Frankly “extremists” in both political parties

… Frankly “extremists” in both political parties are screaming the loudest and getting their messages propagandized by corporate mass media because it builds hysteria …


Debt Limit Debacle, Part 2: GOP Will Drag Government, Economy to Hell to Appease Wingnuts

 Yesterday Speaker John Boehner announced that House Republicans would again take hostage any measure to increase the public debt limit–which might be needed prior to the end of the year, though likely after the elections–unless their demands are met to (a) extend the Bush tax cuts, due to expire December 31, (b) enact spending cuts equal to or more than the increased debt authorized, and (c) cancel the planned "sequestration" of defense appropriations agreed to as a fall-back measure in last year’s debt limit agreement.    

Read more clip_image001      By Ed Kilgore | Washington Monthly   Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 @ 10:21 AM


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