While America endor$e$ Mon$anto control owner$hip of AMA … CDC … U$DA … FDA

While America endor$e$ Mon$anto control  owner$hip of AMA … CDC … U$DA … FDA

clip_image001Victory! Russia bans GMOs in the wake of the cancer tumor rat study. France is seeking a European-wide ban on GMOs. Is the end of Monsanto’s evil reign near?


$ell their integrity for a few miserable dollar$

$ell their integrity for a few miserable dollar$


A shocking new hidden camera video filmed at Whole Food stores is blowing the lid on what’s being called a massive "bait and switch" deception.

Whole Foods employees are caught blatantly LYING about the GMOs sold by Whole Foods, a company whose products are 20% – 30% GMO, says the video.

Here’s the stunning news and a link to the undercover "hidden camera" video:

what you think this is the FIRST time your government has illegally experimented UPON

what you think this is the FIRST time your government has illegally experimented on its citizens … you really have been watching way too much FOXYNEW$

EPA Sued Over Illegal Experimentation on Human Subjects

Adan Salazar…Infowars.com…September 26, 2012…http://www.infowars.com/epa-sued-over-illegal-experimentation-on-human-subjects/

The US Environmental Protection Agency and its Administrator Lisa Jackson are on the defendant’s end of a federal lawsuit claiming the Agency conducted illegal human experimentation on unsuspecting study volunteers.

The American Tradition Institute Environmental Law Center (ATI) issued a complaint against the Agency last Friday, stating it “failed to comply with laws controlling human experimentation” in studies that were apparently testing the effect of “fine particles” on human subjects who were “more susceptible to the effects of air pollutants,” in other words, participants who were already ill.

The EPA, and Jackson in her official capacity, are targeted in the lawsuit for knowingly “conducting experiments on humans that involved exposing those persons to toxic substances the Agency believes will cause death and which the Agency therefore regulates under the auspices of the Clean Air Act, 42 U.S. C. Chapter 85.”

A statement regarding ATI’s complaint reveals toxic particulate matter, known as PM2.5, was pumped into a gas chamber-like enclosure via an intake pipe located outside the building where diesel exhaust from a parked, idled truck was channeled into the building where the experiments took place.

The ATI’s lead counsel and director, David W. Schnare, contends that “under EPA regulations and under EPA policy, this human experimentation is strictly prohibited.” He also argues that the experiment’s participants were not properly informed of the type of pollution they would be inhaling, and that the study researchers blatantly disregarded the known toxicity of PM2.5.

Dr. Schnare has direct insider knowledge of the workings of the EPA, having been employed by the Agency for 33 years as a scientist, policy analyst and enforcement attorney.

“EPA actually has pictures of this gas chamber, a clear plastic pipe stuck into the mouth of a subject, his lips sealing it to his face, diesel fumes inhaled straight into the lungs,” Schnare states.

Schnare feels it his obligation to expose the EPA’s experiments as members of his own family were unwilling participants of experimentation conducted at the Buchenwald concentration camp in 1945. Recalling the horrors of the Nazi experiments, he says it is his duty to challenge the EPA’s “misanthropic activities.”

Below is the summary experiment participants received which gives no indication of the lethal nature of PM2.5.

Despite the EPA’s administrator Lisa Jackson testifying to congress that “Particulate matter causes premature death,” and herself even telling congress in September 2011 that “1 in 4 US deaths are attributable to PM2.5,” the senseless study was allowed to proceed.

The suit seeks to immediately put a halt to the experiments and any similar ones, for the EPA to declare that it did not provide sufficient information to victims, to cease expenditures for the study, to suspend the use of the UNC Medical IRB unit, to prohibit results from the study to be used by the EPA and to suspend the addition of new rules under the Clean Air Act to control fine particulate matter until it is known that none of the results of the study were used.

Infowars has exhaustively documented the US government’s covert public experimentation for quite some time.

Last year, we covered a 1977 Senate hearing on Health and Scientific Research confirming “that 239 populated areas had been contaminated with biological agents between 1949 and 1969, including San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Key West, Panama City, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.”

“From the 1950′s onwards, the U.S. government deliberately engaged in open air tests, spraying major cities like San Francisco and New York with Serratia marcescens and Bacillus glogigii. In 1955, the CIA also released a bacteria withdrawn from the Army’s biological warfare arsenal over Tampa Bay, Fl in order to test its ability to infect human populations with biological agents,” Paul Watson wrote.

In 2010, the US government was forced to issue an apology after it was revealed that, in the 40s, 700 people in Guatemala were intentionally infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

In May, the DHS used the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s Boston subway system to release a “dead” bacteria called B-subtilis under the pretense of testing its biological sensors.

As recent as yesterday, we covered a report put out by KSDK centered on Cold War experimentation conducted on the population of St. Louis and various other cities during the 50s and 60s testing the effects of zinc cadmium sulfide, a known toxic substance, on unsuspecting citizens.








Read complete article at"An Inconvenient Tooth"

 image "An Inconvenient Tooth, a documentary by Guy Wagner about fluoride, premiered at City Hall in Portland, Oregon on September 6, 2012, the same day a public hearing was held before the five-member City Council about whether or not the city should fluoridate its water supplies."

As reported by The New York Times:     "Mayor Sam Adams, who backs the fluoridation plan and has one of five votes on the Council, comes firmly down on the side that says Portland must address dental care for everyone if its progressive goals and self-image are valid.

‘It’s about health equity, it’s about social justice,’ he said in an interview. ‘Fluoride is a means to an end,’ he added. ‘I hope that folks, whether they agree with me or not, understand that my intentions are to help those Portlanders that have no voice in this process.’


Full Documentary:


"New Zealand has actually made great strides in the fight against water fluoridation. Last year, articles were published in Organic New Zealand, and Grey Power, a magazine for seniors. Dr. Connett also gave a series of talks to various councils. The talks included the video presentation of Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation, which features 15 different scientists who have spent years investigating fluoride."


Continued at Mercola.com


Gadget That Makes Mosquito Bites Instantly Stop Itching

Check Out The Suction Gadget That Makes Mosquito Bites Instantly Stop Itching


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Mosquitoes can be quite the pest, especially if you are prone to getting bug bites and having swollen red marks all over your legs and arms as a result.

During our adventures on Necker Island, we got introduced to an alternative method of treating mosquito bites than after-bite ointments.

Aspivenin is a suction syringe (minus the needle) that is supposed to suck out the bug venom and help your bites disappear faster.

I decided to try it out and our videographer Robert Libetti was there to document my experiment.


Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/mosquito-bites-gadget-2012-9?op=1#ixzz27hmjKqSqKamelia Angelova and Robert Libetti

Disclosure: We were flown out to Necker Island, BVI by Virgin Limited Edition, which covered our travel and lodging expenses.


then why give back even one dime

clip_image004… OK … if you did NOT break any rules … do something illegal – immoral or fattening – then why give back even one dime …

clip_image002Something is smelly about this…!

just who has your back


FDA Looking to Ban B6 Supplements, Boo$t to Big Pharma

09-27-2012  •  http://www.dailypaul.com, P.Au.L  … Read Full Story


Human beings cannot live without vitamin B-6. It is also important for the prevention of cancer and the prevention and treatment of seizures, anemia, mental disorders including schizophrenia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other conditions. Its effect on carpal tunnel can seem almost miraculous.

A natural form of the vitamin, Pyridoxamine, was recently yanked off the market by the FDA. Why? Because a pharmaceutical company, BioStratum, wanted sole use of pyridoxamine in a drug, a drug which may or may not ever appear. The company filed a so-called citizens petition and the FDA agreed, notwithstanding protests from ANH-USA, other organizations, and thousands of citizens.