OK .. for act 2

… Why is this a scandal spectacle and Americans allowing those who contrived and allowed the “sequester” to come about to lead us out of it … 

Scandal Spectacle: The 10 Most Corrupt and Compromised Cardinals Voting For the New Pope

While the world cries for the church to reform itself, the next pope’s electors include cardinals who coddled priests who preyed on children.

Ordinarily, the prelates of the Roman Catholic Church like a good spectacle. If you’ve ever witnessed the pomp and regalia of a bishops’ procession, you know what I mean: the robes rendered in luxurious fabrics, the exotic millinery, the swinging brass chancer billowing clouds of fragrant smoke. But as the cardinals assemble this week in Rome to begin the task of choosing a pope to replace the retiring Benedict XVI, the convergence of men in red hats and ankle-length cassocks is less a glorious display than a spectacle of scandal.


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