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Bit Coins! The future of Money?

05-04-2012  •


Bit Coins! The future of Money?


Bitcoins has been the talk of the town amongst the supper geeky over the last year or so but this completely digital currency is starting to make headline in some big publications. This blogger will hold his judgment for the time being but the Silver Calculator development team is happy to announce plans to integrate the new currency in to the app before this years Porcupine Freedom Festival. The week long camping event held in the white mountains of New Hampshire should prove once again to be a good testing grounds for the integration of the new technology. The Bernanke’s Bitcoin Exchange will be at the event buying, selling and otherwise educating the 1000+ attendees to the new digital currency concept. We will be excited to see if silver and bitcoins will mix along with the FRN’s floating around at the events vendor area known as “Agora Valley“.


This Video may help you get a basic understanding of Bitcoins (BTC) or a more detailed write up done by Erik Voorhees in the April edition of the Freedoms Phoenix eZine can be found at his blog here:


The Silver Calculator was first conceive in the need to help facilitate transaction in a more stable currency than the US Federal Reserve Note (FRN). Even though Bit Coins are still a new idea, they are quickly showing to be more reliable than FRN’s since bitcoins will never be grossly inflated by a central authority.


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