Oh, yea, like $ure I trust Goldman $ach$

… Oh, yea, like $ure I trust Goldman $ach$ who has provided to us effective leader$hip as guardian$ of our nation’$ moneyNOT

clip_image00244 Companies That Could Get Crushed If The Government Cuts Spending

09-22-2012  •  http://www.businessinsider.com, Rob Wile … Read Full Story.


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…notice if you will that more that 80% are health care companies or military suppliers … I’m not buying this assessment …

The threat of the "fiscal cliff" remains one of the most important events weighing on U.S. markets

To recap, if Congress does nothing before the end of the year, a series of tax cuts and spending programs will expire and combine to shrink GDP by up to 4 percent, according to Goldman Sachs analysts.

While we’d all suffer, some companies would get hit more than others.

The last time we had a major debate on government spending levels — the debt ceiling talks of 2011 — companies with heavy exposure to government significantly underperformed, Goldman says.  Earlier this year, Goldman put together the list of U.S. companies whose revenues rely most on the government. We grabbed the 44 whose revenues are 50 percent or more taxpayer dependent.

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