warm and fuzzy feeling reading this article


clip_image004You have no idea what a warm and fuzzy feeling reading this article gave me know that our Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will be able to anoint more morons like Jacqueline Hatch to the our courts …


 … I acknowledge it was foolish to think for a moment Governor Brewer might actually appoint anyone with “half a brain” …

… And what, now we want to give Brewer even more authority to appoint more numskulls like Hatch…?

So you really believe this represents the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth …?


… So you really believe this represents the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth …?


First Audit Results In The Federal Reserve’s Nearly 100 Year History Posted

09-05-2012   Before It’s News

What was the Fed hiding that made some so resistant to an audit of its secretive financial activities? The answer may surprise you… 

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you are a heretic

clip_image002… In case you were NOT aware according to the editorial board of the Arizona Republic IF you are skeptical about corporate proclamation on the benefits and upside of FLUORIDE (poison) being injected into our drinking water you are a heretic.

… Of course the newspaper’s editorial board offers NO proof of alleged benefits of FLUORIDE (poison) in our water …

That’s more than the citizen in Phoenix got


… Odds are that corporate chemical poi$on industry will win this fight …

But at least it appears as if the voters in Portland may get an opportunity to vote on it

… That’s more than the citizen in Phoenix got …

ear marks of a backroom deal

clip_image002… I don’t know about you … but this has all the ear marks of a backroom deal …

… Where was the debate ….?    

Why suppress full disclosure and transparency on FLUORIDE …?

nothing more than puppet$


clip_image002… Arizona’s state’s civic leader$hip like the leader$hip on your editorial board are awaiting their next hand-out from CORPORATE

… Arizona’s so-called leader$ have pandered to corporate interests becoming virtually nothing more than puppet$ …

Where’s the debate


image … Would the Mayor and the City Council of Phoenix please provide to us a complete list of all of the EXPERT$ they chose to advise them on the issue of … FLUORIDATION … (injecting po$ion into our water) … I have no doubt the list is highly $kewed in favor of corporate medical minion$ as well as $elected expert$ from “big-pharma” …

… Where’s the debate …?