Brewer needed to pay off


clip_image002… Hey … look Az Governor Jan Brewer needed to pay off  campaign contributor … private prison operator … Correction Corporation of America (CCA) … tough schools and teachers and public employees get screwed … so what’s new … this is $OP for Arizona GOP – TeaParty – Republican$

… Anyone living in Arizona should not be surprised as this is precisely how our Governor … “Sieg Heil” … Jan Brewer treats the “least” among us …


clip_image002… Anyone living in Arizona should not be surprised as this is precisely how our Governor … “Sieg Heil” … Jan Brewer treats the “least” among us …

investigate and become aware

clip_image002Before you see the movie … investigate and become  aware of the results and conclusions of the Milgram experiment … …then the movie becomes real … It’s a snap-shot in time  of America today …

Another corporate hoax exposed

… Another corporate hoax exposed …


As you are about to see, the recent Stanford University study bashing organics turns out to be quack science conducted by corporate front-men, one of which has a deep history of fronting anti-science propaganda for Big Tobacco.

Stanford itself has deep financial ties to CARGILL, one of the key opponents of GMO labeling and "organic" food.

This whole thing is a quack science hoax, folks. The New York Times got punked by a faked study bashing organics!

Here’s the breaking story:

And here’s the NYT article written by Roger Cohen, who declares that people who buy organic foods are delusional "cult followers" living a "fable." Yeah, the guy is really that blind to reality. We gave him our "Idiot of the Year" award for 2012:

This is exactly what corporate want$

This is exactly what corporate want$


Books or Prison Bars? The USA now spends more on jails than on higher education


Are we insane? How can we afford to spend more on prisons than on higher education in our increasingly competitive knowledge-based world?

proud his war was promoting his nation’s

clip_image002… It bears remembering that it was “W” Bush mantra that he was a “war” President and was proud his war was promoting his nation’s economy …

… So how many war$ would Romney sponsor were he elected President …?

… And how many more of America’s young must die to promote corporate agenda…?

upbeats scare the bejesus

… All positive upbeats scare the bejesus out of the GOP – TeaParty – NeoCon$ – RepubliamS …

clip_image001Experience the Planetary Shift on an Uptilt

09-07-2012 .. Read Full Story

 We’re constantly bombarded by an ever-increasing number of choices. Emotions peak and ebb to extremes in the span of hours, even minutes. Uncertainty seems to be on the rise about our personal direction and the world’s. 

Amid the stress and chaos, concern mounts over climate change, rising oil prices, economic instability and global insecurity, but people are coming together. A momentum is building among those who want to give back to society and take care of each other and our planet. Social networking is bringing these people together and there is an energetic sparkle in the air and a sense of hope that something new will emerge. 

Scientific research shows these flickers of hope are qualities of the heart and spirit. The heart feelings of happiness, care and compassion are enhanced by: Spiritual practices like meditation and prayer that connect us to something greater than ourselves. Heart connection with others, close friendships within and outside the family. Gathering with others frequently for uplifting purposes: church, social causes, etc.

We call these actions that help nurture us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually aspects of heart-based living. As the planetary shift continues and people experience greater stress, overstimulation, overload, stress-induced physical and mental health problems, the imperative to shift toward heart-based living increases.