Call me a fool

…Call me a fool … but somehow I feel better knowing someone is “looking over big-brother’s shoulder” …

Anonymous: ‘We have access to every classified database in the US’


Businesses have suggested it. The government has all but confirmed it. And according to one alleged member, they both might very well be right. A hacker tied to Anonymous says the loose-knit collective may be the most powerful organization on Earth.

"The entire world right now is run by information,” Chris Doyon tells Postmedia News from an undisclosed location in Canada. “Our entire world is being controlled and operated by tiny invisible 1s and 0s that are flashing through the air and flashing through the wires around us. So if that’s what controls our world, ask yourself who controls the 1s and the 0s”

“It’s the geeks and computer hackers of the world,” says Doyon.

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are you expecting me to believe the SEC and FBI

…So are you expecting me to believe the SEC and FBI will provide you and me full disclosure and transparency on JP Morgan … yea, right … they will CYA for the bankster$ …


What Did JPMorgan Execs Know and When Did They Know It?


by Jesse EisingerProPublica, May 16, 2012, 12:15 p.m …


The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are looking into JPMorgan Chase’s trading debacle — and if you think anything is going to come of that, well, I’m pretty sure that JPMorgan has some derivatives it would love to sell you.

A serious investigation is still necessary. The first lesson of the financial crisis is not that the capital markets were poorly regulated or that the banks were too leveraged or that the government needed better processes for taking over failing institutions.


Did I really say that

…OK  … Einstein or Buffet I am not … so perhaps someone out there will kindly explain to me how the PUBLIC benefits when they CONSERVE energy which the energy conglomerates like SRP and APS declare causes them the lose $$$ thereby requiring them to increase power rate$…?  


… And of course our Arizona Corporate Commissioner$ only act in the best interest of the con$umer …


… Did I really say that … ?


get our head around GMO foods and sugar

…This condition can be changed in a New York minute once “we” get our head around GMO foods and sugar … but the 900# gorilla in the room is … corporate and our Congre$$ …

America faces organ transplant deficit as donors become too fat to qualify

05-16-2012  • 

Last year the number of American organ donors hit a milestone when the 100 millionth person added their name to the list. But before you boast about signing up, you might want to step onto a scale.  

Does either article really surprise you

…Does either article really surprise you  



FAA To Ease Rules For Police Agencies To Fly Unmanned Drones
05-16-2012  • 
Surveillance aircraft used by the U.S. military overseas could soon be coming to the skies above Los Angeles County. 


Israeli Company Has FAA Permission to Fly Drones in U.S. Airspace!
05-16-2012  • 
The Israeli company Stark Aerospace of Mississippi is not so much from Mississippi as it is from Israel. Stark Aerospace of Mississippi is a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries! And the Federal Aviation Administration has given them permission 

Did you think Congre$$ has the cojones to deny the bankster$

…Did you think Congre$$  has the cojones to deny the bankster$ … that just ain’t going to happen … yet …


Export-Import Bank reauthorized by Senate

05-15-2012  •  Washington Post

On a broad bipartisan vote of 78 to 20, the Senate voted Tuesday to extend the life of the U.S. Export-Import Bank and expand its authority to make loans to U.S. exporters

no capacity to accept …

www.authenticallywired.comin the end it’s all about disclosure & transparency … (do not automatically accept or reject what I write … do your own research … by the same token do not automatically accept or reject what any “official” says either) … contemplate then draw your own conclusion …


…Good Luck, Bernie   HIV – –  Birth control – – Marriage Equality – – not anything the GOP – T/Party have the capacity to accept …

Sen. Bernie Sanders Floats Plan to Make HIV Drugs Less Costly

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