So you really believe that corporate and those delivering its message want you to know

clip_image002"Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace," Rod Serling once declared. And it’s true today in the fight against all the poisons being pushed as "scientific" — GMO, fluoride, vaccines, psychiatric drugs and more.

The mere act of asking an intelligent question now gets you harshly condemned. No questions are allowed. No intelligence is tolerated. Monsanto and the biotech giants flatly demand total obedience from everyone while their poisons threaten the world.

Here’s my mock interview with a top Monsanto scientist who explains these "Monsanto Mind Games"

Here’s the "anti-GMO" way of improving crops: Selective breeding. That’s how modern-day maize and wheat came into existence in the first place!

Meanwhile, the sellout mainline media has been running a virtual blackout on reporting the real negative health risks of consuming GMO:

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