. . . YES … “big-brother” is watching … listening … only a fool thinks what he/she does is secret…

. . . YES … “big-brother” is watching … listening … only a fool thinks what he/she does is secret…


N.S.A. May Have Hit Internet Companies at a Weak Spot


SAN FRANCISCO — The recent revelation that the National Security Agency was able to eavesdrop on the communications of Google and Yahoo users without breaking into either company’s data centers sounded like something pulled from a Robert Ludlum spy thriller.

How on earth, the companies asked, did the N.S.A. get their data without their knowing about it?

The most likely answer is a modern spin on a century-old eavesdropping tradition.

People knowledgeable about Google and Yahoo’s infrastructure say they believe that government spies bypassed the big Internet companies and hit them at a weak spot — the fiber-optic cables that connect data centers around the world and are owned by companies like Verizon Communications, the BT Group, the Vodafone Group and Level 3 Communications. In particular, fingers have been pointed at Level 3, the world’s largest so-called Internet backbone provider, whose cables are used by Google and Yahoo.

The Internet companies’ data centers are locked down with full-time security and state-of-the-art surveillance, including heat sensors and iris scanners. But between the data centers — on Level 3’s fiber-optic cables that connected those massive computer farms — information was unencrypted and an easier target for government intercept efforts, according to three people with knowledge of Google’s and Yahoo’s systems who spoke on the condition of anonymity.


$$$ is voice and voice is power

. . . What don’t you under$tand … thank$ to our $upreme Court and CITIZEN$ UNITED … $$$ is voice and voice is power…


"The Real Walmart"?!? Six Big Fibs in Walmart’s New Ad Campaign


byCalvin F ExooFollowforCalvin F Exoo

Walmart is good: good for its employees, its customers, its suppliers, and even for the environment, says the company’s new ad campaign and website, dubbed "The Real Walmart" as a retort to the company’s critics.

But alas, the facts say otherwise. On inspection, each of the major claims in the campaign turns out to be "The Fake Walmart."  Let’s examine each of these glowing pronouncements, along with the murky reality that lies behind it.

who pays for these “long term” studies … where they were conducted

. . . what continues to amaze me is who pays for these “long term” studies … where they were conducted … how they were conducted is NEVER revealed … but … amazingly many believe … count me as a strong “doubting-thomas”…


Marijuana Myth and Fact Controversy

Posted: November 26, 2013 9:25 am  … Sedona AZ (November 26, 2013) – Midst the nationwide marijuana myth vs. fact controversy, a recent scientific study provides concrete evidence that using the drug marijuana lowers IQ. This is just one of the little known facts that will be the topic of the “Marijuana Harmless? THINK AGAIN” presentation on Tuesday, December 3, 2013, at 7:00 PM at the Sedona YMCA. The long-term study confirmed marijuana use by teens harms their developing brain. The study showed that youth (…)

is working and will work

. . . that the Affordable Care Act – a/k/a – Obamacare is working and will work and will achieve the goal of providing at least minimal health care to Americans must $care the bejesus out of corporate for profit health insurance…


Mainstream Media Rushing to Pump Up Failing Obamacare

11-29-2013  •  Christian Science Monitor   Bit by bit, the media narrative around the travails of Obamacare and its main enrollment vehicle, HealthCare.gov, is starting to look up. Or to put it more precisely, it is no longer so crushingly negative.

Where they have will there is a way…

. . . Where they have will there is a way…


Switzerland Shows US How to Handle CEOs


David Swanson, War Is a Crime: …Read the Article

In Switzerland a petition from 100,000 people, or about 1.25 percent of the population, creates a public referendum. By this means, last March, Swiss voters created strict limits on executive pay.

America already has

. . . $trike$ me America already has that in our corporate owned $upreme Court  and it’s “citizen united” decision…


Secretive Corporate Deal in the Works Could Establish Special Closed Door Courts for Big Business

By Thomas Mc Donagh, Democracy Center

A recent leak uncovered what may be the most dangerous aspect of the Trans Pacific Partnership. …………..READ MORE»

best wet dream

. . . that’s how we have been educated … bred … and taught … it’s a corporatist’s best wet dream…


The More Money We Have, the Less We Care About the Impacts of Our Consumption

By George Monbiot, The Guardian

Why are we so numb to the obviously devastating effects of mass consumer capitalism? …………..READ MORE»