You mean to tell me they withheld




… And of course … FDA … USDA … AMA … CDC … provided full disclosure of this to you … What..?  You mean to tell me they withheld  … How can that be …?


BP’s Corexit-Oil Tar Sponged Up By Human Skin

04-17-2012, By Julia Whitty

The Surfrider Foundation has released its preliminary "State of the Beach" study for the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s ongoing Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Sadly, things aren’t getting cleaner faster, according to their results. The Corexit that BP used to "disperse" the oil now appears to be making it tougher for microbes to digest the oil. I wrote about this problem in depth in The BP Cover-Up.

The persistence of Corexit-mixed-with-crude-oil has now weathered to tar, yer is traceable to BP’s Deepwater Horizon brew through its chemical fingerprint. The mix creates a fluorescent signature visible under UV light. From the report:

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