Can America really afford another “W” Presidency …?

… Can America really afford another “W” Presidency …?


Mitt Romney’s Dangerous Foreign Policy Team: Nostalgic for Bush, Hellbent on War with Iran

The candidate’s foreign policy team features the usual belligerence, mixed with some serious nostalgia for a thoroughly discredited foreign policy framework. READ MORE


Very telling when KILLING another human

…Very telling when KILLING another human being rates as the most important day in the life of our President … And we wonder why we emulated violence in all aspects of our society…?

WATCH: Killing Bin Laden Was The ‘Most Important’ Day Of My Presidency


What news source can “we” trust and why do “we” trust them…?

…What news source can “we” trust and why do “we” trust them…?

Finding Bin Laden: The Truth Behind the Official Story

Gareth Porter, Truthout: "It is now clear that CIA officials were blatantly misrepresenting both bin Laden’s role in al-Qaeda when he was killed and how the agency came to focus on his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

 In fact, during his six years in Abbottabad, bin Laden was not the functioning head of al-Qaeda at all, but an isolated figurehead who had become irrelevant to the actual operations of the organization.

The real story, told here for the first time, is that bin Laden was in the compound in Abbottabad because he had been forced into exile by the al-Qaeda leadership."

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exercise the authentic power

… Polls don’t vote … Polls don’t protest … Polls don’t count … and “we” don’t count unless “we” get off our butts … get voice … and exercise the authentic power we collective have over the operation of our government and all laws …

New Poll: 3/4 of Americans Want Alternative Penalties for Marijuana — So Why is the Gov’t Still Leading a War on Pot?
By Kristen Gwynne | AlterNet


Just Another Drug Warrior: Obama Defends War on Pot in New Rolling Stone Interview
By Kristen Gwynne and Angela Lee | AlterNet


Florida Judge Declares Mandatory Drug Tests for All State Workers Unconstitutional (With Some Constitutional Drug Test Exceptions, Of Course)
By Russ Belville | NORML Stash Blog


Video: Russel Brand Tells Parliament to End Drug War
By May Wilkerson | The Fix

Did you really expect a different outcome … Romney = Mormon = Anti-Gay

… Did you really expect a different outcome … Romney = Mormon = Anti-Gay


Former Bush Aide: Mitt Romney ‘Etch-A-Sketched’ Openly Gay Spokesman Off Campaign

As you may have heard through the din of President Obama’s trip to Afghanistan, yesterday afternoon Richard Grenell, Mitt Romney’s newly-hired foreign policy spokesman, resigned from the campaign.

The thing that made Grenell’s resignation notable is that he is gay—and his hiring prompted a furious backlash from the homophobic right, which declared victory upon his departure. The Romney campaign strenuously denies that it wanted Grenell to quit, but it’s clear that they refused to publicly defend him from the right-wing bullying, and based on this report from Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman, Grenell believes he was hung out to dry:  

 Read more clip_image001 By Jed Lewison | Daily Kos  …Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 @ 07:48 AM


So are you suggesting that Bank of America executives will listen … what a joke … !

… So are you suggesting that Bank of America executives will listen … what a joke … !


Seventy-Five Thousand People Demand Bank of America End Its Political Donations

Zaid Jilani, Republic Report: "Bank of America will be holding its annual shareholder meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, on May 9th. A group of shareholders led by Trillium Asset Management will be introducing a resolution calling on the megabank to cease all political donations, as these ‘contributions can backfire on a corporation’s reputation and bottom line.’ For example, retail giant Target took a hit in the stock market for spending cash on anti-gay politicians."

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proof that ignorance is bliss

… proof that ignorance is bliss …


Minnesota Senator Thinks Abortion Pill Is Wrong, While Viagra Is a "Wonderful Drug"

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (D) has vetoed an anti-abortion bill that would have required a doctor to be present for a woman to take the abortion-inducing drug RU-486, effectively banning “tele-med” abortions and disproportionately affecting women in rural communities.  Dayton wrote in his veto letter that patient safety should always be a concern, but “a veto is warranted on legislation because it is driven by a specific political ideology rather than a broad-based concern for protecting all patients.”  

 Read more clip_image001  ..By Amanda Peterson Beadle | Think Progress   Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2012 @ 06:03 AM