I known for you it’s just more conspiracy junk right…?

 www.authenticallywired.comin the end it’s all about disclosure & transparency … (do not automatically accept or reject what I write … do your own research … by the same token do not automatically accept or reject what any “official” says either) … contemplate then draw your own conclusion


…I known for you it’s just more conspiracy junk right…?


U.S. Soldier Warns America Of Immanent Martial Law!

10-23-2011  •  You Tube

This is a US service woman warning of what she heard command say about the nazi-style checkpoints and america’s future.


everywhere is FOR SALE

www.authenticallywired.comin the end it’s all about disclosure & transparency … (do not automatically accept or reject what I write … do your own research … by the same token do not automatically accept or reject what any “official” says either) … contemplate then draw your own conclusion


…For corporate everything and everywhere is FOR SALE to the highest bidder … the environment and mother nature be damned…

How the US Sold Africa to Multinationals Like Monsanto, Cargill, DuPont, PepsiCo and Others

READ COMPLETE ARTICLE LHERE By Jill Richardson, AlterNet…Posted on May 23, 2012, Printed on May 26, 2012 http://www.alternet.org/story/155559/how_the_us_sold_africa_to_multinationals_like_monsanto%2C_cargill%2C_dupont%2C_pepsico_and_others

Driving through Ngong Hills, not far from Nairobi, Kenya, the corn on one side of the road is stunted and diseased. The farmer will not harvest a crop this year. On the other side of the road, the farmer gave up growing corn and erected a greenhouse, probably for growing a high-value crop like tomatoes. Though it’s an expensive investment, agriculture consultants now recommend them. Just up the road, at a home run by Kenya Children of Hope, an organization that helps rehabilitate street children and reunite them with their families, one finds another failed corn crop and another greenhouse. The director, Charity, is frustrated because the two acres must feed the rescued children and earn money for the organization. After two tomato crops failed in the new greenhouse, her consultant recommended using a banned, toxic pesticide called carbofuran.

Will Obama’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition help farmers like Charity? The New Alliance was announced in conjunction with the G8 meeting last Friday. Under the scheme, some 45 corporations, including Monsanto, Syngenta, Yara International, Cargill, DuPont, and PepsiCo, have pledged a total of $3.5 billion in investment in Africa.

The full list of corporations and commitments has just been released, and one of the most notable is Yara International’s promise to build a $2 billion fertilizer plant in Africa. Syngenta pledged to build a $1 billion business in Africa over the next decade. These promises are not charity; they are business.


huddled behind closed doors or on private junket$

…Right now Az Gov Jan Brewer and her T-Publicans in the AZ State Legislature are huddled behind closed doors or on private junket$ to Europe discussing how to entice DRONE testing in Arizona where the military can practice KILLING and SPYING on fellow Americans …


The state of the military-industrial complex is strong

War may dwindle,

Peace may grow;

But weapons makers

Never slow

Congress is even more costly. Seemingly sensible lawmakers turn to Jell-O when weapons contracts are at stake. In my tiny state of Connecticut, we happen to make nuclear submarines, the blunderbusses of modern warfare. Their main job seems to be running onto reefs and colliding with fishing boats. We have too many now, but we can’t stop making them because jobs and profits (and elections) will be lost.

Consequently, the United States, like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, can’t find the “off” switch on weaponry. Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, General Electric, etc. hire regiments of both lobbyists and lawmakers to keep those contracts flowing. And woe betide the politician, even a president, who tries to stem the current. If weapons orders get diverted, so do campaign contributions.

Nor do all those unneeded arms just fill American armories. If political necessity forces cutbacks here at home, we sell abroad. Saudi Arabia is our best customer. They have both lots of money and a grumbling population. Other oil-bearing nations like Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, and Mexico are also happy to load up with our guns. We cheerfully supply 30 percent of the world’s trade in conventional weapons. In many cases, including with Egypt and Honduras, we give them away or provide the financing. Foreign aid, it’s called.

And let’s not forget our vastly expensive nuclear arsenal. Nukes are even easier to disguise in the budget than guns because everything about them is classified. We sign treaties to reduce our stockpile, but then engage in a great shell game to hang onto all the same bombs simply by putting them in different categories. A few get dismantled but more get “maintained” and “refurbished.” In any case, the nuclear “laboratories” that create and nurture them steadily maintain full employment and buoyant revenues. Besides, what do you do with a dismantled atom bomb? Sell it on eBay? Somebody’s got to hover over it for the next thousand years.

And as tanks and aircraft carriers finally do slow down, new weapons emerge. Like drones. They’re taking over our wars now and we’re even selling them to other countries.

A new round of mercenaries is emerging too. The disgraced Blackwater club is alive and well and still replacing our soldiers in the field. The troops may be gone from Iraq, but the mercenaries remain. Who do you think is protecting that giant white elephant embassy? Rambo, that’s who.

We shouldn’t forget our local cops either. Last year the Pentagon gave away $500 million worth of armored vehicles, grenade launchers, and other leftover military gear to municipalities. Our police departments are getting much more militarized now that they face the pacifist Occupy movement. Armed criminals don’t worry them, but peaceful social protest is scary.

In short, the military-industrial complex remains robust. Its employment is huge, its profits gigantic, and its salaries staggering. If you’ve been listening to the Republicans in Congress, you may have thought that food stamps were busting our budget. Well, no. It’s the Pentagon. And the greatest menace to our national security isn’t al-Qaeda. It’s our own military excesses.

http://www.minutemannewscenter.com/articles/2012/05/23/westport/opinion/op_ed/doc4fbd2eb459479458973640.txt?viewmode=fullstoryPublished: Wednesday, May 23, 2012  By William Collins

I hope this is NOT true

…While  this interview makes one wonder…???


Obama Makes Free Speech A Felony – Andrew Napolitano interview (video)

05-25-2012  •  www.youtube.com 

President signs anti-protest bill. Also, The Love Police Anti-Terror Squad (video)


Good for them

Good for them … now “we” need to get of our butts and join them … find our voice … get involved…



Kids Inundate NY Governor With Concerns About Fracking

By Seth Gladstone | Food and Water Watch



legacy implications associated with mandatory vaccination

…People are waking up to the legacy implications associated with mandatory vaccination promoted by “big-pharma” and the AMA … Many feel this is stage one of population Eugenics fostered by “the man”…



Revolt Against Vaccines Leads to Mass Exodus From Texas Colleges

05-25-2012  •  www.prisonplanet.com 

Infowars has talked to a whistleblower in a senior position at Austin Community College who has divulged that enrollment numbers are collapsing due to students refusing to comply with vaccinations they are told are mandatory in order to take classes. 

will allow a bona-fide “whistleblower”

…Now you don’t really believe America’s corporate controlled court system will allow a bona-fide “whistleblower” to have his day in court, do you…?


Activists Speak Out Against Lack of Access to Bradley Manning


WASHINGTON — US rights activists Friday condemned a lack of disclosure in the case against WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning, saying there was even less transparency than proceedings against the alleged September 11 attackers.

A coalition headed by the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a petition asking the US Army to order the judge in Manning’s court martial to allow access to government papers, court orders and transcripts of proceedings, "none of which have been made public to date."    

Read more clip_image001Agence France Presse  …Posted on Saturday, May 26, 2012 @ 10:35 AM