenstein’s account has just enough muted criticism of Bernanke (he was slow to see the severity of the crisis, his critics on the left may have a point in saying he hasn’t been aggressive enough in trying to reflate the economy) to mask its hagiography.

And this sort of spin-meistering is effective. Not only did people at the Atlantic economy conference, which coincided with the release of the piece, take up the “Bernanke did a great job in the crisis” mantra (they seemed to appreciate a piece that reinforced inside-the-Beltway conventional wisdom) but the cover, with a beatific picture of Bernanke and “THE HERO” blazed across his chest, will be seen by lots of people walking by newsstands and have an impact well beyond those who read the piece. As further proof of its faux-objectivity, the title inside the magazine is “The Villain,” to highlight the way (as Lowenstein positions the piece) Bernanke is being unfairly pilloried.

I’ll turn to the major arguments shortly, but one of the things that was particularly annoying was the way it repeatedly gilded a rotting cabbage. These are devices that most readers would miss, by virtue of not reading carefully enough to recognize their construction, or not knowing the terrain well enough to discern how Lowenstein skews his account. Here are a few of numerous examples:


incidents are SOP under SB1070

…In Arizona Trayvon Martin incidents are SOP under SB1070 enacted by our esteemed State Legislature and signed by our compassionate Governor Brewer …


…Hey you really don’t think that Sheriff Joe can waste time investigating Trayvon Martin type incidents do you  … He’s got “prime-time” TV antics to support …

How Many Other Trayvon

Martin’s Have There Been?


Posted: 24 Mar 2012 10:20 AM PDT… Posted by Bob Lord

I’ve heard all of the right questions being raised in the aftermath the Trayvon Martin tragedy. Except one. This incident didn’t even get noticed for weeks after it occurred. If the news cycle were more crowded, or if a reporter or two were less aggressive, or if someone with information had not spoken up, the public would never have known about Trayvon Martin (until George Zimmerman killed his next African American victim).

So, how many other Trayvon Martin’s have there been? How many bigoted vigilante murderers are roaming the streets of Jackson, or Mobile, or Glendale?

… just tell them to go to HELL…




… AMA and “big pharma” … Pfizer and Friend$ will let nothing stop them in their quest for mandatory vaccinations …


…Step One in Eugenic quest for population control …



Tell Your Doctor: If You Don’t Show Me This, You’re Breaking the Law

Posted By Dr. Mercola http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/03/25/defending-vaccine-exemptions.aspx?e_cid=20120325_SNL_Art_1


VIEW VIDEO HERE … http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gU9AGQF-4r8


All across the United States, people are fighting for their right not to be injected with vaccines against their will.

Currently, the Colorado Board of Health has been holding hearings on whether or not to adopt a new rule that would mandate healthcare workers get an annual flu vaccine — with NO religious or personal exemption, while a federal vaccine advisory committee has recently voted to encourage hospitals and medical facilities to require health care workers get an annual flu shot as a condition of employment.

Other states are faring a bit better.

In New Jersey, Governor Christie recently pocket vetoed a bill that would mandate flu vaccines for the state’s health care workers.

(When a bill is "pocket vetoed" it is not returned to the legislature for a possible vote to override the veto.)

And in West Virginia, where residents can currently only obtain a medical exemption for vaccination, a new bill has been introduced that could expand exemptions to religious and conscientious reasons.

Parents in Kansas are also fighting for more vaccine exemption rights, along with those in Florida and Mississippi.

This is good news.

But in the state of Vermont, there are bills in the House and Senate to strip the right to exercise a philosophical exemption to vaccination from state public health laws.

Parents are opposing the legislation that is being supported by state public health officials and medical trade associations.

In this video commentary, Barbara Loe Fisher examines the threat to philosophical exemptions to vaccination by interviewing the parents of seven-year old Kaylynne. Kaylynne was a healthy seven year old living in Vermont who died within 92 hours of a routine flu shot in December 2011.

… just tell them to

go to HELL…


We just might investigate the growing tension over water

. . Gee you think . . . We just might investigate the growing tension over water right here in America especially in the West  . . . and all areas where “fracking” is taking place  . . .



U.S. Intelligence Report Warns of Global Water Tensions

03-22-2012  •  New York Times

The American intelligence community warned in a report released Thursday that problems with water could destabilize countries in North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia over the next decade.  .

War has been declared on our water

… War has been declared on our water … you and I can change the outcome … if … we are truly willing to make that commitment … if not for ourselves then for our children, grandchildren and those as yet unborn …


In 1906, Pablo Valencia dared the journey from Mexico to California, in search of gold. He survived without water for a week. He was rescued and then documented the experience of thirst.

Saliva becomes thick. A lump seems to form in the throat. The tongue swells so large that it squeezes past the jaws; the throat so swollen that breathing
becomes difficult…Is this a parable for the desertification of Earth?



WATCH COMPLETE VIDEO HERE:  …. ‘Blue Gold: World Water Wars’ – Full Film


did not exert the degree of control

… 40 years ago corporate did not exert the degree of control over all 3 branches of our government that is doe$ today …. Doubtful that Obama or any President has the “stones” and “moxie” to stand up to “big-phrama” and their corporate allie$ …




clip_image00140 Years Ago Today, Feds Denied the Truth About Pot — Now It’s Obama’s Chance to Act


A congressional commission on US drug policy did something extraordinary 40 years ago: it told the truth about marijuana.