If you do not find this SOP… perhaps you are an ideal candidate

clip_image001… If you do not find this SOP… perhaps you are an ideal candidate for a dunce cap…!


Backed By $20 Million From Coal, House Members Approve Polluter Giveaway


In the House of Representatives’ final act before its two-month vacation, House Republicans approved 233-175 a pro-coal package on Friday that dismantles or delays an array of public health protections. H.R. 4309 may be named for the fictitious “war on coal,” but it rolls back protections in the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts, blocking EPA carbon pollution standards and fuel efficiency standards.

In a year where fossil fuel groups have pledged to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, the House GOP’s last act before November is a symbolic gesture for coal, that risks Americans’ health and even the coal industry itself.

Over their careers, the 233 members who voted for the Big Coal package have received more than $20 million over their careers from coal — according to an analysis of OpenSecrets.org data and additional analysis by Oil Change International. The 175 members who voted against undermining public health have just $8 million in career coal contributions. In just the 2012 cycle, the Big Coal votes have taken $4.5 million more than those voting against the bill.

Like today’s vote, campaign contributions from the coal and coal-dependent utilities industries break clearly across partisan lines: House Republicans have raised almost $20 million from coal and utilities industries, double the $10.2 million by Democrats. Coal mining companies alone have contributed $4.4 million to House Republicans over their careers, nearly five times the amount to Democratic members.

* Based on data from OpenSecrets.org with additional analysis by Oil Change International. Oil Change International has purchased, analyzed, and refined this data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

Climate Progress / By Rebecca Leber | Sourced from


Posted at September 21, 2012, 3:25pm

cannot be legal with “big-pharma” owning and controlling … FDA … USDA … medical schools and the AMA

… And they cannot be legal with “big-pharma” owning and controlling … FDA … USDA … medical schools and the AMA …


5 Marijuana Compounds That Could Help Combat Cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons (If Only They Were Legal)

They don’t even get you high, so why are these natural, non-toxic substances illegal? Because they’re derived from cannabis    READ MORE»  Paul Armentano / AlterNet

The Biggest Moneymaker of all Time: Cancer, and Why the Profiteers Don’t Want a Cure

09-20-2012  •  http://wakeup-world.com, By Dr. Dennis Antoine

People wail, cry, and question why him /her, how could this happen to a child? Immeasurable grief.

Not Out of Largesse: Big Pharma’s (Very Addictive) Wonder Drug

09-20-2012  •  http://www.commondreams.org, by Abby Zimet
With the patent on OxyContin due to expire soon and almost $3 billion in sales at stake, Motherboard looks at the insidious ways that Purdue Pharma got America

Marijuana Compound Found Superior To Drugs For Alzheimer’s
09-20-2012  •  http://wakeup-world.com, By Sayer Ji
Could the active ingredient in marijuana, responsible for its characteristic “high,” help turn the tide against the accelerating Alzheimer’s epidemic?  

relies on self-certification

… Mesa needs to hold discussions with ADEQ clip_image002who relies on self-certification in many aspects regulating the WATER you consume … YES … ADEQ trusts the vendors, suppliers, contractors to GOVERN themselves and be HONEST with them and you … And just how is that working out … think they are going to provide you with full disclosure and transparency … Yea, sure …


… The real challenge is finding and using all authentic ORGANIC ingredients …

clip_image001Fool-proof mayonnaise recipe

Makes about one cup.

The first key to foolproof mayonnaise is to use a stick blender (or immersion blender) and the accompanying mixing cup. If you are accustomed to making mayo in a regular upright blender, then you will appreciate that the stick blender method does not wear out your arm by requiring you to drizzle oil into the mayo in a slow, steady stream. The other key to fool-proof mayo is to use a
 recipe like this one that is based on a mixture of flax meal and water, rather than eggs.


3/4 cup grapeseed or extra virgin olive oil oil
1 TBSP finely ground flax meal
3 TBSP water
1 TBSP raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp dry mustard powder
1 tsp raw honey


 oil into the immersion blender cup. Add all other ingredients. Place blender into the cup. With the blade resting flat on the bottom of the cup, blend the mixture for a few seconds until it no longer incorporates. Tilt the blender or lift it a bit to allow more oil to flow into the blade as you continue mixing. Blend until no more oil incorporates. Total blending time is about 15 seconds. Don’t worry if a bit of oil on the top doesn’t incorporate. Simply remove the blender, and use a spoon to stir it in. Cover and store in the fridge.


This mayo will likely have a slightly green hue from the grapeseed oil, and specks of flax meal will also be visible in the finished product.

Grapeseed oil adds a fairly neutral flavor to mayonnaise. If you substitute extra virgin olive oil or any other stronger tasting oil, you may wish to increase the amount of honey.


? … how does something selling for $100/dose in Mexico

? … how does something selling for $100/dose in Mexico automatically become mega-thou$ands of dollar$ in an American hospital …?

clip_image002… is this truly what American health care is all about … the bottom line …

Think Mon$anto wants you to know

… Think Mon$anto wants you to know … ?


Worth your time to contemplate

Breaking news on the toxicity of GMOs full article, with pictures at:


grossly unconscionable

… While grossly unconscionable is it any more repulsive than 15 years of unreported CPS computer glitch … God only knows what catastrophic and ghastly events were allowed to take place …