polygamy allows us to “spin” all the “affairs”

 www.authenticallywired.comin the end it’s all about disclosure & transparency … (do not automatically accept or reject what I write … do your own research … by the same token do not automatically accept or reject what any “official” says either) … contemplate then draw your own conclusion


…Polygamy … Short Creek … Mormons … Plural marriage … Intrigue …  Voyeurism … Dark, perhaps … but any more than the “affairs” of those not avowing to practice polygamy…?


Read complete article here … http://www.hcn.org/issues/44.10/flds-continues-abusive-polygamist-practices-in-utah-and-arizona


Polygamy sinful, invites incest, abuse, sexist, racist, perhaps, but any more than those avowed not to practice polygamy…?


Polygamy abounds all around us in disguised forms taking names and shapes we call affairs, single parents, single mothers, wherein incest thrives, abuse abounds and an equal darkness prevails.


Whether polygamy should or should not be legal is an interesting question as the word polarizes an audience … having life long series of affairs equally producing progeny which draws at best only a scant glance.


Demonizing polygamy allows us to “spin” all the “affairs” of other marital relationships enabling us to color them a lighter shade.


Isn’t this hypocrisy…?

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