this is SOP for the Arizona State Legislature





clip_image002Actually this is SOP for the Arizona State Legislature and believe it or not … Arizona citizens fall for it every time

… And still we believe whatever the “doctor” says…?

… And still we believe whatever the “doctor” says…?


Shock: A court case reveals that the FDA admits mercury is still in vaccines!


Important: Here are the 11 most toxic ingredients in vaccines and their toxic side effects:


Just what’s gotten into U

Just what’s gotten into UU actually believe you can demonstrate and loudly protest an action supported by America’s military  industrial corporate congressional complex … Think again …  Cause that just ain’t going to happen …!



Chicago bans anti-war march during NATO Summit


03-30-2012  •

A judge has rejected the demands of anti-war activists for a march to be held in Chicago during a NATO summit planned for November.

Wagging our finger for what…?

IF … this is true … then consider that with the complex interplay of ocean currents the fish caught off South America and North America and Alaska are most likely also contaminated …


So … we are wagging our finger at Japan for what … ?



04-01-2012  •

Radioactive cesium far exceeding the allowable limit and way higher than previously detected contamination levels in fish has been found in river trout here, the prefectural government said on March 28. .

stuff was established for your benefit

What …?   You actually thought this TSA … Department of Homeland Security stuff was established for your benefit … Guess again


How the Rich Took Over Airport Security

Security checks were one of America’s most democratic places — until rich passengers got their own speedy lines


The other day at Bergstrom Airport in Austin, Texas, I witnessed a striking manifestation of the new American plutocracy. Along with getting a photo at the Department of Motor Vehicles and sitting in a jury pool, standing in line at airport security with a mob of other people, miserable though it is, remains one of the few examples of civic equality in our increasingly oligarchic republic. Much airport security, of course, is theater, designed to provide alibis for bureaucrats and politicians in the event of a terrorist attack. But while we can debate what a rational airport security system would look like, no rational system would discriminate among passengers on the basis of ability to pay.

That is what makes the policy of Delta Airlines so shockingly un-American. In Austin, Delta had not one but two lines that fed into the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint area. One line was mixed race, mixed class and mixed age. The other line was usually empty. Now and then a white, middle-aged man would appear in the second line and the first line would be halted as he went directly into the TSA checkpoint.

“Who are those guys?” I asked a TSA officer, when I reached the front of the second-class citizen line.

“Delta has total control over the passenger line all the way up to here,” the officer answered. “They’ve decided to let priority passengers as well as pilots and steward staff go through ahead of others.”

“So that’s the rich white guy line?” I asked.

The TSA officer laughed. “On our side of the line, everybody is equal.”

Now I would be the first to concede that what Delta and other airlines do beyond the government security checkpoint at the gates that lead to airplanes is their business. At the moment, the model of America’s pathetic, predatory, deteriorating airline industry seems to be eking out nickels and dimes by playing crudely on the snobbery of their customers, with the use of two separate lines at the terminal gates, one for priority passengers — labelled, by various airlines, Gold, Platinum, Elite and so on.


It’s the face of many communities in America

It’s not just Superior, Arizona and the dilemma it faces when its major employer shuts down … it’s the face of many farming communities scattered throughout America … and it’s the face of decaying industrial towns when corporate greed moves jobs off-shore

What’s Left in Small-Town Arizona When the Mine Shuts Down

The struggle of Superior, AZ is like so many US towns where the primary industry and the promise of a stable life-long job have left town, likely never to return

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Pedophilia is intolerable




OK … POPE … you press Cuba on religious freedom while we press you clip_image002on centuries of looking the other way tolerating pedophilia which remains unchecked in the church you lead …

… Pedophilia is intolerable