…So tell me … how is this also Obama’s fault…?

Our Products Are So Darn Safe That We Don’t Want You to Know What’s in Them

08-26-2012  •  Lew Rockwell blog

The Big Agra-Big Food Complex is pouring it on in California’s Proposition 37. They don’t want consumers to know what is in the foods they manufacture. Yet all over the great United States, artisanal food makers are put out of business due to

clip_image002… I find this editorial troubling as is touts full disclosure and transparency while choosing not to hold the leading GOP presidential candidate accountable to that same standard or am I missing something…?

clip_image002… Even though Arizona has empty prison bed$ … Az Gov Jan Brewer owe$ … and so one of her campaign $upporters will get an opportunity to put the $crew$ to Arizona taxpayers …

.. And hey no doubt “America’s toughest $heriff – Joe – can perform some magic raids and quickly fill any currently empty beds …


…In Arizona a “sane” leader is scarcer than hen’s teeth…


clip_image002… The only person more loathsome than a car salesman/dealer is a current sitting Arizona politician …

… When the GOP goal has been only to make Obama a one term President and do whatever it takes to defeat any measure to allow anything positive for our nation … its people … it economy … what you act surprised … ?

 Republicans Held Disaster Relief Hostage Several Times In 2011

Mitch McConnell Fox News | Obama One Term President | Video


Jul 10, 2011 – “Well that is true, [making Obama a oneterm President is] my single most important political goal along with every active Republican in the