power of “big-pharma”

…No surprise as this just shows the effect of the power of “big-pharma” and the impotency of the Office of the President of the United States regardless of color or political affiliation…



Obama: ‘I don’t mind debate’ but no to legalizing drugs

04-15-2012  •  Rawstory

President Obama continued his opposition towards legalizing drugs, including marijuana, this weekend ahead of the Summit of Americans in Colombia. In an interview with Univision’s Enrique Acevedo for Al Punto, Obama said that although he was open t

how about the FBI is just another corporate police agency

… Still believe the FBI really wants to CYA and cover your back … try again … how about the FBI is just another corporate police agency for the 1% …


Documents provide rare insight into FBI’s terrorism stings

04-13-2012   Washington Post

Days before his arrest in Pittsburgh last month, Khalifa Ali al-Akili posted a remarkable message on his Facebook page: A mysterious man who spoke often of jihad had tried to interest Akili in buying a gun, then later introduced him to a second man, whom Akili was assured was “all about the struggle.” 

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You don’t have to like him, but what he says just might make sense

…You don’t have to like him, but what he says just might make sense…


George Soros Nails It: Why The Situation In Europe Is Only Getting Worse (VIDEO added)

04-15-2012  •  http://www.businessinsider.com, Joe Weisenthal

George Soros delivered one of the best and most concise assessments of what went wrong in Europe, and why things are getting worse.

… Why does America need to continue to punish Cubans…?

… Why does America need to continue to punish Cubans…?


Obama concludes Summit of the Americas on the defensive about inviting Cuba

04-15-2012  •  Washington Post

President Obama concluded a contentious hemispheric summit on the defensive Sunday as it ended without agreement on whether Cuba’s Communist leaders should be invited to the next meeting, something the United States firmly opposes.


Some Americans Pay No Federal Tax; No American Should!


4-15-2012  •  Free Patriot Press

Every year around this time, millions of Americans fill out a form 1040 – hoping they don’t have to write a check to Uncle Sam. Millions more know they will be getting a “refund” (which is normally a return of some portion of their money that was

“legal protection” is an oxymoron

…HELLO … “legal protection” is an oxymoron … if it is really existed corporate’s bully-tactics of the OCCUPY participants would not have been allow to occur …


Occupy Wall Street’s

Occupation of Wall Street

Facing Eviction Despite

Legal Protections

By Sarah Jaffe | AlterNet



is expert at




clip_image002… Now this is something that America’s Toughest Sheriff – Joe Arpaio – is expert at …