Through a Different Lens

Through  a  Different  Lens . . . Might these types of reoccurring weather patterns stir acknowledgment there just may be something honest and holistically integrated into the tapestry woven by “mother nature”…? 


It strikes me “mother nature” continues to provide to us an almost unrelenting variety of signs, signals, symbols, ciphers attempting to get and to hold our awareness to the long term implications of our individual and collective action. 


The speed in which our contemporary society functions makes it abhorrently inconvenient for us to be required to reflect that our open pit mining activities, and our extensive dependency on the “get-rich-quick” miracle chemicals from the petro-chemicals producers copiously used to drive our “big-is-better-agriculture” while stripping soil to dust, together with our never ending road building associated with our ever expanding urban housing sprawl negatively impact the very water source upon which all these activities ultimately depend. 


Americans, for most of the last half century, have been educated to see, analyze and articulate nearly all of man’s actions on our single biosphere as sole, separate, discrete thereby easing, if not completely eliminating, any degree of acknowledgment of our individual and collective accountability and responsibility and the cumulative and/or overlapping impact of these actions.  From a marginal posture of safety provided by our self-created cocoon we render decisions about our environment which eliminate any causality between actions we perform, the result of imaginative definition of creative “buzz” words.   


This is one of those moments in time, when I wonder aloud … “will we ever get it” … realizing fully the nebulous nature use of the word – “it” – creates.   Is there a single or possible combination of factors or circumstances which need to be in place before “we” – like a caterpillar – awake from our self-created primordial ooze and begin, what detractors erroneously claim, is an arduous path to self-awareness which can only be attained when one is committed to achieving full, open, honest, timely transparent disclosure and honesty prevails.  The nature of this honesty incorporates accepting all accountability and responsibility for all or our individual choices and decisions regardless of outcome. 


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