but the tip of the iceberg

Robo-signing is but the tip of the iceberg … and Bank of America is NOT alone … They all did it … and are doing it

Beyond Robo-Signing: 3 Other Ways Bank of America Is Screwing Americans

READ COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE … By Lauren Kelley, AlterNet…Posted on March 30, 2012, Printed on April 1, 2012 … http://www.alternet.org/story/154778/beyond_robo-signing%3A_3_other_ways_bank_of_america_is_screwing_american s

Few institutions incite the kind of populist anger that Bank of America does, even as the Occupy movement stokes rage at Wall Street in general. And with good reason – in an industry that is known for being corrupt, immoral, and ungrateful leeches of taxpayer dollars, Bank of America stands out. The bank, it seems, is constantly making headlines for some new form of corruption or act of greed that screws consumers while padding its executives’ pockets. And it gets away with it every time.

The bank was at the forefront of the dubious practice known as "robo-signing" – hiring third-party companies staffed by underqualified foreclosure "experts" to cut corners during the foreclosure process, processing thousands upon thousands of foreclosures a month and wreaking havoc on homeowners’ lives.

But as outraged as Americans are about robo-signing (and they should be, especially since the big banks continued to use the practice long after they agreed to stop), the use of foreclosure mills doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of Bank of America’s dastardly deeds. As Matt Taibbi writes in his devastating piece about Bank of America in this month’s Rolling Stone:

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