… If GMO foods are as safe a declared by Mon$anto & Friend$ why are they so opposed to DISCLOSURE which labeling provides to the consumer …


GMO Labeling Bill Introduced in U.S. Congress


Today Colorado’s Jared Polis will announce, outside a reborn organic retail store in Boulder, that he is introducing a federal bill in Congress to mandate the labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms in all 50 states.


And next Tuesday, the Maryland House Health and Government Operations Committee will hold a public hearing on state House Bill (HB) 0903, setting disclosure and labeling requirements for GMO foods. A similar bill was introduced in Iowa, and Washington State’s Initiative 522 is still moving along.


A battle in Congress over uniform labeling of genetic changes to food would be bigger and more costly than even last November’s initiative campaign in California. Whether Rep. Polis (D-Boulder) can turn his bill into more than just a district press event with a big donor, remains to be seen.

Polis is taking on some heavy lifting in the current Congress. His name is already on bills to “de-federalize” and then tax marijuana. Those two bills are an attempt to make federal law consistent with Colorado and Washington State laws, where voters have made recreational use of marijuana legal and created a legal thicket.

In a press release announcing tomorrow’s event, Polis said he is proud “to help lead the GMO labeling bill.”  He says it is all about “consumer choice and information.”

“It’s important to empower people with information they need to make their own healthy choices,” he said. “People have the right to make consumer decisions based on accurate transparency in labeling, and knowledge is power.”

Monsanto Likely to Score Supreme Court Win

Jill Richardson, AlterNet: The most recent case in the Supreme Court against Monsanto is a legal dispute over soybeans that could unfortunately be a major win for corporate food producers.

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