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I am making this information available to you (public) on my blog site … … and as part of some of the emails I forward trusting you will choose to make the time and effort to become informed about how your state government and its regulatory agencies choose to address all the issues and topics associated with WATER in Arizona.  


Bottom line, the rules and regulation governing you’re the use, the safeness, quality, purity of your WATER and WASTEWATER will soon be subjected to revision with or without your participation and you will be compelled to comply with them.


Unless you choose to participate – give voice to your concernsall revisions will be made behind closed doors essentially by county environmental health regulators, lobbyists, private sector design engineers, land developers, attorneys, academia essentially tied to special interests and if you are lucky perhaps one lone “public” voice.  


Yes, one can say the deck is currently stacked against “public” participation … but … here’s an opportunity to begin to exert your authentic authority over your WATER and WASTEWATER … and make no mistake Arizona’s water is at risk and you would be well advised to make yourself as knowledgeable as possible.


The choice to participate in solely in your hands … I sincerely invite you to get involved … if I might be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at … but … believe me I do NOT have all the answers. 


OWAC MEETINGS ARE CONDUCTED ON THE THIRD FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH NORMALLY BEGINNING AT 9:30AM – Pacific Time zone – see more detail information to follow

Here is a reminder for our upcoming OWAC Web Meeting iLinc online conference at 09:30 AM Arizona – Pacific Time.

Here is the login information for your iLinc online conference. 

Call David Burchard at (602) 771-4298 …If you have questions about the web conference.

To join this conference:

 Conference Call Phone # 1-877-820-7831 Passcode 274431#

Conference Details:
    Title: OWAC Web Meeting
    Date & Time: 3rd Friday of every month ….Arizona – Pacific Time
    Duration: 4 hour(s)
    Leader: David Lelsz

Want to prepare your system ahead of time?

Learn More about iLinc Web Conferencing at





Link below takes you directly to the ADEQ calendar … click on EVENT LISTING and browse to find the OWAC meeting and/or subcommittee meeting noted and join us …


This site also provides you with past minutes and agendas for OWAC as well as all supporting documentation.   Should you ever feel you are being denied information please do not hesitate to contact ADEQ directly.    Should they choose to run you around, please do not hesitate to contact the

Arizona Ombudsman-Citizens’ Aide 
3737 N. 7th Street, Suite 209
Phoenix AZ 85014

(602) 277-7292 
1-800-872-2879 (Arizona outside Phoenix metro area) 
Fax: (602) 277-7312

e-mail us at:

or avail yourself of


Open Meetings Law A.R.S. §38-431 et seq.
Closed: Salary, discipline, negotiations; planning; and legal consultation.


Open Records Law  §39-121 et seq.
Exempt: Adoption records; disciplinary records of some professional groups; some medical records; some corrections department records; bank records; and trade secrets.




Whatever you do … do not accept from anyone an answer to your question consisting of “canned” 30 second sound bite or some long winded convoluted answer … Make them answer your question in language you can understand … Remember they are YOUR public servants … they serve you, you do not serve them


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