all authentic power resides in “we” – the people

As long as “we” continue to ‘buy-into’ the illusion dexterously promulgated by corporate mass media taught and reinforced daily by their disciples throughout our American education system their mantra of be afraid, be very afraid will prevail.  

Insidiously for decades and decades and decades ‘we’ have been programmed to believe, accept and act upon the notion … ‘we’ … that’s you and me – are unable or unwilling to exercise the legitimate and authentic power that resides in us.  Making in incumbent “they” act for us the implication being what they do is ONLY for our own good…!

Within the last six months shafts and threads of illumination, though initially fragile, pierce a once dark and joyless world offering rays of hope that positive change is in the offering.

These rays of illumination range from voters in Arizona defeating Russell Pearce silencing his vitriolic ranting.   There is an outpouring of Americans rejecting the hateful comments by Rush Limbaugh sending his radio show into a virtual downward tail spin.  There is increased acknowledgment videos, like … THRIVE … pointing ways “we” can provide for ourselves and our posterity a kinder, gentler, safer, more supportive world. Increasingly we witness the inability of politicians, to keep hidden their nefarious acts, which almost immediately see the light of day as a feature on someone’s blog or a YouTube video. 

Though tenuous, ‘we’ are beginning more frequently and with greater force to ask relevant questions of our political leaders demanding complete answers no longer accepting their manicured 30 second TV sound bite replies.

Though our acts may well be ‘baby-steps’ they are, nonetheless, steps which affirm that all authentic power resides in “we” – the people – ALL politicians answer to us – –  “we” do NOT answer to them …  







… Now this is REAL news and GREAT news …

Now this is REAL news and GREAT news



Chocolate eaters are slimmer, says study

03-27-2012  •, By Rachael Rettner

Too good to be true? New findings suggest something in chocolate may make the calories you eat less likely to be deposited as fat.

left a legacy of “do nothing”

Excuse me but as Director of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality … Ben Grumbles left a legacy of “do nothing” save cave into corporate pre$$ure … NO … Ben Grumbles does NOT instill positive progressive honest leadership for the American PUBLIC’S water interests


Grumbles Testifies Before Transpiration & Infrastructure Committee

(Washington, D.C.) Clean Water America Alliance President Ben Grumbles testified before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee today on how to better enable local communities to finance wastewater and drinking water facilities mandated by st… 


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proof will be determined in how OPEN to the PUBLIC

The proof will be determined in how OPEN to the PUBLIC they choose to permit this sustainability framework to be … AWWA is NOT known for honestly choosing to allow or permit from America’s unwashed average man in the street

ISI and AWWA to Partner on Sustainability for the Water Sector



(Denver, CO) –   


The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) announced today that they will partner in developing a new sustainability framework for evaluating and rating the community, environmental, and economic benefits of water infrastructure projects.

what about all of our ELECTED officials

… And what about all of our ELECTED officials who benefitted from the Fiesta Bowl large$$ …  They all continue to remain deaf, dumb, silent and “we” are unwilling to query them …




WOW … what a revelation

WOW … what a revelation in the State home of private prisons … SB1070 … Sheriff Joe … Russell Pearce … did you really expect a different result …?


Poll: Arizonans support death penalty


clip_image001By Dennis Welch
The Arizona Guardian

Following the executions of two death-row inmates this year, a new poll shows that 60 percent of Arizonans support capitol punishment for prisoners convicted of murder.
The survey, which was conducted by the Behavior Research Center, also shows that 21 percent of those questioned opposed the death penalty while 19 percent said they were unsure.

Slightly more men (63 percent) supported killing convicted murders compared to women (60 percent). The biggest difference maker was age as 67 percent of Arizonans who are older than 55 said they back the death penalty.

our ridiculous insanity can be attributed to “dry-heat”

In Arizona our ridiculous insanity can be attributed to “dry-heat” so what is the cause of the asinine insanity in Michigan…?

Something truly bizarre and disturbing is afoot in Michigan, and no, this not some sort of April Fool’s joke. In just a few days, state bureaucrats there plan to start killing all ranch pigs that exhibit certain hair color such as being "black." If you thought the shooting of Trayvon Martin was bad, Michigan plans to mass-murder tens of thousands of black ranch animals based on hair color alone!

And at the same time, they have announced their intention to arrest the ranchers who raised those animals and charge them with felony crimes, utterly destroying the livelihoods of thousands of farmers and ranchers across the state.

Michigan has declared war on ranchers. Don’t believe me? Here’s the state’s own documents that admits it all, plus a link to an exclusive interview and a family farm video that explains more.

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And watch the YouTube video right now at: …