Why does government FAIL


Why does government  FAIL  to provide full disclosure and transparency to -“WE” – the people..?


There is I suggest a very apparent juxtapose position in the statements above.

Was there one “magic” moment in our collective American history where in some communal manner “we” chose to abdicate demanding that all forms of our government provide to us- full disclosure and transparency – on all of its actions…? 

I ask as increasingly it appears when “we” do muster even minimal “cojones” to query government “we” do so meekly as if on bend and knee.  As if government and all the ancillary committees it perpetuates to advise it are the sovereign and “we” are merely peons when in reality it is “we” who are the sovereign and it is government/committees which serve solely at our pleasure.

With unbridled pride we point and speak of the value and the enrichment contained in our nation’s Constitution – – Bill of Rights – – Amendments – – choosing to very quickly close our eye to the immediate action of government to diminish the “power” which – “we” – the sovereign exercise over all aspects of the government we formed.  

Today the sovereign – WE – are left standing outside closed doors – summarily dispatched with ubiquitous 30 second sound bite replies – or stone walled with no reply from those serving us as public servants or committee personnel.  

Government and its committees FAIL to provide full disclosure and transparency to us simply because – WE – the sovereign FAIL to exercise the authentic power which resides with us.

WE have over time been skillfully educated to no longer know, believe, understand and accept that we are the sovereign and have become instead “disposable” for an ever engorging government.   A government now orchestrated by an elite cabal whose goals and interests they determine preclude our participation in any form other than as they specifically direct.

It should be readily apparent that operating pursuant to government directive imposed by the few over the many there is absolutely no requirement for government or its committees to provide full disclosure or make transparent its action.   

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